U.S. Episode # 55:

Riddle Me This

Ash, Misty, and Brock are riding a boat to Cinnabar Island. Brock tells Ash
about the lab that's on the island, and how it's world famous. All Ash cares
about at the moment, however, is getting his next badge. Ash notices all the
people on board, and wonders if they're all Pokémon trainers. Gary, who also
happens to be on board, informs him that trainers haven't gone to the island
for a long time, and it is now a tourist resort. Gary tells Ash that he's
taking a vacation to the island. When Ash tells Gary that he's going to get a
Volcano Badge, Gary says that there isn't even a gym on the island. Ash
doesn't believe him, and rushes off, as the boat has pulled into port.
    After getting off, Ash and his friends look around. All they see are
shops, souvenir stands, and tourists. As they walk, they don't see any sign
of a gym. Brock wonders aloud why people like Cinnabar Island so much, and a
hippie nearby offers them an answer in the form of a riddle: What do tourists
think is hot and cool. Misty comes up with the solution: Hotsprings. The
hippie explains that, because of the volcano on the island, there are many
hotsprings. This has brought more and more tourists every year. Soon, the
entire island was "overrun" with these visitors, and Pokémon trainers never
came any more. Misty asks the hippie about the gym that's supposed to be on
the island, and he responds with another riddle: It's where you put your
glasses. Brock and Ash are stumped, but Misty again comes up with the correct
answer: In front of your eyes. They all glance around, and soon see the caved
in remains of the gym. The hippie explains that the tourists never wanted to
fight for badges, and the gym leader, Blaine, got bored and left. He hands
Ash his card for the Big Riddle Inn. They all look at it, and the hippie
walks away before they can ask anything else.
    Later, Ash and his friends look for the lab, only to discover a bunch of
souvenir stands. They dejectedly leave to look for the Pokémon Center to
spend the night. Nearby, Team Rocket is manning a snack stand. They review
they're plan to steal the Pokémon inside the lab.
    Meanwhile, Ash and his friends have located the Center, but they are
filled up with tourists. They then go from hotel to hotel in search of some
place to stay. Unfortunately, they are all filled to capacity. As they walk
away from a hotel, Ash notices a banquet going on inside it. His stomach
rumbles, and one of the figures inside stands up and opens the door. It's
Gary, and he laughs at Ash for not being able to find a hotel. He lets them
look inside, and they see tables of food, as well as a Hitmonchan and
Electabuzz dressed as musicians. Gary offers them the leftovers if he spins
around three times and says Pikachu. Pikachu is about to do so, but Ash stops
him, telling him not to stoop to Gary's level. Gary laughs, telling him that
he is pathetic. Suddenly, the door opens, and there stands Jigglypuff, the
entertainer. Since Ash and his friends already know what Jigglypuff can do,
they run off. Everyone else sits down to listen to Jigglypuff's song and,
needless to say, fall asleep. Jigglypuff gets upset, and doodles all over
their faces.
    Ash and his friends stop in a playground to rest. Brock asks Ash about
the card the hippie gave him, and he pulls it out. On it are directions to
the Inn in, you guessed it, riddle form. It reads: If you look near the
swing, you'll see my hands, or at least my face. Brock notices a nearby
swingset, but doesn't see anything else. Misty thinks, picturing a clock. She
points up the hill, and they all see a building with a clock tower. They dash
up, and the hippie is happy to see them all, giving them free rooms for
figuring out the answer. Ash's stomach grumbles, and the hippie offers them
dinner as well, which they happily accept.

    Meanwhile, Team Rocket attacks the Pokémon lab in their balloon. They

toss a couple bombs, and blow the roof off the building. Back at the Inn, the
phone rings, and the person on the other side tells him the situation. They
all rush to the building, and Ash sends out Pidgeotto. Pikachu jumps on the
bird's back, and they send Team Rocket over the horizon. The hippie thanks
Ash and rewards him with a secret. He tells him that Blaine still has an
arena where tourists could never find. He tells them where with another
riddle: It's in a place where firefighters could never win.

    Later, Ash, Misty, Brock soak in a hot spring while they think about the

riddle. Togepi climbs up on a fountain, which sinks down. Suddenly, a large
portion of rock slides out of the way, destroying the fence that separates
the men and women sections of the spring. Ash, Misty, and Brock stare at each
other for a few seconds, then they all scream. After they all get dressed,
they go down the staircase behind the rock. As they descend, it gets steadily
more and more hot. They reach a door, and Ash grabs the handle, only to get
burned. The doors open, to reveal a fighting arena suspended over a large
pool of lava. Brock notes that no firefighter could win here, and concludes
that this must be Blaine's arena. Suddenly, the lights turn on, and the
hippie is standing on the other side of the arena. He poses Ash and his
friends with another riddle: It's not a hat, but it keeps your head dry. If
you wear it, its only because you already lost it. Misty once again comes up
with the solution: a wig. The hippie congratulates her, and pulls off his
wig, revealing himself to be Blaine. Ash tells him that he wants to battle
and Blaine sends out his first Pokémon: Ninetails. Ash sends out Squirtle,
but Blaine quickly defeats it anyway with a Fire Spin attack. Ash decides to
use Charizard, and Blaine send out Rhydon. Ash tries to get Charizard to
battle, but he flies over to a ledge and falls asleep. Ash then sends out
Pikachu, who is able to dodge Rhydon's Fury Attack. Unfortunately, his
Thunderbolt doesn't faze Rhydon. Ash tells Pikachu to go for the horn, and he
does so, defeating Rhydon.

    Blaine then sends out his most powerful Pokémon: Magmar. Pikachu is able

to dodge his Fire Punch attack, save for a slight scorch on his cheek.
Pikachu uses Thundershock, but Magmar deflects it with what Brock calls an
Air Lance. Pikachu is pushed towards the edge of the arena, and Blaine
commands Magmar to use Fire Blast. Ash quickly thinks about what to do as the
fire gets closer and closer. Better hurry Ash...

Trainer Dominic


2nd review

Review  for Episode #55

O.K. this is it, it starts out with Ash and friends on a cruise to Cinnabar
Island. Then they see Gary relaxing telling Ash that there is no gym on
Cinnabar Island. When they all arrive, they meet an old hippie which tells
them that there was so much vacationers on Cinnabar, that they had to close
down the gym. The hippie gives them a card with a riddle. After that Ash and
friends look for a nice hotel for them to stay at and eat. then out of one
comes out Gary saying "I thought I heard something," he sees Ash and friends
and tells them that if they turn around 3 times and say pike, he'll give them
food in doggie bag. Ash says "forget it. We'll never go to Gary's level."
Then out of no where comes Jigglypuff. Ash and friends start running until
Misty reads the card that the old hippie gave them and she tell's Ash what it
says. Look for somethig that has3 hands and a face. It's a clock.They go to a
hotel with a clock and meet the hippie there as he says "Misty is right."
They see Team Rocket trying to steal fighting Pokemon from the lab, but of
course, Ash sends out Pidgeotto and Pikachu get's on his back and Thunder
shoks T.R.  The hippie tells them that the new gym is where no fire fighter
could go. When they are all swimming (except hippie) , Togepi goes on a
statue of a Gyarados , it goes down, and a door opens. They go inside the
volcanoe and open an other door, and see the hippie and tells them that they
found the answer.The hippie takes off his wig and battles Ash. The hippie
chooses Ninetails and Ash chooses Squirtle which isn't strong enough ,
looses. Then Ash chooses Charizard, hippie returns Ninetails and takes out
Rhydon. Charizard flies out of the ring and  Ash calls him back. He chooses
Pikachu , which Thundershocks the rod on Rhydon's nose,and beats Rhydon. Then
the hippie sends out Magmar . Pikachu thunder shocks it but Magmar blocks it
. Magmar uses the most powerful fire attack , FIRE BLAST.  Pikachu is holding
on to the ring, which is over volcano fluid, Lava. We'll then it says to be
continued just like the rest of the episodes.
Oh yeah, Who's that Pokemon? MAGMAR



3rd review

Number 55. Riddle me this
This starts off with Ash, Pikachu, Togepy, Misty and Brock on a ship to Cinnabar Island where Ash wants to win a Volcano Badge.
Gary is on the ship to.
Ash sees all the people on the boat and thought they were all trainers.
Gary says that trainers haven't been around for a long time and says that all the people on the boat are tourists and that Cinnabar Island is a resort.
Then Gary mentions there isn't a Gym on Cinnabar too.
Then he says he's wasting his time and Ash says we'll see who's wasting time.
When they get off the boat Jigglypuff is close behind.
They see tons of stands.
They think that Gary was right.
Then this guy shows up.
He makes up a riddle about what people think is hot and cool.
Ash comes up with the wrong answer, big time!
Misty gets it right by saying hot springs.
Then he says because of the Volcano on the island there are tons of hot springs.
He whacks about tourists coming to Cinnabar instead of trainers.
Then Ash asked if the gym is still there.
He makes up another riddle.
It's right where you put your glasses.
Ash and Brock didn't get it but Misty got it by saying in front of your eyes.
They look ahead and see a wreck.
The guy said Blaine the gym leader got bored of battling tourist who cared about post cards and t-shirts then Pokemon.
Then the guy gives them a card about a place called THE BIG RIDDLE INN.
It had a riddle on it.
When they look up the guys gone.
Brock says they may as well check the Pokemon Lab.
When they get there there's more souveniour stands.
One of them belongs to Team Rocket.
They haven't sold a thing.
Of course they only wanted the Pokemon in the lab.
When the gang leaves it's late and they're all tired.
They go to the Pokemon Center but it's full.
Then they try all the hotels on the island.
All of them are full.
Ash is hungry.
Brock says they better find a spot to camp out.
Ash smells food in one of the full hotels.
His stomach rumbles.
One of the people came outside.
Guess who.
He goes on about how much they stink.
Then he says that the hotel is great, great food, great entertainment, great people.
Then the other door opens.
Gary says it must be the entertainment.
Now guess who got an entertainment job.
The gang runs away.
Jigglypuff puts everyone in the hotel to sleep.
And Jigglypuff draws on their faces.
Afterwards, Brock asks Ash about the card the guy gave them.
The directions were the riddle.
When you look to the swing you'll see my hands, or at least my face.
Brock saw a swing but no ones hands or face.
Misty figures out it's a clock.
She sees a clock on a place.
They go up to it and it's THE BIG RIDDLE INN.
The guy awards them with free rooms and dinner.
The guy gets a call.
It's about the lab.
It's being attacked by a balloon.
When they get there all the Pokemon are in a net and being pulled into Team Rockets balloon.
Ash calls out Pidgeotto.
Pikachu gets on Pidgeotto, flies up, and Thunderbolts the balloon, Team Rocket blast off and all the Pokemon go back into the lab.
The guy thanks him with a secret.
Blaine built a gym the tourists never see.
He gives them another riddle.
It's where a Fire Fighter could never win.
Afterwoods, the gang go to one of the hot springs.
Ash, Misty and Brock are thinking as hard as they can while Pikachu practices back floating!
Togepy climbs up onto the thing that pumps out the water.
Togepy jumps up and down then the pump moved down and revealed a secret door in the volcano!
The gang goes down until they reach another door.
This ones boiling.
It eventually opens.
Inside is that guy.
They ask why's he here.
He gives them another riddle.
It's not a hat, but it keeps your head dry and your wear it because you lost it (or something like that).
Ash comes up with umbrella.
Misty come up with wig.
The guy pulls off his hair!
He says wig is correct.
He also says I wear a wig because I'm really Blaine, the gym master!
Now he battles with Ash, 3 on 3.
Blaine chooses Ninetales.
Ash looks it up in the Pokedex:
Ash sends out Squirtle.
Nintales use Fire Spin.
Squirtle tries to fight it with Water Gun.
The Fire Spin wins.
Squirtle is out.
Ash chooses Charizard.
Blaine returns Ninetales and sends out Rydhon.
Charizard won't battle.
Rydhon tries to use Horn Drill but Charizard flies away.
Rydhon wins.
Charizard return.
Pikachu go.
Rydhon used Horn Drill.
Pikachu dodged it.
Pikachu used Thunderbolt.
No good.
Ash told Pikachu to zap the horn.
It worked.
Rydhon fainted.
Go Magmar.
Magmar used Fire Punch
Pikachu dodged the all except for one.
Pikachu used Thunderbolt.
Magmar blocked it.
Magmar used Fire Blast.

End of episode
4 out of 5 ****
By Ryan Gaynor

What happens happens in the next episode.
Pikachu dodged the Fire Blast.
Ash quit.
Team Rocket tries to capture Magmar.
Charizard Vs Magmar
5 out of 5 *****


The episode begins with Ash and friends on a ship to Cinnibar Island. They see Gary there. He says he's on vacation and there is no gym on the island. When they arrive they see the entire island has become a tourist attraction. Then a mysterious man comes and shows them to the gym... or what's left of it. It was totally destroyed! Then the guy gives them a brochure to his hotel. Then they try to find a hotel, but they're all full. Then they see Gary in a hotel with the girls, Electabuzz, and Hitmonlee. Gary says he'll give Ash leftovers if he spins around 3 times and says Pikachu. Pikachu tries to, but Ash stops him. Then the entertainment arrives... JIGGLYPUFF!!! Ash and friends run for it. Jiggly sings 'em to sleep and gets mad. Then Ash remembers the brochure for the hotel that guy gave him. It's called the Big Riddle Inn. There's a riddle on how to get there: Look by the swing and you'll see my hands or at least my face. Misty figures it out that it's a clock. They find the hotel and the weird guy tells them where to find the gym in another riddle: Blane's gym is in a place where a firefighter could never win. They think about it in the hotsprings. Then Togepi climbs on a Gyarados statue and pushes a button. A secret door opens. They get into the gym! It 's suspended over a volcano!! Then the mysterious man ends up to be Blaine! So he sends out his 1st Pokemon, Ninetales. Ash sends out Squirtle(ooh, big surprise). Squirtle uses Water Gun but Ninetales uses Fire Spin and incinerates the water and beats Squirtle! Ash sends out Charizard. Blaine sends out Rhydon. Charizard disobeys and flies away! Rhydon wins! Pikachu Thundershocks Rhydon in the horn and beats him. Blaine sends out Magmar. Magmar Fire Punches Pikachu in the cheek. With Pikachu at the edge of the volcano, Magmar uses Fire Blast! To Be Continued.......
Stars:***** out of *****, I love Fire Pokemon and Magmar rules!
I'm Brian