U.S. Episode # 74:
Fourth Round Rumble

Starts off with Gary Losing!!!! Golum defeats Gary’s Nidoking. Gary’s girls all start crying. Gary loses in the fourth round. Ash is stunned!

Ash debates quitting …. Brock talks him out of it … His fourth round is on the Grass field …

Team Rocket is now running a successful Souvenir shop. Meowth is making fake badges out of bottle caps.

Ash is battling Janette Fisher. She gets a red carpet and flower peddles for her entrance. She has cheerleaders and everything. Brock gets the hots for Janette. Ash chooses bulbasaur .. Janette – Beedrill. Bulbasaur wins with Leech Seed, and tackle attack.

Janette chooses Scyther! Very Scary! Scyther uses Double Team, and 3 Scyther appear! Things don’t look good for Bulbasaur! …. Commercial …

Who’s that Pokemon? …. Bellsprout!

Back to the show ….

Janette is very confident! Bulbasaur’s Vine Whip don’t work. Scyther hits Bulba hard! But Vine Whip finally knocks out Scyther after watching it fight.

Oh Oh, here comes Team Rocket ….. A plan to capture Pokemon fails again …. Thanks to Jenny’s Arcanine’s Flamethrower attack …

Back to the fight …

Janette uses Bellsprout??!! Ash is confused? Ash thinks its really weak! Bellsprout keeps using absorb, and beats the daylights out of Bulbasaur.

Ash chooses …. Pikachu … Thundershock … nope …. Razorleaf by Bellsprout … Thunderbolt does nothing as it is grounded … Pikachu starts boxing! But Bellsprout knocks Pikachu out!

Tie Game! Ash .. hmm .. what to use …. ??

Ash uses MUK! No one knew he had one … he secretly got one from OAK. Muk absorbs Bellsprouts attacks this time! Muk uses Body Slam and totally makes Mashed Potatoes out of Bellsprout!

Ash Wins!!!!!

Ash has won on all 4 fields! Muk smothers Ash with affection, and both giggle. Muk hugs Misty, and everyone giggles …

Very good show!

Next week:  5th Round - next episode ...


2nd Review -

To Ash's surprise, Gary loses.
Ash battles Gazelle with her Scyther starting things of! Ash chooses
Bulbasaur.  Scyther uses double Team, yikes!!

Next, Gazelle chooses...WHAT???...Bellsprout(!) and defeats Bulbasaur!!!!
Then, you would think Ash would use his good old Charizard, but now he throws
out MUK!!! Muk defeats Bellsprout with a huge Body Slam, and Gazelle
basically runs out of the stadium crying with her Bellsprout in her arms.

Who, would think, a Bellsprout?! If she was that good she would have let it
evolve into Weepinbell.

- Cgstathis


The episode starts out, where Gary’s Nidoking is fighting a female trainer’s Golem. Nidoking uses Horn Attack, But Golem catches it, and uses Seismic Toss, K.O.’ing Nidoking. Gary is done with the Pokemon League, Now!

Ash tries to heal his Pokemon, but the Center is full, due to the matches.

Ash’s next opponent is: Janette Fisher.

Janette comes out, very confident about the battle, because she has Cheerleaders, Flower Pedals floating around, a red carpet, etc.

Janette sends out Beedrill, while Ash sends out Bulbasaur. Beedrill uses Fury Attack, But Bulbasaur dodges it. Bulbasaur uses

Leech Seed, And, Tackle, K.O.’ing Beedrill.

Bulbasaur stays out, And Janette Brings Out Scyther.

Scyther uses Quick Attack, and Bulbasaur jumps around to dodge the launched scythes. Scyther then uses Double Team, Whichmakes everyone “ See Triple. “ The Scythers start attacking Bulbasaur, But, Bulbasaur Vine Whips one of them, K.O.’ing all three  of them.

The Final Pokemon: Bellsprout.

Bellsprout uses Absorb, taking Bulbasaur out in one shot. Ash sends out Pikachu, who tries To Thunderbolt Bellsprout, but the electricity simply travels down Bellsprout, and into the ground. Bellsprout uses Razor Leaf, and Pikachu dodges it, but barely. Pikachu starts boxing at Bellsprout, but Bellsprout smacks Pikachu with a vine, K.O.’ing Pikachu.

Ash’s Last Pokemon: Muk.

Janette gasps because she didn’t prepare for it, but continues the battle anyway. Bellsprout uses Razor Leaf, But the leaves simply

hit Muk, doing no damage. Muk uses Body Slam, K.O.’ing Bellsprout.

Ash wins!!!

Janette carries Bellsprout in her arms, out of the stadium, saying: “ Come on, Bellsprout. Let’s go home. “

Preview Of Next Episode:

Ash meets a trainer, who, at the end of the episode, befriends. Oh, And, you aren’t going to believe who is Ash’s next opponent!