U.S. Episode # 71:
All Fired Up

This episode starts off when "The Gang" (Ash/Satoshi, Misty/Kasumi, and Brock/Takeshi) are heading for the Indigo Plateau. Then Ash wonders why there are a crowd of people, and he asks for autographs. The crowd however saw a guy holding a torch with Hitmonchan, a bus, and Officer Jenny behind he man. Ash then tells the man that he'll take the torch from here but is stopped by Jenny. Jenny is stopped by this short, old man and Ash asks if he is Santa Claus. 

He isn't and introduces himself by the name of President Goodshow. Goodshow says he can carry the torch and while Ash is carrying the torch, Team Rocket with their dumb balloon attemp to steal the torch that bears the flame of Moltres. Before they steal the torch, the flame burns Meowth and James sends out Victreebel to put out the fire (what an idiot) and Victreebel eats Meowth.

Victreebel catches on fire and runs after Jessie and James. Ash sends out Squirtle to put out the flames, but Meowth scrapes Ash's face and Team Rocket steals the torch. Goodshow gets a backup torch and Ash, Misty, and Brock carry the torch to Indigo Stadium while the opening music plays with a few added lyrics. 

They reach Indigo Stadium and run into Gary. Gary starts acting like a snob saying that he'll whoop everyone there and says that Ash will lose on the first round. Later on, Ash stays up all night and heads over to Indigo Stadium. Goodshow notcies Ash is with him and says "He's got spirit." Daylight approchaches and the opening ceremonies begin. As Brock, Misty, and Goodshow await for Ash, they point out that Ash is nervous and Gary isn't. 

Then a trainer with the Flame of Moltres goes to the top of the staircase and she runs into Team Rocket in disguise. Team Rocket takes the torch and Ash tries to stop them. TR then gets into a machine and steal the flame of Moltres. Ash send out Bulbasaur to attack the machine but the flame turns em into "ashes" (no pun intended). Ash, Pikachu and Bulbasaur are then cornered and burned (which they really don't). Moltres then pops out and blasts off TR.Moltres returns to its rightful place and Goodshow starts the ceremony.

eric and angel respicio, jr