Holiday Special:

Snow Way Out!

In the second of the two holiday episodes, Ash and his friends head towards a snowy mountain range. They compass goes crazy (according to Brock this is caused by the iron deposits in the mountains), so they have to rely on Pidgeotto to find their way to the other side of the mountains.

As usual, Team Rocket is close by, complaining about the cold. Only Jessie enjoys the snow, and a flashback is shown why: Jessie, apparently living in a very poor family when she was little, was given snow for dinner whenever it snowed, which she enjoyed tremendously. I join James and Meowth in being completely puzzled about this. And to make matters worse for Team Rocket: While Jessie and James are reciting their motto, their balloon floats away, together with all their food.

Soon, a blinding blizzard prevents Ash and his friends from continuing their journey. Ash wants push on, but Brock convinces him it's wiser to dig yourself in and waits until the blizzard passes, especially when night approaches. But when Pikachu is blown away, Ash runs after him, seperating him from Brock and Misty. Ash, following Pikachu's voice blindly, slides down a snowy ledge. Further down this ledge is a large crevice, and Pikachu's hanging from the edge. Ash can't reach him, but Bulbasaur can. He catches Pikachu with his vines, just in time.

Pikachu's safe, but Ash can't get back up the ledge. Remembering Brock's advice about digging yourself in, he has Charmander melt the snow, creating a cave. Ash, Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle then seal up the cave with snow. Then they all ('cept Charmander himself of course) huddle around Charmander's fiery tail to keep warm. But Charmander soon gets tired and his flame becomes smaller. Ash wants his Pokémon to return to their Pokéballs so they can stay warm inside, but they don't want to. Ignoring this, Ash has Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle return. But as usual he can't get Pikachu to do so, and Ash and Pikachu try to keep eachother warm. Ash even takes off his jacket to keep his Pokéballs warm with.

Then a gap appears in the wall of snow blocking the exit to the cave, sending in cold air. Ash blocks the gap with his body, and again orders Pikachu to go into a Pokéball. Instead, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Pidgeotto come out of their Pokéballs and join Pikachu in shielding Ash from the cold in a touching display of friendship.

In the morning, Charmander clears the snow from the entrance, and Ash hears Brock and Misty calling him. Onix lifts Ash and his Pokémon back up the ledge. Brock and Misty found a hot spring, so they had a much easier time staying warm. Also, they found Team Rocket's balloon. With Vulpix acting as burner, they use the balloon to float to the next town. (It's just a guess, but  I personally believe this to be the town where the carnival is in "March of the Exeggutor Squad". If this is true, that would make this sort of Episode 39.5.)

Team Rocket, who did absolutely nothing in this episode other than donate their balloon, managed to survive by making an igloo and keeping eachother awake by constantly pinching eachother. They end the episode in the hot spring Brock and Misty mentioned... unable to get out because of the extreme cold.

by: Macc Maverick


SNOW WAY OUT! Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu are walking through the
countryside when they come upon a fork in the road. Ash suggests that they go
one direction, but Brock objects. That way leads through the mountains, he
says. Ignoring the warning, the young trainer from Pallet leads his friends
down his chosen path.Soon, the three friends discover that the way ahead if
covered in a thick blanket of snow. As the road winds up the side of a
mountain, Brock checks their position with a compass. But the needle spins
wildly. Brock theorizes that the mountain must be filled with iron and is
therefore interfering with the compass. He also announces that because of
this, they're hopelessly lost.Nearby, Team Rocket watches the young
travelers. While Meowth and James shiver from the cold, Jessie revels in the
wonderful snow. She reminisces about her childhood and how her mother used to
make wonderful meals out of snow--snow sushi, snow roles, etc. Her partners
in crime think that she is nuts, then Meowth gets a brilliant idea. If they
inflate their hot air balloon, not only will they be able to follow Ash and
his friends, they can also enjoy the warmth of the hot air blower. Before the
trio can reap the benefits of Meowth's brainstorm, though, their
Meowth-shaped balloon floats away. Now a blizzard has started in the
mountains and the young trainers are slogging through deep drifts of snow.
Exhausted, Ash collapses. Brock suggests that they dig into the drift to stay
warm. Just then, the snow collapses beneath Pikachu and the little electric
mouse slides down the mountain. Ash chases after his Pokémon. When he finally
rescues him, he discovers that Misty and Brock are nowhere to be seen.In
order to protect himself and his Pokémon, Ash urges Charmander to clear out a
cave in the snow with his flamethrower. Then, with the help of all the
Pokémon, Ash seals up the entrance. For a little while, the all warm
themselves over Charmander's flaming tale, but eventually Ash tells all of
his Pokémon to stay in their Pokéballs where its nice and warm. They all go,
except Pikachu who wants to stay with his trainer.Elsewhere, Team Rocket
tries to keep warm in an igloo. This proves to be a difficult task with
Jessie preparing elaborate meals of ice cold snow.In the morning, Ash and his
Pokémon climb out of their cave. They find Misty and Brock, who spent the
night near a nice hot spring. They also find Team Rocket's balloon slumped
against the mountainside. In a matter of minutes, they have the balloon
inflated and are sailing towards their next destination.Where's Team Rocket?
They're sitting happily in a hot spring. Every time they try to get out,
they're immediately reminded of how cold it is outside and slip back into the

~Pokemaster Alex~