U.S. Episode # 60:


Battle of the Badge

Gary is going into the Viridian City Gym with his cheerleaders (Oh noooo!). Ash wanted to go in, but some guards stopped him because only one trainer was allowed in at a time. Gary would then fight the gym leader, who I believe is Giovanni. Gary was doing well, when Giovanni used one more Pokemon. Two of Gary's Pokemon attack it, but before they even get near the Pokemon (Which is Mewtwo in Armor) blue bubbles form around them and they can't escape. Meanwhile, Ash is sad because Misty said something mean to him. Togepi taps Ash to support him, Ash thinks it is Pikachu and turns around grabbing Togepi. He is surprised that it is Togepi and throws him up in the air. Togepi landed in a Fearow's mouth, and the Fearow, who is very surprised, flew off. 

Everyone chases it. The Fearow then spits out Togepi. Togepi lands on James, and surprises Team Rocket. Team Rocket wants to take Togepi to the boss, so after trying to get him for a while, they finally get him and take him to the boss. Giovanni, (Who just finished beating Gary) looked at Togepi and asked what it does. Team Rocket didn't know, so boss didn't want it. Suddenly Giovanni got a phone call. He ended up needing to use his Mewtwo-like Pokemon for something. I'm not sure what. Giovanni left Team Rocket in charge of the gym. Team Rocket earlier dropped Togepi, so Togepi got out of the room when Giovanni's Persian left (Because the door was open enough so Togepi could get out. Ash, Brock, and Misty were still looking for Togepi, but they heard the Pokemon through the door of the gym. 

They found Togepi behind the door, but they also found a weak Gary, and his cheerleaders. Gary told everyone about the "unbeatable Pokemon". Then Team Rocket would appear and perform their introduction. Ash wanted to fight them for a badge, so Team Rocket told Ash to get up on a platform along with Jesse. (They fought from the platforms) Giovanni had given Team Rocket some of his Pokemon earlier, so Jesse used those, her Pokemon (Arbok), and James's Pokemon (Weezing). Ash's platform was equipped with something that makes him feel the pain his Pokemon feel. It was a pretty close battle, but James and Meowth installed the machine on Jesse's side to, so Ash ended up winning. 

Jesse then refused to give Ash the badge, but Togepi got a controller Team Rocket wanted to use, that made the playing surface blow up, making Team Rocket blast off (Everyone else was ok). The Earth badge fell from the sky, and Ash got it. Gary admitted that Ash is a skilled trainer, and Gary's cheerleaders cheered for Ash. So in the end, everyone left Viridian City heading for Pallet Town. They weren't sure where the Pokemon League is, but they decided to ask Professor Oak when they got to Pallet Town.

= 5 stars out of five!
    What an episode! There was a lot of excitement, and the Pokemon that beat Gary was awesome. This was a great episode.

- Master Trainer David


2nd review

The Battle For The Badge!

Ash and friends have arrived in Viridian City, but Gary goes into the gym first. Ash, Misty, and Brock wait outside for their turn, but Togepi runs away! Team Rocket captures Togepi.  Giovanni battles Gary, and Giovanni's Mewtwo kicks Gary's butt. Jesse and James take Togepi to Giovanni, but Giovanni says Togepi is a worthless pokémon and Togepi escapes the gym. (Togepi doesn't know any better, actually he just walks out.) Giovanni gets a phonecall that says there's been an accident. Giovanni leaves the gym to Jesse and James while he's gone. Ash goes inside and his pokémon lose to the gym's Kingler, Golem, and Machamp (It doesn't help that TR has installed a device so that the trainer feels the pokémon's pain!) Pidgeotto and Pikachu beat TR's pokémon, so Meowth tries to blow Ash up. Gary stops him at the last second. Jesse says Ash can't have the badge. Togepi goes over and sends Jesse, James, and Meowth sky-high. Ash gets the Earth Badge, and heads home.

Ry, the Pokéfreak


3rd Review

Episode 60

Battle for the Badge

One of my fav. episodes.  The gang has just arrived at Viridian City and are
heading  to the Gym.  Before they go in, Gary shows up, sports car, girls and all.  He
enters  the Gym before Ash does and he has to wait `cause only one person is allowed
at a  time in the Gym.  Gary`s bragging gets to Ash`s head and he get`s all

Togipe climbs his back and jumps around on him.  Ash thinks it`s Pikachu on
his back, but in surprise, he accidently launches Togipe onto the Gym roof. 
Misty gets all P.Oed and orders him to find Togipe.  Scene goes to Gary who is using
Nidoking and Arcanine.  He defeats the Gym master who is (gasp!) Giovanni!  Before he
leaves, Giovanni asks Gary to "test" his new Pokemon, which is Mewtwo in

Mewtwo effortlessly beets Gary (yay!!!)  Back to the gang.  They still can`t
find  Togipe, but before long, they spot it on the roofs.  Team Rocket shows up,
acting all glum, and spot Togipe.  They grab it, and take it to Giovanni.  Togipe may be
rare, but it can`t do much, so Giovanni rejects them.  Fortunately, Giovanni is
going on a  trip, and he leaves Jessie and James in charge of the Gym.  Gary comes out of
the  Gym and warns Ash about the Mewtwo in there, but Ash rushes in, not
completely hearin him. 

 Ash is surpised that Jessie and James are in charge, but he

starts the 
battle anyway.  They battle it out (sorry, I forgot which Pokemon battles
who) with a
twist.  Any pain that the Pokemon feels, the trainer feels too.   Ash is
unconcious before getting the upper hand.  Ash wins.  Togipe is handed over. 
Ash gets his badge.  Pallet Town is coming up.  Happ

y ending.  Hurray.

5/5 stars.  This is an awesome episode.  Gary is beaten, some of his Pokemon
are revieled, and Mewtwo looks awesome in the armor!
Very good episode.