U.S. Episode # 65:
Make Room For Gloom:

    This episode was really cool.  It starts off at Pallet Town, Ash's home town, with Brock cooking breakfast, and Misty, Ash, Pikach, and Togepi sleeping.  Pikachu wakes up, and shocks Ash.  Everyone is up now.  Ash's mom suggests that he helps with some chores, seeing how he isn't training.  He immediatley says no, and runs off, with Misty and Brock following.

    They head off to a green house, called Xanadu Nursery.  Ash lets bulbasaur out, and he sniffs all the plants, and one of them paralyzes him. 

They meet Potter and Florinda.  Florinda runs the place, and helps bulbasaur.  She keeps on saying how terrible at everything she is.  Brock disagrees (and yes, he did fall in love with her). She says how her Gloom won't evolve, and she's tried everything, including the LEAF STONE.  Then she explains how she got the LEAF STONE.  They figure out it was Team Rocket, and it was fake.  Team Rocket starts stealing plants from a lower level.  Ash sends out bulbasaur and wraps Jesse and James in his vines. 

Then Meowth throws a ball containing stun spore at them and they get paralyzed.  Florinda and Gloom were fine though.  Brock tells her to battle with Gloom, and eventually she does.  She uses DOUBLE TEAM and SOLORBEAM to knock the out of sight.  She heals the others with a potion from Gloom.

    At the end she tells Brock she's in love.  Brock tells her he's in love with her too.  But Florinda already walked to Potter, to tell him she loves him.  Brock's heart was broken, again.

- Squirtle Boy



Ash, Misty, and Brock are in Pallet Town, because Ash should be training for the pokemon league, but since he’s not really dedicated, he never gets a chance to. He wakes up and his mom says to help around at the house. He knows that his mom will make him do work, so he says that he was planning to go the mountains for training (which is a lie). His mom asks him to stop of at the Xanadu Nursery to pick up soil (or something like that). The Xanadu Nursery is a large greenhouse with lots of exotic plants. But Brock spots something more exotic; it’s a girl (whose name is Florinda). While everyone stares into the greenhouse a young man sees them and they turn around. Everyone is frightened, because he’s holding something that looks like a flamethrower.  It’s not, though. He sprays some of the water (or something like that) on to the grass in between, and they are relieved. He tells them that his name is Potter, and he works at the Xanadu Nursery. Brock quietly asks who the girl is, and Potter tells him that it’s Florinda, and she owns the Xanadu Nursery.  Brock is in dreamland again, while Ash and Misty go inside.  Ash lets Bulbasaur out to enjoy all the plants. Bulbasaur starts sniffing all the plants, and just when it sniffs one, a girl yells to stop sniffing.  It’s Florinda, Brock’s crush. But Bulbasaur is paralyzed, so Florinda gives it some of her Gloom’s drool. Once Bulbasaur is living again, Bulbasaur and Gloom sort of fall in love, and they show it because they blush and start to rub each other. (This rubbing goes on for while) Meanwhile, Florinda and Brock talk to each other on some balcony-thing. Florinda has no self-esteem, but Brock keeps on comforting her. It looks like they’re in love. Florinda even says that she bought a leaf stone and tried it on Gloom, but it didn’t evolve. Suddenly, Professor Oak bumps in and grabs Florinda’s leaf stone. He says that it’s a fake. Soon, they realize that it was Team Rocket who perpetrated the crime.

They find Team Rocket, and Bulbasaur uses its vines to wrap Jessie and James. But, Meowth throws a ball of that paralyzing plant and it paralyzes everyone. Team Rocket grabs Pikachu and are about to leave when Florinda, walks into view. She is standing on a platform above. Brock tells her to do send out Gloom, because there’s no other hope. Florinda says that she can’t, because of her low self-esteem. Brock finally convinces her, and Gloom hops down. It uses double-team and solarbeam, which looks really, really cool.  Team Rocket blasts off, through the glass and up into the sky.  Florinda heals everyone with the potion, and Bulbasaur and Gloom do their rubbing thing again. Florinda tells Brock that he was nice to give her some hope and bravery. He says in return that he wants to marry her (or something like that), but she has already walked over to Potter, and she askes him to marry her. Potter says yes, and they fall into a romantic embrace. Brock leaves without a girl, and Ash leaves without any training. The end.  This is a very good episode, but for some, it may not work out. This is an episode with more romance than any other one, maybe excluding some, like “Pokeball Peril”. That’s still not a lot, because most have the smallest bit.  It may feel uncomfortable, and that’s just a personal view. I liked it. For once, though it does happen other tines, Brock and his crush (Florinda) talk about problems and try to resolve them. The Bulbasaur and Gloom thing is kind of “cute”, but it’s odd, because I thought same types of pokemon were supposed to fall in love (This also happens in “Lights, Camera, Quacktion”), but I guess I was wrong. 

But this episode is not one long love story. The battle scene is very fun, epecially because of Solarbeam. A problem (not for me, but you know) might be that there is not enough Ash, Misty, or Pikachu, but not one episode can have it all. I rate it 7 out of 10. - Chris L.