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Pokemon: The First Movie
"Mewtwo Strikes Back"

Hello, Pojo, this is my translation of ‘Mewtwo Strikes Back’, or in America they call it ‘Pokemon - The First Movie’. I am unsure about a few things cause it is in Japanese. From looking at the trailer, they didn’t change much for the American version. One more thing, you should here the voices in Japanese, they sound so different. All except for Pika, he sounds the same. Anyway, here it is -
    The story begins on Cinnibar Island, in the lab where Mewtwo is being created. Mew floats bye and flies off towards a Mountain. Mewtwo opens his eyes to see a bunch of scientists in Labcoats around. Mewtwo then breaks out of the tube that he was being created in. He starts talking to the scientists. One of the scientists points to a carving of Mew, and it makes Mewtwo very mad. He then starts destroying the lab and the whole island.
    Giniovi’s helicopter passes bye and goes to a burnt up Cinnibar Island. Giniovi steps out of the chopper and starts talking to Mewtwo. He convinces Mewtwo to come with him and join Team Rocket. Both of them go to a secret Team Rocket hideout. Mewtwo gets some special armor put on him. Giniovi then puts Mewtwo through a few tests and battles. First off is Onix vs. Mewtwo. Onix gets thrown against the wall, Mewtwo wins. Next is a herd of Tauros. The Tauros get thrown into the air and Team Rocket members catch them all. Winner is Mewtwo. Next off is an Alakazam. Gets thrown against the wall just like Onix. Winner is Mewtwo. Next is a Magniton. It tries to shock Mewtwo, but it’s electricity gets thrown back at it. Winner is Mewtwo. Next to fight Mewtwo is a Arcanine and a Nidoking. Both are thrown into the air and are hopeless (writers note - it looks like Gary owns the Arcanine and Nidoking, but it is unclear who the person is). Winner is Mewtwo. Giniovi starts making Mewtwo mad and he destroys Team Rocket’s hideout.
    Now we [finally] join Ash, Misty, and Brock who are having a picnic. Pikachu and Togapi are playing with each other when a strange guy approaches them. He wants to battle Ash in a Pokemon battle. Ash sends Bulbasaur, while the guy sends out a Dofyan (i think that is how you spell it). The Dofyan starts rolling around trying to crush Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur jumps over him a few times and finally solar beams the Dofyan for the win. The guy then sends out a Machamp vs. Ash’s Squirtle. Squirtle avoids Machamp for a while and finally Bubblebeams the Machamp. Machamp is called back while the guy sends out a Venomoth, Golom, and a Pinser. Pika takes care of them easily. Meanwhile a Fearow takes pictures of Ash and his Pokemon. I can’t figure out who the Fearow belongs to, either Team Rocket or Mewtwo(?). Now Jesse and James look down on Ash, probably trying to catch Pikachu.
    A Dragonite suddenly pops out of the Island where Mewtwo is waiting. He knocks over Jesse and James and proceeds to knock over Ash’s picnic table. After landing, he gives Ash a small chip which is a hologram. A small girl pops out of the hologram and starts talking to Ash (reminding me of ‘Help me Obi-Wan Kinobi’). A small piece of paper falls from the Dragonite’s hand and Pikachu picks it up. It has two checkboxes next to the words ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. Pika gives the paper to Ash, and he marks ‘Yes’. The Dragonite takes the paper and flies back to Mewtwo’s Island. Mewtwo starts to make it rain pretty hard, and Ash and friends must rush to the Pokemon Center. Officer Jenny starts talking to a crowd about something. Brock notices a missing poster with a picture of Nurse Joy on it and gets worried. Four trainers run out to the dock (three others and Ash, of coarse Misty and Brock are following) and surf (or fly) to Mewtwo’s Island. One is on a Pigeot, another on a Gyrados and the last on a Dewgong. Ash sees a boat with two rowers them already. The rowers where very set on giving Ash a ride to wherever they were going. Ash goes, and a huge capsizes the boat. It also reveals that the people in the boat were Jesse and James (big surprise). Misty calls Staryu to save her and Brock, and Ash is on Squirtle. They go on for a while and the weather suddenly clears up.
    They go to the island to be met my the same girl that was in the hologram. They lead Ash, Misty, and Brock up some stairs to a huge room with a table in the middle. The other three trainers are there eating. Their pokemon are all out of their pokeballs and they are showing them off to each other. Team Rocket sneaks in after Ash to find them selves in a cloning facility. Suddenly, a huge blue light shoots down and Mewtwo starts floating down into the room where all the trainers are. One of the trainers makes Mewtwo mad, and he gets thrown into the water where his water pokemon are hanging out. Now the trainer orders his Gyrados to attack Mewtwo using Hyper Beam. The Hyper Beam is reflected back at Gyrados, and he is thrown against the wall and into the water. Mewtwo then waves his hand and the girl starts to walk away and fall down. Luckily, Brock is there to catch her. Her hat falls off and it reveals that it is Nurse Joy. Meanwhile, up where Team Rocket starts wondering around the cloning facility and Jesse sits on a button. The button activates a screen that starts showing a bunch of weird pictures and talking in Japanese. A bunch of electronic arms come down and grab Meowth. They shove him on a conveyor belt and more arms grab him. James and Jesse pull him out, but a few of his hairs are missing. The hairs go through the machine, and a clone of Meowth appears in a tube. Then Team Rocket notices three other clones there. Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise. Ok, back to Mewtwo. Pikachu says that Mewtwo is outnumbered, and Pikachu gets thrown Ash and they go flying. Then another trainer gets mad and tells his Rhyhorn to attack. Rhyhorn charges and just floats in the air as he gets near Mewtwo. Rhyhorn goes flying back and destroys the table with all the food on it.
    Mewtwo then activates the Blastoise, Charizard, and Venusaur clones and they walk down towards Mewtwo. As the three clones appear, Mewtwo reveals a huge stadium and states that the originals must fight the copies. By the way, the other trainers have the Blastoise and Venusaur, not Ash. Ash calls out Charizard. Charizard notices Mewtwo and attacks. Mewtwo blocks and stops the fire with some water. Now they are all in the stadium and the Venusaurs are getting ready to fight. The original Venusaur uses Razor Leaf and the clone blocks with Vine Whip. Then the clone throws the original Venusaur against the wall, clone wins. Next are the Blastoises. The original uses Hydro Pump and the clone blocks with Withdraw. The original gets thrown against the wall, clone wins. Now the Charizards. Ash’s flies into the air and flamethrowers the clone, but the clone avoids just in time. It continues like this for a while, but finally the clone slams Ash’s into the ground, clone wins. Now three Masterballs appear and catch Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur.
    A whole lot of Masterballs appear now and chase the rest of their pokemon. The pokemon are blocking the balls the best they can, but eventually all but three get caught. Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Pika. Ash returns Squirtle and Bulbasaur to their Pokeballs, but the Masterballs just catch the Pokeballs themselves. Ash starts blocking the balls from catching Pikachu, and tells Pika to run up some stairs. Pika is running, but the Masterballs catch up, and Ash tell Pikachu to keep using Thundershock to stop the balls. Ash starts chasing Pika up the stairs, but he is way behind. Pika falls off the stairs and is falling a very long way. Pika was caught by a ball, but Ash jumped off and caught the Master Ball. Ash fell into the water and he let go of the Masterball. The ball went down a tube with all the other balls, and Ash jumped into it just before the tube closed.
Well, I’ve gone through a little more than half the movie, you will just have to wait for the rest. My name is Alex Fletcher, my e-mail is blast09@uswest.net.