Holiday Special:

"Holiday Hi-Jynx"

(a.k.a.: Why oh why does each and every cartoon series HAVE to have a special christmas episode?)

This is the first of two Special Holiday Pokémon episodes. Judging from the fact that in these episodes Team Rocket's Pokémon have already evolved but Ash's Charmander has not, what happens in these episodes must have taken place somewhere in between Episode 30 (Dig those Diglett) and Episode 40 (March of the Exeggutor Squad).

At the start of this episode, Team Rocket have hatched a ridiculous plan to try and capture Santa Claus. This because Jessie is convinced that Santa Claus is actually a Jynx, and a thief. A flashback is shown where we see little Jessie waiting for Santa, but a Jynx appears from the chimney instead, picks up one of Jessie's dolls from the floor and departs.

At this time Ash, Misty and Brock are at the beach and spot a Jynx, which is carrying around a boot. Ash wants to try and capture it, but Pikachu is down for the count after receiving a Lovely Kiss. Ash sends out Charmander to weaken Jynx with a Flame Thrower, but when he throws a Pokéball, Jynx deflects it by using its psychic powers to move the boot in the way. Misty thinks the boot may belong to the Jinx's trainer, so Ash decides to stop trying to catch it just in case. Jynx hands the boot to the group, and they see a picture of Santa Claus in the boot. To explain further, Jynx establishes a psychic link with Ash, Misty, Brock, Pikachu and Charmander. They are shown that Jynx was polishing the boot at the North Pole when the piece of the ice floe she was sitting on broke off and she drifted away from Santa's workshop. Ash tells Jynx they will be happy to take her back to the North Pole.

On a raft, Ash plans to reach the North Pole, but the water Pokémon pulling the raft quickly grow tired. Ash takes over, but of course he gets tired of swimming more quickly than the Pokémon did. Then he hears a voice in his head... it's a Lapras, who is able to communicate with people telepathically. She tells Ash and his friends that Santa Claus sent her to search for one of his missing Jynx, and offers to take them the rest of the way to the North Pole.

When they're almost there, Team Rocket appears in their Gyarados sub. They fire a rocket, which releases a net, trapping Ash, Misty, Brock, Pikachu and Lapras. Still believing the Jynx is Santa Claus, Jessie and James grab Jynx and proceed to Santa's Workshop to steal all the presents for themselves. When they get there, they see many more Jynxes... and the real Santa Claus. They grab him just as Ash and his friends enter the Workshop. Threatening to hurt Santa Claus if they don't coöperate, Team Rocket has the Jynxes load up all the presents into their sub.

When Santa asks why they're doing this, Jessie explains what happened 10 years ago. The Jynx probes Jessie's mind and, remembering the event, returns Jessie's doll to her. Since it was broken, the Jynx took it back to Santa Claus to have it repaired. But since Santa Claus can only bring presents to those who believe in him, and Jessie stopped believing in Santa when she saw the Jynx take her doll, he couldn't return it to her afterwards.

Jessie's grateful... but not grateful enough to return the presents! Team Rocket tries to leave, but Lapras stops them with an Ice Beam. But Ash foolishly defrosts Team Rocket by having Charmander do a Fire Spin. Weezing makes a brief appearance; he spits Sludge in Charmander's eyes, and returns to the submerging sub. But Santa's Jynxes use their psychic powers to lift the sub into the air and bring it back to have it float above the ice. After retrieving all the presents, they blow up the sub, sending Team Rocket into orbit once again.

Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu get their presents and Santa Claus leaves to do his thing... and yes, he even visits Team Rocket. But's it's not shown what they get... probably a lump of coal. ;)

by: Macc Maverick


Holiday Hi-Jynx

Team Rocket is hiding out in a cabin, and Jessie is pretending to be asleep.

The door opens, and in walks, Santa Clause! But it‘s only James, who gets caught in their Santa Trap. He asks why he had to test it anyway and Jessie tells about how 10 years earlier, she waited for Santa. Frusterated, she threw her favorite doll at the wall, and it broke. Right after that, someone come‘s down her chimney. But it‘s not Santa, it‘s a Jynx! The Jynx sees the broken doll, and takes it back up with her. Jessie says she‘s sure that Santa is really a Jynx. Ash and co. see a Jynx themselves at a beach. Ash

tries to catch it usin Pikachu and Charmander (see why I couldn‘t decide which episode this was?) The Jynx looks like it‘s been captured and is waiting for it‘s trainer. They notice the Jynx is holding a boot with a picture of Santa in the boot. They decide that Jynx belongs to Santa and make a raft to travel to the North Pole. Even with all the Water Pokemon, they still have a long way. Ash decides totry swimming them, but he eventually tires out. A voice tells him to keep going, he‘s going the right way. A sudden wave plunges him underwater to see, a Lapras! The Lapras brings him to the surface and explains everything about the Jynx. Lapras then takes over towing them to the North Pole. They finally reach there, but Team Rocket appears in their Gyrados Submarine! Ash and co. get caught in their net, TR steals Jynx, and they get to the giant house where Santa lives.

They see that there are a dozen Jynx inside, along with Santa. Jessie barges in, ties up Santa, and takes all the presents into the Gyrados Submarine. Ash and co. arrive and their tied up too. The Jynx with the boot telepathiclly shows her memories of what happened 10 years ago, and shows her the doll that it took. Santa explains that fixed it and tried to give it back. Even with her favorite doll back, Jessie steals the toys. Before they can escape however, Lapras stops them with an Ice Beam! Ash uses Charmander to melt the ice, which is a mistake. They start to get away, but all the Jynx use Psy Wave to bring them back, dump out the presents, and toss them away. Christmas is saved, Ash and co. get their presents, and TR has been blasted into the horizen


This wasn‘t the greatest episode for teens considering Santa and all. But it was a pretty nice episode anyway, so I give it 3/5


Hi : )   I've got great news!!!  Jynxs' Christmas has been trazlated to
Enghlish.  If you missed Friday's Pokemon, you missed it.  But don't
worry, I'm sure it will be on again.

                It's about how Jessie is mad at Santa because a Jynx can
down her chimmeny and took her favorite doll.  Jessie now thinks that
Santa is a Jynx!  And she is deturmined to caupture that Jynx.
    Menwhile, Ash, Misty , Brock, and Picachu find an unhappy Jynx.  Ash
tries to capture it but no luck.  Then Jynx tell the gang that she
belongs to Santa and got seperated from him using her psycic powers.
They decide to help Jynx to the North Pole.  A Laparas comes along and
tells Ash that she came to find Jynx and bring her home.
    Everythings okay until Team Rocket shows up and takes Jynx because
Jessie still thinks that Jynx is Santa.  Then Team Rocket sees Santa's
workshop and sees Santa himself.  Jessie relizes that that Jynx is not
Santa.  She barges in and ties up Santa.  She orders the Jynx to gather
up all the toys and load them in the Garodos Subnarine.  Jessie tells
Sanata that this is for taking her favorite doll.  Jynx leaves and comes
back with Jessie's doll.  Santa tells her that he only took it to fix it
because it broke when Jessie had a temper tantrume.  Santa fixed it but
couldn't bring it back because Jessie no longer belived in him.  Jessie
and James stared crying but wouldn't retun the toys.
    Laparas tells them to stop and gives them a powerful Blizzard attack
that frezzes Team Rocket in their tracks.  Ash calls on Charmander to
brake the ropes that they are ties with.  Then Charmanders' flames melt
the ice and Team Rocket starts to leave.  Then Santa Clause tells all
the Jynx to use thier Psywave to stop them and get all the toys back.
Then Team Rocet is sent flying in the air.  Sanata is sent on his way to
deliver all the toys to the good boys and girls.  But not before giving
the gang their own presents of course.
    The story ends with Jessie, James, and Meowth in bed with a stocking
hanging from the bed post.  There's nothing wrong with hoping!

        Personaly, I thought it was great!