Volcanic Panic

Who's That Pokemon: Paras
    I missed the first five minutes of the show. I think Pikachu or Charizard fought Blaine's Magmar and lost. Now here is what I saw...
Team Rocket decides they want the Magmar because it is powerful, so they go to the gym (Which is inside a volcano on Cinnabar Island) and call out Magmar, saying he won a contest. Magmar comes out, and Team Rocket shoots their weapons at him. One bullet-type thing hits Magmar, freezing him. Team Rocket begins to celebrate catching a new Pokemon, when Magmar melts the ice somehow, so Team Rocket begins firing their weapons everywhere, freezing the volcano. The rock somehow gets cut open by the ice, causing lava to pour out and steam to come bursting out of the ground. 

By now, Ash, Misty, Brock, and Blaine are watching this happen. Some steam leaves Team Rocket stranded on a rock, which shoots up into the sky causing Team Rocket to blast off again. The fighting surface of the gym is engulfed, but Magmar jumps off it just in time as the lava destroys the surface. Blaine is sad about his gym, but everyone must stop the volcano from erupting before it wipes out the island! So Magmar begins trying to jam up the hole the lava was coming from with rocks. Pikachu tries to help, but it is too hot for him. Ash brings out Charizard to help, but the Pokemon refuses to obey Ash. Magmar's rocks keep getting knocked away by the lava, as Charizard watches. Finally, Charizard decides to help, as everyone sends out their Pokemon to help. Brock sends out Geodude and Onix to help Magmar and Charizard, while Ash sends out Squirtle and Misty sends out Starmie to help cool off the other Pokemon. Even Pikachu helps out. Psyduck gets out and Misty has to chase him, while Ash is chasing the Jigglypuff they taught to sing in past episodes. Togepi tries to help, but almost falls into the lava! Misty runs over and grabs Togepi before he falls in. 

All the Pokemon help plug up the hole, and soon lava stops flowing out of the hole. Blaine thanks Ash, and Ash hopes Blaine will give him the Volcano Badge, but Blaine decides to give Ash another chance to beat him. They decide to fight on top of the volcano with rock ledges sticking up out of it with lava below. Blaine decides to use Magmar, while Ash is about to send out Pikachu, but Charizard steps up and wants to fight Magmar because it would be a good challenge for him. So Ash makes sure its ok with Pikachu and sends out Charizard, but Charizard is already out there. Magmar and Charizard get fire in their eyes as the battle begins. Ash is excited about the battle. Both Pokemon start by using Flamethrower at the same time. 

The fire meets causing an explosion. Magmar uses Fire Blast, but Charizard stops it (the fire!) and throws it off in the distance. Magmar then uses Skull Bash and knocks Charizard into a big piece of rock. Charizard is about to hit the lava when he flies up and lands on a rock. I'm not completely sure what happened exactly during the battle. Charizard and Magmar grab each other's hands. Magmar jumps up high and gets behind Charizard. He grabs Charizard and they both fall into the lava. Ash is worried, but Blaine says that under the lava is considered in-play. Suddenly Charizard comes out of the fire with Magmar holding on. Blaine is mad, but Ash says that up in the air is also considered in-play. Charizard flies way up and uses a move that has Charizard to spin around and confuse Magmar. Charizard is way up in the sky as he uses Seismic Toss and throws Magmar down into the lava. Charizard comes down, and Ash thinks he won when Magmar comes back out of the lava! Magmar stands on a rock triumphantly, but falls. 

Charizard celebrates as does Ash, but when Ash tries to get Charizard to return Charizard burns Ash with fire. Charizard continues to celebrate. Later, Blaine tells Ash a silly and bad riddle, and then gives him the Volcano Badge. I'm not sure exactly what happens in the end. So everyone walks down a path, when Ash wonders where the next gym is. Brock tells him it is in Viridian City and the badge is the Earth Badge. Ash wonders why they didn't stop there the first time, and Misty tries to remember why, but she can't. Brock begins to remind her but Ash interrupts them. But Misty remembers her bike and gets angry at Ash. But Ash begins to run off, as Brock and Misty follow him.

    Note: If I say I'm not sure that means I can't remember exactly what happened then that means I kind of know what happened, but I'm not sure of the order, or details on what happened. This goes for almost all my guides and reviews.
                        ***** = 5 stars out of 5!
    One word, "Wow"! What a good episode. All the Pokemon jamming up the hole was cute, while the Charizard Vs. Magmar battle was awesome! This episode caters to those of you who enjoy the cute Pokemon, and to those of you who enjoy intense Pokemon battles. I was disappointed that Blaine had a wig, but besides that, this was a five-star episode!
Until Next Time,
Master Trainer David

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