U.S. Episode # 70:
Bad to the Bone

In the episode bad to the bone ash tries to help a man that was on the way to the Pokemon league when he got tricked and team rocket stole all his 8 badges.

Marowak doesn't want to be the mans trainer anymore as he is frustrated all the badges were stolen so he leaves him and takes off.

Meowth and james realized Jessie took off with the badges, so they start looking for her.  James and Meowth catch up to her just as she was about to steal another trainer's badges.

Then ash and his friends come the man i think his name is atoshi then tells team rocket he wants his badges. Ash is about to send Pikachu to thundershock team rocket but then otoshi says he will battle for his own badges he sends out dodou and jessie sends out arbok.   dodou gets beaten and Jessie is about to steal dodou by trying to capture it when Marowak sends his bonemearang attack to block the pokeball.   then otoshi forgives marowak and they thank ask and then he leaves ash then sees the Indigo Plateau and the episode ends


2nd review

Bad to the Bone!

Ash and his friends are on their way to the Pokemon League, but on the way they are surprised by a man named Atoshi, who challenges Ash to a battle - at a price! The loser must turn over all of their gym badges. Ash sends out Bulbasaur, and Atoshi uses a Marowak, which effortlessly beats Bulbasaur. Ash then sends out Pikachu, who shocks Marowak into submission, but Atoshi has no badges. He tells Ash that they were stolen by Team Rocket, and Ash decides to get them back.

Ash and co. find James and Meowth, but Jessie has gone, and so have the badges! Then Marowak suddenly starts shouting, and Meowth translates that it wanted to be in the Pokemon League, but without any badges that's impossible. Marowak then says (c/o Meowth) that it would be better if he and Atoshi parted. Marowak runs off, and our heroes and Team Rocket separate to find Jessie. James and Meowth find her first, and they decide that they can be more evil as a team. Just then Atoshi appears, and challenges Jessie to a battle for his badges.

Meanwhile, Marowak finds a clearing where trainers are training their Pokemon for the Pokemon League. Marowak is reminded of everything he and Atoshi had done together, and goes to find his master. Yeah!

Atoshi sends out a Doduo, which Arbok confuses, and the two heads begin fighting. Jessie then throws a Pokeball to catch Doduo, but a bone knocks it away. Yup, it's Marowak! Team Rocket retreat to their balloon, but Marowak throws his bone, blowing it up (Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again...) and Atoshi retreaves his badges. Score one more for the good guys!

Review by - Lilac Man


Number 70 Bad to the bone

Ash and Pikachu are trying to get last minute advice for the Pokemon League from Proffessor Oak.

After Proffessor Oak makes it clear that he is not going to give pointers, Ash and Pikachu are ready to go.

Ash, Pikachu, Misty, Brock and Togepi say goodbye to everyone and leave.

Brock leads everyone through an open feild which is supposed to be a shortcut to the Indigou Plateu.

Then a guy jumps out of nowhere and in front of them.

He challenges Ash to a battle and whoever loses gives the winner all of his gym badges.

Ash excepts the challenge.

The guy ( named Atoshi ) sends out a Marowak.

Ash sends out Bulbasaur.

Bulbasaur starts with a Tackle attack.

Marowak dodges it.

Bulbasaur uses Vine Whip.

Marowak uses Focus Energy.

Before the vines could hit Marowak, it uses Bone Club to block.

Then finishes Bulbasaur of with another Bone Club.

Ash sends Pikachu in.

Pikachu dodges the Bone Club attack.

Then Pikachu uses Thundershock.

Marowak faints.

( PS Electric attacks shouldn’t work on Marowak because it’s a ground type )

Ash demands Atoshi’s badges.

Atoshi admits that he doesn’t have any.

He explains how he and Marowak earned all their badges.

But they fell into a pittful and Team Rocket took their badges.

Ash decides to help him.

Ash sends out Pidgeotto to find Team Rocket.

Near the Team Rocket balloon, James and Meowth are going on about how they got the badges.

When Meowth looks for the badges, they’re gone.

Meowth askes James where Jessie is.

He said she went into town with something wrapped up in a hankerchief.

Meowth notices that she stole their stolen badges.

Then Pidgeotto finds them.

Meowth and James try to get away in the balloon but Pidgeotto stopped them.

After James and Meowth told the story Ash and Brock look all over the balloon ( finding pretty stupid stuff ) but no badges.

Then Marowak leaves cause it wanted to be in the Pokemon League.

Jessie is on her way to the Indigo Plateau with a disguise on.

She spots another trainer with 8 badges.

She gets into a conversation with the trainer and almost stole his badges but James and Meowth come and trick her into saying their motto.

The trainer runs away.

James and Meowth start to do an old fashioned accusing.

Marowak is walking through the forest when he finds trainers getting their Pokemon ready for the Pokemon League.

Marowak has some flashbacks about how he and Atoshi trained.

He decides to go back.

Ash, Atoshi, Pikachu, Misty, Brock and Togepi find Team Rocket still accusing Jessie.

Jessie challenges Atoshi to a Pokemon Battle and whoever wins keeps the badges.

Jessie send out Arbok.

Atoshi sends out Doduo.

Arbok kicks Doduo’s butt and Jessie decides to capture Doduo.

She throws a Pokeball but Marowak comes and stops the Pokeball with Bonemerang.

Arbok starts to battle Marowak.

Arbok starts with Double-Edge.

Marowak starts with Focus Energy.

Before Arbok could hit Marowak, Marowak uses Bone Club.

Then Marowak uses Bonemerang and Arbok faints.

Jessie and the others jump into the balloon and go.

But they didn’t give back the badges.

Marowak uses Bonemerang.

The balloon explodes and badges came down.

Atoshi thanks Ash and the others and goes.

Ash and the others leave, to.

Then they reach the Indigo Plateu.

Review done by Ryan Gaynor.

5 out of 5

Marowak was awesome.