U.S. Episode # 75:
A Friend in Deed

Ash stops and has dinner with his friends, Prof. Oak & his mom.  

They get into an elevator, and a new kid pops in,, a friendly dude who is able to pet Pikachu, and Ash is in awe that this new kid can pet Pikachu w/o getting shocked. ??   The elevator gets stuck.  The kids uses Pikachu to thundershock the elevator to jump start the elevator, and it works.

The Kid introduces himself as Richie, and runs off.

Team Rocket tries another scam.  "Bring all Pokeballs to the Pavillion"  Everyone goes to the Pavillion and is supposed to turn in their Pokeballs or they'll be expelled from the league.  They all turn in their balls to J&J still disguised, and they actually capture Pikachu as well.   J&J do their intro and leave with all the Pokeballs in a truck.

Richie & Ash team up on foot down the side of a mountain to stop the truck.  Richie saves Ash's life, Ash was about to run off a cliff accidentally.  They run in front of the truck, and J&J take a side road with their truck.

Commercial ... Who's that Pokemon?  It's Diglett ....

Back to the show ....

Night falls on Ash & Richie .... they still can't find Team Rockett in the Woods.  Richie has an extra sleeping bag, and build a fight.  Ash thanks Richie for saving his life.  They both admit they are Pokemaniacs and eat.  They eat and agree they'll find their Pokemon in the morning.  

J&J are having a feast in the woods, and celebrating & singing in the woods.  

Ash & Richie are laying in their sleeping bags, making pictures of Pokemon in the stars, and talking how good of Pokemon Trainers they'll be, they go to sleep giggling.

Morning - They are now looking for Team Rocket.  Team Rocket are still sleeping.  Ash & Richie sneak into the truck.  But Team Rocket locks them in the truck and drive away.  

Ash & Richie - Richie finds his Pokeballs because he put stars on his, but Ash has not ideas which are his.  He finally finds Bulbasaur.  

Richie sends out a Charmander (Zippo) - and he cracks a whole in the front of the truck.  Richie has a Pikachu too (Sparky).  Ash's and Richie's Pikachu team up to defeat Team Rocket.  

Richie's Butterfree (happy) & Pidgeotto fly them all to safety.  And they saved all the Pokeballs!

They get the next round's pairings.  His next opponent is his new good friend Richie!  Uh-Oh!