U.S. Episode # 59:


Clefairy Tales

Ash and Misty are eating ice cream when Clefariy comes.  They chase it and
someone steals there backpacks.  Turns out lots of people have had things
stolen.  They meet a scientist and he says it is aliens.  They look with him
when a spaceship lands and aliens take Pikachu.  It is TR and Pidgeotto stops
them but a Clefariy and Jigglypuff come and Clefariy runs off with Pikachu. 
Everyone chases it down a hole and to a spaceship.  They are going to blast
off using Pikachu.  Everyone except Brock board.  They find Pikachu but
Clefaries jump in the way.  TR is somewhere in this but it is irrelevant they
aren't important.  Jigglypuff comes and whips the Clefaries.  Pikachu is in a
glass asleep.  The scientist goes in the control room and while a Clefariy
and Jiggly are fighting he brakes a joystick which is Jiggly's
microphone/marker.  Jiggly puts everyone asleep .... The usual. A hammer
bonks Pikachu and he Thunders to start the ship and free himself.  Ash and
Misty Get off when Bulbasaur helps.  Every one sees their stuff fall out when
the ship takes off.

This was OK and the space ship was he best part.
                    6 out of 10
Pokemon Master Adam:-)   


2nd review

Clefairy Tales
We start the episode seeing cute little Jigglypuff in the forest, singing. Then, a UFO crashes and Clefairys come out! Meanwhile, Ash, Misty, and Brock are eating ice cream. Suddenly, a Clefairy comes. Misty says Clefairy is cute. Misty tries to catch it, but it runs away. While they are gone, someone steals their food! When they get back, they see their food stolen and report it to Officer Jenny. Suddenly, A scientist named Oswald comes and says aliens stole the stuff. Ash, Misty, and Brock follow Oswald, and a UFO crashes into Earth. Jesse and James, disguised as aliens, come out and take Pikachu. Ash, Misty, and Brock stop them, but Clefairy steals Pikachu from Team Rocket before Ash can get it back. Jigglypuff shows up and takes Ash, Misty, Brock, and Oswald to the Clefairy's base. The Clefairys are building a rocket to the moon. Jigglypuff fights the Clefairys in a slap contest (Where's Steve the bodyguard from Springer when you need him?) and Ash saves Pikachu. Oswald and the Clefairys go into space, and Ash, Mistu, Brock, and Pikachu head for Viridian City.
Ry, the Pokéfreak