U.S. Episode # 73:
Fire and Ice
Who's That Pokemon: Koffing

The episodes starts off right in the middle of Ash’s second Pokemon Match … Very short match, and we only catch the tail-end of it … Opponent has a Nidorino …. Ash Chooses Squirtle and wins with a skull bash attack. … next match will be on the Ice Field

Ash looks for dinner, and goes to the Pokemon Center. The Pokémon Center is full due to all the matches … So Ash can’t heal his Pokemon.

Team Rocket tricks Ash & Misty & Brock into a fake Pokemon Center …. And Ash gives his Pikachu to James dressed as a Nurse … and they steal Pikachu and all of Ash’s other Pokemon and leave in their Hot Air Balloon. Pikachu is held in a glass bottle.

Brock sends out his Onix, and he bites into the hot air balloon. Onix rescues the Pokemon, and whips Team Rocket into outer space.

Now onto the 3rd match … Two Pokemon each on the Ice Field.

Kingler vs . Cloyster … Kingler eventually crashes through Cloysters shell and knocks him out.

Arcanine comes out … Arcanine is too fast … and uses Dragon Rage … and knocks out Kingler …Ash sends out Pikachu … uses Agility to confuse Arcanine for a while.

Arc’s fireblast misses. 

But Arcanine keeps fireblasting and eventually The fire melts the ice. So Pikachu can’t run! Pikachu dives into the pool of water … water conducts electricity and Pikachu uses thunderbolt and fries Arcanine! And wins!

Next match versus a girl .. Yowza ... and Brock has love in his eyes!