U.S. Episode # 57:


Beach Blanket Blastoise

I missed the first 8 Min. of this episode but here is what I saw.  A
Warturtle (might have been a Squirtle) Was listening to Brock.  He was
showing picture and saying something like "so this is the island of the
turtle Pokemon and all the turtle Pokemon are ruled by Blastiouse and one day
Blastiouse went for a swim and didn't come back.  You saw him and dragged him
back in but he was in his shell (Asleep) then all you fell asleep too."  Then
they went to the island and Blastiouse woke up and he had something in his
cannon.  A Squirtle tried to get it out.  It was jigglypuff and it sang and
everyone fell asleep.  Team Rocket come in a Gyrados sub and Meowth goes to
get Blastiouse but falls asleep and Jesse uses a grabber and they all fall
asleep and the sub sinks.  Ash and Co. save them but they get in the sub. 
Everyone thinks they are leaving but the sub goes tank and grows arms and
goes for Blastiouse.  Blastiouse wakes up and I don't remember how jiggly
gets out but Blastiouse gets Team Rocket and they leave.  Ash, Brock, and
Misty leave and it ends with Team Rocket Floating away on a Starmie In the

This was a cool episode it was neat seeing Blastiouse cream TR.  Jiggglypuff
looked wierd with spiral eyeys and that was cool.  It was neat to see
Squirtle in sunglasses again                    9 out of 10

Pokemon Master Adam :-)


2nd review

Beach Blank-out Blastoise
Ash and friends have just beaten Blaine for the 7th badge and are running for the ferry to get back to the mainland when clumsy Ash trips over a Wartortle! Wartortle says to follow him. Squirtle dons Squirtle Squad glasses and gets in the water with Ash, Misty, and Brock following. They arrive at the island to find.... Squirtle and Wartortle shells! Wartortle says that something happened. Ash, Misty, and Brock look around and find a Blastoise shell.. Brock figures out what happened to Blastoise. Ash listens inside Blastoise's shell and hears strange music. He falls asleep. Pikachu wakes everyone up and Blastoise wakes up to find something stuck in his cannon. A pink, rubbery thing goes up to the top of the shell. It's Jigglypuff! Team Rocket comes inside a Gyarados machine and tries to steal Blastoise, but they fail. Jigglypuff gets out of Blastoise's cannon, and Ash, Misty, and Brock get on the ferry to the mainland.
Ry, the Pokéfreak