U.S. Episode # 67:

Go West Young Meowth!

For the first time in Pokemon history, people have wondered why Meowth can speak a fluant english.This episode reveals how Meowth came to be at birth to the present day.In other words,this episode was an autobiography of Meowth.The episode starts out when Meowth is surrounded by a group of other Meowths and a Persian leader.It seems that the Persian leader has a young "damsel in distress" girl Meowth in his possesion.Meowth saves her,and realizes that the girl he just saved was a special mate Meowth truly loved.The episode reminisces how Meowth came to be as a member of Team Rocket,learned how to talk.etc. It all starts out when a young Meowth and a group of other Meowths are just plain ally cats trying to make a living stealing other peoples food.

Unfortunately people didn't like the Meowth,and they strung him by his feet downtown as a sign of capital punishment.Meowth having no meaning for life whatsoever,decides to leave town and make a life of his own.On his journey,he successfully tries to become an actor on his own.When all else fails,Meowth gets discouraged until he saves a young Meowth from another group of Meowths.He instantly falls in love with her,but to his discourage she rejects him,telling him he can't speak properly,and isn't a top cat.This makes Meowth even more down and out about himself,but he is determined to win the love of her.So Meowth first embarks on a journey to speak human.He studies piles and piles of literature books,until he speaks a proper english.It is then a little while later that Team Rocket- Jesse and James,meet Meowth trying to convince him that they can all get what they what by joining an organization alias Team Rocket.

They tell him he is special since he is the only pokemon in the world determined enough to speak human.Meowth then joins Team Rocket,embarking on their early quests.Back to present day,Meowth has a showdown with the Persian leader of the young meowths,to save the girl the he learned english for.Surprisingly,Meowth wins with Scratch attack,but to his dismay,the young girl Meowth goes to the aid of the Persian leader,telling Meowth he still isn't special enough to be his mate.This may have been a shock to Meowth, but he holds his head up high,proclaiming he is still the top cat.Meowth and both Jesse and James walk off into the sunlight sticking together as Team Rocket.                                                    

                           My overall opinion of this episode was that in fact it was an autobiography of Meowth,had a solid story line,and showed that thru self-determination you can achieve anything.Ed's rating:*****5 stars. Excellent story make this tale of loyalty between Meowth and Jesse and James a solid cartoon with no flaws whatsoever.


2nd review

In this episode Ash,Misty and Brock are Invited to the opening of the movie the guys film in Lights,Camera,Quawktion.       Team Rocket wanted to go to.On team rockets way Meowth has a flashback of when he went to Hollywood to get real food.When he was in Hollywood he used to be in a gang of Meowth and Persian.He met a Female Meowth and fell in love with her then her trainer came and left.Meowth learned how to talk by studying a book.He saw the other Meowth again. She rejected Meowth.Its trainer came and got rid of it.Meowth stopped his flashback and ran into the Persain and they trapped Meowth.The girl Meowth was in the gang.Meowth was shocked.The girl Meowth told her story to Meowth.The Persain and Meowth Started to seround Meowth.Team Rocket came in singing a song.Meowth and Persain had a battle.Meowth won and the girl Meowth ran to Persain.Again Meowth was shocked.At the premere of "Pokemon In Love" Ash,Misty,Brock and Ash's Mom Were the audience.At the end of the movie Team Rocket danced across the stage.            

Pat Belken


3rd review

Ash, Misty, and Brock get tickets to see the film their pokemon helped made in Lights, Cameras, Quaction! They are all excited because it is playing in Hollywood! So they start to head off to Hollywood where they find... It looks very exciting but.... Itís a dump! They see the movie thearter where they find the director and nobody else. They sit down to watch the movie Pokemon In Love. Team Rocket wonders what happaned to Hollywood too. Than Meowth starts telling a story to Jesse and James. (Not current Action but here is the story. Meowth is retelling the story) Meowoth canít walk and talk yet) Meowth was lonely as a little Meowth. A scene plays of Meowth at a baseball field being tied and left up on a tree for interupting with the game. Meowth was left on the tree all night. Some how the next day Meowth got off the tree and overheard that a truck he saw was heading WEST FOR HOLLYWOOD! Meowth got excited and jumped in the back of the truck. When Meowth got to Hollywood you could recognize it was the same ground he was walking now but in much better shape. Even in Hollywood Meowth was lonely and had no where to go. One day Meowth met a bunch of other Meowth and a Persian in a dark alley. It is a gang which Meowth joins. They always steal their food from a near by food store and Meowth and the others always get away. Once as Meowth was walking down the street he saw a girl Meowth on the window sill. Meowth was you could say Meowing at first sight. He asked the lady Meowth to join him who I guess says her name is Meowsie. Meowsie does not accept. Meowth asks why. Meowsie says her person (A rich lady who is not a pokemon trainer) is rich and gives her whatever I want and you are just a street Meowth. Meowth gets really embarrassed and runs away. He now decides the only way to get Meowsie to love him is to WALK and TALK like a HUMAN!

Meowth practices walking on his hind legs first. He finds it difficult at first but he gets the hang of it. Unfortanately, Meowth walks slower on his hind legs than the way he did before so now the owner of the store starts catching him, but nothing really happens. Now Meowth must learn to talk. He starts reading a 26 page book with 1 letter on each page. Letís see, A for Apple and R for ROCKET! It takes Meowth much longer to talk than walk but he gets the hang of that too.

So he looks for Meowsie and asks her to accept him again but he is rejected and called a freak. Meowth cries so hard. He even left the gang, Meowsie, and Hollywood to join Team Rocket.

(Present day) Jesse and James are touched by the story. So Meowth started walking down the street when he met the gang again. They all looked mad at him but did not take action on him. Than Mewoth saw a recognizeable face. MEOWSIE! "What are you doing here!" Meowth said. Than Meowsie starts telling a story in Meowth talk. (Not as far in the past as Meowths) She was riding in the Limo like she always was and one day her person abandoned her because the lady was running out of money. "Than I met this gang and they cared for me". "I have been with them ever since". Meowtg is touched. Meowth pops the question again but Meowsie denies. The Persian is very angry at Meowth, so Meowth and Persian have a battle at the top of a building. A lot of tention is building up. Team Rocket and Meowsie watch the fight. The entire fight is a swipe where Meowth and Persian leap into the air. Someone wa slashed but Meowth and Persian both remain standing so you canít tell who was hurt. The suspense................ Persian falls! MEOWTH is the winner! Team Rocket gets all excited and ofcourse Meowth gets excited. Meowsies eyes for an instant turn into puff balls. Now again "Meowsie, will you be my Meowth?" Meowsie Meows but... "I canít, Persian helped me when I was in need and after all you are still just a freak." Meowth, "AHHHHHHHHHH!" James (The funniest character in pokemon) "That may be true but you will always be our freak." Meowth, "Yeah." The movie is a big disaster! The director promised they were in the film but they were not. Director, "I donít understand!" The movie did not give them any credit, not to mention the movie was a flop. In the end Meowth, Jesse, and James trot off on the road. Narrator quotes "Donít worry Meowth! Every dog has his day. Maybe you will too! MAYBE.

The final words quote.. TO BE CONTINUED>

Marc Dolgow



Another Review

Ok, Iíve been wondering and wondering why Meowth could talk for a long time and was assuming he was in a science experiment until I finally saw this episode. Ok, A director invited Ash, Misty, Brock, and Mrs. Ketchum to see the premeir of Pokemon in love in hollywood. Ash and Co. are excited because they think theyíre in it. Team Rocket, who werenít invited, decides to follow them, anyway. But Meowth says its a bad memory. Jessie and James were suprised that Meowth had been to hollywood before because he never told them that he has. Meowth says tath heíll walk around and that heíll be back.  And now Meowth tells his story while about his past while heís walking around the city.


Meowth was left in a basket in the rain by his trainer. When Meowth realized his trainer wasnít coming back he left. Meowth was only TRYING to survive but was usually picked on by people. One day he found himself hanging from a tree all tied up. From the top of the tree where he was hanging he saw a drive in movie screen and saw a lot of... food. He wanted to go to hollywood for the same glory as the people had in the movie. So he managed to untie himself and went to hollywood. Hollywood wasnít what it looked like in the movie. So one day he ran into a Perisan and whole bunch of Meowths and they gave him food. So he joined them and they stole food together. One day he saw a female Meowth from across the road and instantly fell in love. He crossed the road and got hit by a few cars. I donít think it bothered him.  Well, maybe it did but a cartoonís a cartoon. Meowth managed to get to the other side without any broken bones whatsover. Meowth learned that the female Meowth was named Meowsy. (I wonder where the creators thought of that name) But Meowsy said that heíll never be human and that he wasnít interested in him. Meowth took this seriously and decided to learn to walk and talk which was very hard. When he later began walking, running, and crawling, he tried to learn to talk. Talking was really hard. But he learned to talk by over hearing a... grammer class? Well, thatís what I think it was. When he returned to Meowsy with his new self Meowsy said that even though he acts human heís still a lousy street Meowth and that heís even worse than before.  Oh, and he was just a walking, talking, freak, Meowth. Because of this Meowth quit the Meowth pack with the big time boss Persian and joined Team Rocket.  (correct me if some things arenít in order)


Meowth was walking down the street and re-met with the Meowth pack and the big time boss Persian.  Jessie and James followed. The pack said that they want Meowth back but Meowth said that heís sticking with Team Rocket.  But who was that Meowth from the backround? She looks familiar. Its Meowsy!

Meowsy explained that her trainer ditched her because of money problems.

Meowth wasnít going to let the pack take Meowsy so he tried to protect her.  Just when the Meowths were going to attack Meowth Jessie and james appeared and said that they followed him. Meowth was touched to have good friends.  Jessie and James sent out Arbok and Weezing and beat the other Meowths. Later on the roof it was Meowth vs. Persian. They jumped at each other and did slash attack. Suddenly Persian collapsed. (Can you believe that a Meowth beat a Persian with one slash? The creators just wanted Meowth to win!) But Meowsy started running up to the big time boss Perisan. Meowsy said that the Persian and his pack picked her up when she had no where to go.  Oh, and Meowsy said that Meowth was still a walking, talking, meowth, freak. Heartbroken Meowth finally gave up and left. Meanwhile, the premeir of  Pokemon in Love had just ended but Ash and Co were upset because they didnít see themselves in the movie. They were edited out. Just then team Rocket dances across the stage.

- Liezyl