Ash and company are lost trying to find Fuschia City when they find a dam in
progress.  What a surprise, Team Rocket winds up here too! Here Ash finds a
man who is goin crazy cause of the Digletts that are interfering in the
progress of the dam.  They have called all the best trainers, including GAry
Oak, to stop these Digletts. When they arrive they  hold a meeting like
thing. Jessie and James(Jesse James??) are dreaming about stealing all of
those Pokémon. Then they realize they'd never defeat the trainers with
koffing and ekans, so they try to get them to evolve. When J&J's tears fall
on koffing and ekans, they evolve into Weezing and Arbok.(Like they could
defeat them all now!) Meanwhile, at the meeting, everyone sees a Diglett and
Gary tries to fight it with his Pokemon. It doesn't come out.  Everyone
throws their PokeBalls and none of the Pokemon come out.  Then all the "good"
trainers and Gary leave since they can't help. Later Ash and co. are taking a
bath, kind of,(they must get smelly) and they hear something. I think they
find Digletts and Dugtrios planting trees. Then they realize the pokemon
didn't come out because they knew the digletts created the forest. Then team
rocket interrupts with a brief and pathetic battle scene, and the digletts
whhoop up on weezing and arbok. After that, the digletts and dugtrios plow
team rocket out of there. To be continued! Next Episode: <<SPOILER>> mini
Ash gets to Fuschia and gets his soul badge from Koga, and Misty finds the
true powers of her Psyduck.
Kevin Crookshank
Icenugget4@aol.com      (-o-)

Ash and Co. are heading for Fuchsia City when they see these part garbage,
part army trucks heading somewhere. Then they all fall down. Jessie and James
are having lunch, an explosion is heard, and their lunch falls on top of
them. They run off screaming "SOMEONE'S GOING TO PAY FOR THIS!" with Meowth
following. Then a screaming man comes along asking if Ash and Co. are Pokemon
trainers. After a brief conversation, a can horn honks, and Gary,
cheerleaders, sports car, and all come along, followed by some buses. Then a
very annoying song is heard, get used to it, it will be heard the rest of the
episode. Then the Diglett (that's where the song is coming from)attacks the
buses. Then the manager of the project(the man screaming, he has a taste of
east Europe in his accent)calls all the trainers to a meeting. Hiding up on a
hill, Team Rocket watches the meeting. Then they note failure while making
plans, and Meowth brings up "plan B", the plan to evolve their Pokemon (Ekans
into Arbok, and Koffing into Weezing). Later, the trainers try to stop the
Diglett. Most of the Pokeballs opened, bu closed again, and some of them
seemed like they were superglued. The manager takes a mallet (like in Mario
video games) and tries to hit the Diglett. Gary calls it an arcade game and
leaves. Then Ash and Co. are at Hot Springs Resort. Pikachu watches, and more
Diglett appear. Then chasing the Diglett, the man still using his mallet(is
this getting annoying?) and they find Diglett and its evolved form Dugtrio.
They add another part to the song. Then Team Rocket appears in Japanese style
clothes, and introduce Weezing and Arbok. After a big battle, Arbok and
Weezing dive underground, and get beat up by Digletts. Then Diglett and
Dugtrio send TR surfing on dirt. After more conversation, the episode ends.

Rating: 2/5
Brock makes an unmistakable error in his lines, TR acts babyish in getting
their Pokemon to evolve, and there is a really gross part.