Pokemon Episode # 50:
The Ultimate Test
    Ash, Misty, Brock, and Todd are having a picnic, when Misty brings up an interesting question." Ash, when are you going to get another badge? You haven't gotten one in awhile!" Ash would then tell her that he is getting one soon, and Misty mentions that he hasn't actually earned a badge yet. Ash then challenges Misty to a battle but Brock breaks the fight up. Ash finds out about a special badge you can get, that allows you to go straight to Pokemon League (for those who can't travel.) Ash decides to try to get the badge. He goes to the building to fill out an entry form, when he runs into a stranger who seems to recognize him. Then another person walks in. Ash asks if he is James, but the man denies it (but gets very nervous while answering.) It turns out he is James and Jesse was the other stranger. They are going out for the test too!
In Exam #1, the participants take a test. It is very hard. Jesse gets so frustrated, that she quits the test. Ash and his friends are looking at the results, and Ash finished in one of the last positions along with James and Jesse.
In Exam #2, everyone chooses one set of Pokemon on a belt. They are random Pokemon inside. Ash chooses his Pokemon, and has to fight the person who is testing everyone. Ash ends up with the same Pokemon that Team Rocket has! He loses the fight, but not by much. James got disqualified earlier, so him and Jesse began to prepare a plan to get even. Just after Ash's Meowth lost (Team Rocket's Meowth was rooting for him) the talking Meowth jumped out onto the Pokemon battlefield and scratched Ash. The teacher tried to catch Meowth (the talking one) because he had never seen a Pokemon talk before. Suddenly, out of nowhere some vines, fire, and lightning knocked the Pokeball the examiner had thrown. Team Rocket then came forward and took off their disguises. They then recited their theme. James had all the Pokemon that he lost with (he lost because he threw two Pokemon at once, which is against the rules). He had a Charizard, an Ivysaur, and a Pikachu! Ash released his Pokemon (the same ones that he lost with), while Team Rocket ordered their Pokemon to attack. Before the Pokemon could attack, the examiner told the Pokemon to "about face". Team Rocket's Pokemon then turned around, and used their attacks on Team Rocket. Ash then order his Weezing to Self Destruct, which blew Team Rocket off into the distance. Everyone is now back at the main building where Ash signed up for the test. The participants would have to take the test over, since Team Rocket had ruined everything. "You should retake the test Ash, I bet you would pass." said the examiner. But Ash would tell him that he wanted to travel to all the gyms to earn the badges. Ash, Misty, and Brock then left to continue on with their journey. Just after everyone left, Todd would run up with a beaten Meowth. "This Meowth was injured in the explosion, and where is Ash, Misty, and Brock?" he said. "They left." said the examiner as he took the Meowth in his arms. "What's going on here!" said the Meowth. "Oh! It's that talking one!" cried the examiner as Meowth start yelling "Jesse! James! Where are you!". Then it shows Team Rocket with the other Meowth. They soon found out that they had the wrong Meowth, and got very angry.
I gave this episode 4 stars out of 5 because it was funny and interesting to see Ash with Team Rocket's Pokemon and James with a Pikachu.
Review By:
Master Trainer David