U.S. Episode # 76:


Friend or Foe Alike

         Here we go!

 -The last episode ended with Ash finding out his 5th round compettior in

the Pokemon League would be none other than Ritchie, his newest friend!
Brock and Misty check the Pokemon League website and find astounding
news-Ritchie has NEVER had any of his pokemon faint so far! Meanwhile, Team Rocket calls Ash and Co., disguised as Ritchie's voice, on the phone. They convince Ash to go into the forest, where Ash falls into a ditch and they
take Pikachu! After a scuffle and the usual outcome("...Team Rocket's
blasting off again...!..*ding*) Ash has Pidgeotto grab onto the broken
Meowth baloon and fly him to the Indigo Stadium, where Ritchie is waiting.
The battle is almost cancelled due to Ash being late, but he arrives in
time. The battle begins.
         After Squirtle and Pikachu dispatch Ritchie's Butterfree, he sends out
Charmander. Squirtle falls, and Ash sends out Charizard. Surprisingly,
Charizard finishes off Charmander without a fuss. When Ritchie sends out his
Pikachu, however, Charizard refuses to fight and falls asleep! Thus, Ritchie
is the winner!
         Ash, who has called back Charizard(I swear, he almost threw the pokeball at it; he was MAD) has his head bowed and is silently crying. When he hears
Ritchie coming, however, he dries up and tries to distract Ritchie by saying
happily "well, I guess you won!"
         Later, Ritchie and Ash are talking in the now-empty stadium and pledge to
be the greatest. Ritchie and Sparky, who is walking with him, exit the
stadium, and Ash runs to Misty, Brock, and his mom and Professor Oak. Really
cool scene. Plays the long version of the theme song; it has the extra
verse. For those who don't know the words to that verse, here they are-

         "Every challenge along the way,
         With courage I will face.
         I will battle every day,
         To claim my rightful place.
         Come with me, the time is right,
         There's no better team.
         Arm in arm, we'll win the fight,
         It always been our dream...."


2nd review

This episode is the battle between Ash and Richie.
I'm not clear with how the battle is fought but Charizard is thrown out
against Richie's Charmander and of course Charizard sleeps not listning to
Pikachu is thrown out in replacement for charizard but he is knocked out.
This is the episode where ash loses the Pokemon tournament.



3rd Review

Friend or Foe Alike

   Ash and his new friend Richie are pared up for a battle. Team Rocket
makes a phoney call to Ash. Misty answers the phone and is insulted by
Jessie wearing a voice changing device. She hands the phone to Ash, and
Jessie tells him to meet up the next day. They promise that they will
make it the best match possible. Ash meets up with a cheesey robotic
Richie and is captured by Team Rocket. Ash escapes by taking Team
Rockes's bike. Ash is late for the match so Richie makes them wait. Ash
gets their and the match begins. Ash chooses Pigeotto who K.O.'s
Happy(Butterfree). Ash sends out Pikachu, and Richie sends out
Zippy(Charmander). Zippy beats Pikachu. Ash is desprate, so he sends out
Charizard. Charizard pulverizes Zippy. Richie sends out
Sparkey(Pikachu). Sparkey charges at Charizard. Charizard stomps his
foot and Sparkey goes flying. Sparkey tries several more times. The same
thing happens every tme. Charizard gets bored and flyies away to nap.
Charizard is disqualified and Richie wins.

                          The End

Review by cmarti