U.S. Episode # 69:
Ancient Puzzle of Pokemonopolis

so.. misty is fishing with togepi and ash and brock are fighting (well training actually) for the pokemon league and ash tells pikachu to use thundershock and brock says vulpix use flamethrower.but then jigglypuff gets between them. ash saz hold it!!! brock:deflect it!! jiggly gets scared and the flamethrower hits some far off rocks and crumbles. then you see this little french type girl and a fat guy looking around. girl(forget her name) what was that?! brock ash and misty run over to the big pile of rocks and its like a doorway with a big bell over it. then brock sez look! there is this blue and gold thing that looks like an hour glass with a curved smile shaped hole. what is it? i dont know. then girl sez i found it!!!!! 

brock gets all glowy and misty and ash are like hey, we found it! brock sez what can we do 4 u? or something like that. she shows fat guy and they start jumping up and down. what is it? <--ash girl: ze key ze key we found it professa <---(in french acent) he like well done dr. somethingoranother ash says well whatever it is WE found it!!!!!!!! she says what? oh but of course i have been rude! come to the trailor and i vill expilain zis .brock floats off (yes floats) and ash mistyand fat guy follow....... she says hello i am whosit (not really just cant remember) and this is dr. whatsit. they explain that they have been serching for the ancient city of pokemopolis. brock say yeah i heard of it before blah blah...the pokemopolitans blah blah........ so on and so on. she say yes! zis is zee key to pokemopolis! she picks up a tablet with funny writing and says this tells the story of ze 2 great powers of destruction and how they well,destroyed pokemopolis and the only thing that can sooth them is a great bieng.(spelling?) there like whoa u can read that and fat guy saz yes whosit was the worlds greatist pokemopolis expert when she was 6! sha laugh w/ read face and brock get goofy smile............

then tean rocket on cliff look at door in the rocks. jessie say i bet there lots of valuable things in there. they decide to steal stuff tonight..........at night jessie send arbok in cave tell him to bring the most valuable thing he can find. so into ground.....time pass.....jesie say hey! where arbok alredy? then he pops out of the ground and has a thing like a ball then a tube the a ball like 0--0 jessie say? that all?!?! ten it starts to glow and you see big footprint appear and start walking toward them. they freeze in place and the ball thing sucks them up....back at the trailor you see things floating and the key glows. a spoon that dr whosit had made of the sme blue and glod stuff fits into the hole. uh oh!!!! then you see the glowing ball thiing turn into a HUGE gengar with swirly red curls on his back. he say GENGAR and start waliking toward pallet. but then the key forms into a giant alakazam and he blocks the way. 

brock and everybody run out and ahhhhhh!!!!!! brock say alakazam! misty saz don't you mean alakolossel? ash say, there both pokemon and if they are we can catch em! brock say wed have to defeat them first! go onix! onix use bide or bind or whatever. keep in mind that onix is 28ft. tall and could barely wrap around the gengars leg. onix dissapear in gngar with team rocket. ash send pidgeotto but the same thing happens. the two pokes are fighting when jiggly puff comes. hey maybe if jiggly sing they sleep!!! jiggly sings but no dice it gets knocked into oblivion. but jigglys song woke upt he great bieng!!! the bell floats over and out comes a huge jigglypugg. actually itsname was bigglypuff. the bell turns over and the puff grabs it .

jig-a-leeeeeee-pufffffffff jig- a -leeee eee eeeeee pufffffffff ash an co. fall asleep and the 2 other bigs cry in pain and fall asleep. biggly puff is peeved and the bell turns out to be a paintbrush and it draws all over the big pokemon. then they all dissapear. next morning. yeah!!!!! pallet is safe!!! dr. whosit promises to not be so hurried in her research and read into things more before sh takes charge. as there walking home misty reminds ash he only has a little bit more time to train before the league. he say i know i know and they walk into the sunset. then.... team rocket wake up from getting knocked out from when the little jiggly sang. they cant remember if the gengar was a dream or not. who knows?

i give this a 3/5 cause it wasnt very funny. if it wasnt for jiggly this episode would be boring



Episode #69 - The Ancient Puzzle of Pokemopolis!!!

It starts out with Ash and Brock battling (Ash is actually training for once), and Misty is fishing nearby. That Jigglypuff (always following Ash) gets between Ash’s battle and tries to start singing again. Vulpix (Brock’s Pokemon) has to deflect it’s attack and ends up blasting apart some rocks. This reveals an ancient city!!!

Some archeologists (a fat guy and a girl named Eve) are walking around and see the tomb. Eve rushes in, as well as Ash, Brock, and Misty. Brock points out a weird object. Eve grabs it and says “I found it!!!” in a French accent. Ash gets mad and says, “WE found it!!!” The girl apologizes, and brings the three of them into a trailer, where she proceeds to explain what was found. The object was a key to “the ancient city of Pokemopolis” which is what they discovered. She also read a stone tablet to them, which read something like - “The two gigantic forces of evil shall appear and fight, and as they do the day shall slip away, and forever be swallowed up by night.” When she finished the fat guy babbled on and on about how smart she was and Brock went nuts (again).

Team Rocket was there, of course. They overheard the conversation and decided to have Arbok steal something valuable of the tomb. Arbok disappears, and returns with an odd thing shaped like a bow - tie. Jesse gets really mad, saying “Is that all you could find?!!!” Then all four of them (Jesse, James, Meowth, and Arbok) and sucked into the object!!!  Something appears to be connected to it, as it starts walking around and leaving footprints in the mud!!!

In the trailer, some weird things are happening. All the ancient stuff is floating, as well as Eve. She looks like she’s in a trance. Brock tries to help her, buts Ash pulls him back. They then learn that some of the other archeologists are missing. They try to find them, and see a HUGE Gengar!!! It has odd markings on it, but more importantly, it’s heading straight for Palletown, destroying everything in it’s path!!!  Ash, Brock, and Misty try to stop it, but all fails.

One of the objects in the trailer starts to act weird and shake. in front of Ash and company, a dark mist flies out of the object. While the trio watches, she mist forms into an ENORMOUS Alakazam!!! The trio are stunned, and even more terrified than before.

The two Psychic Pokemon start to attack each - other with various Psychic attacks. Ash tries to catch them, but they both destroy his Pokeballs just by looking at them! They then proceed to shove each - other around.

By now, several of Ash and Brock’s Pokemon are caught inside the thing Gengar was wearing, as well as Team Rocket, and the missing archeologists.

Eve wakes up, and sees the giant Gengar and Alakazam trying to destroy each - other with a very cool looking Psychic attack, she remembers the quote she read to Ash and company. She realizes the Psychic Pokemon might end up destroying the world.

Jigglypuff arrives on scene. Ash and friends try to get Jigglypuff to sing the Pokemon to sleep, but it gets bashed up and is knocked into space.

However, a third Pokemon appeared. It was a big Jigglypuff!!! It had a real deep voice, but it could still sing. It sang the Gengar and Alakazam to sleep (as well as everyone else) but got real mad. Jiggly started drawing on everyone’s faces. It drew the funniest stuff on Gengar and Alakazam!!!

Eve promises not to be so quick with her research, and the trio walk away into the horizon.

(Team Rocket wakes up on the ground. They can’t remember whether everything was a dream.)

I LOVED this episode, but that’s just me. I really liked the way the Psychic Pokemon showed off their attacks, especially Alakazam!!!  (You could probably see that Psychic is my favorite type and Alakazam is my favorite Pokemon). However, why were they defeated by a JIGGLYPUFF?!!!!!!

Nasumi, the “Psychic Goddess”