POKEMON PAPARAZZI Who's That Pokemon?: Geodude. Ash, and Misty are relaxing while Brock is cooking for them, when suddenly Ash sees something in some nearby bushes. He thinks its some sort of weapon and imagines it shooting at them, so he tells everyone to move and pushes them out of the way. Misty and Brock yell at Ash. But Ash calls out Squirtle and has him spray the thing in the bushes. Suddenly a teenager pops out of the bushes telling Ash to stop spraying him. The boy introduces himself to the gang. His name is Todd and he is a Master Pokemon Photographer. He was just taking a picture of Pikachu! Todd takes everyone over to his house. One of the reasons he is well known is because he got a picture of an Aerodactyl, the same one that attacked Ash in an earlier episode (Ash is still in its claws in the picture!) Todd makes them breakfast, and tries to take a picture of Pikachu, but Pikachu gets scared and Thundershocks him. Todd shows everyone some of his pictures, and then they leave. Ash, Misty, and Brock are walking along. Todd tries various times to get a picture of Pikachu, but is unable to. Everyone is walking down a trail. Ash talks about how he doesn't like Todd because Todd doesn't understand the feelings of Pokemon when he takes their picture. Suddenly they fall into a hole that Team Rocket had previously dug. Todd sees this, and gets a perfect picture of Pikachu and then tries to help everyone out. It turns out, Todd was hired by Team Rocket (Dressed as elderly people) to capture Pikachu. But they don't know he's a photographer. Just as he's about to get them out, Ash falls through the bottom of a hole into an underground river inside a pipe. Todd goes down to help Ash and Pikachu, but can't catch up with the current. Just as Ash and Pikachu are going to fall of the waterfall, Todd has Ash grab on to his camera (Which is on a stand). It ruins the camera, and Ash is worried about it ruining Todd's picture (I don't think it does). All of a sudden, Team Rocket appears as the old people, and take off their costumes. They then grab Pikachu with a net, out of Ash's backpack. Pikachu can't escape. Team Rocket then start throwing bombs at Todd and Ash, who are still holding on for dear life. James prepares to throw a bomb, which would make Todd and Ash fall, when Ash gets an idea. He takes Todd's camera, and tells Team Rocket to pose. They do, but the bomb James was holding explodes. That distracts Team rocket. Todd gets Ash back into the pipe (Which dumps out into a lake, pond, or a river). Ash then sends out Bulbasaur, who uses Razor Leaf, which rips open the net. Pikachu escapes. Team Rocket ends up falling off a waterfall, as Ash grabs Pikachu (Who jumped out of the bag). Ash almost falls down the waterfall, when Todd grabs him and stops him from falling. They laugh. Brock and Misty laugh too, and marvel at how Ash and Todd became friends so quickly after Ash said he didn't like Todd. Later. Todd sets his camera to take a picture after a couple seconds. He then runs to join in the picture, but slips on something and crashes into everybody. The camera then takes a picture, showing everyone laughing. The narrator said in the end: A picture is worth a thousand words, but a new friend is priceless(or something like that). I'm starting to think that Todd will now travel with Ash, Misty, and Brock. But I'm not sure. I hope this data is useful! Sincerely, Master Trainer David


Our "heroes" are resting, when Ash thinks he sees someone about to shoot Pikachu. He pushes Pikachu out of the way and sends out Squirtle to water gun the "killer". It turns out to be Todd, the Kid Photographer. Todd takes them to his house and they eat pancakes while he shows them some of his pictures. Even to me, they are beautiful. The pictures are of pokemon in the wild. It looks very serene. There is even a picture of Ash being held up by Aerodactyl, from "Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon". Todd keeps on trying to take pictures of Pikachu , but Pikachu either runs away or doesn't act naturally. Ash doesn't get why Todd needs a picture of Pikachu so much. Todd can't tell. Actually, Team Rocket pretended to be old people who were about to die, and told Todd to capture, as in steal, or take Pikachu as their "last wish before dying". They found out about Todd from an ad. But, when the ad said capture, it meant capture as in taking a picture. Team Rocket told Todd not to tell anyone. Eventually, Team Rocket finds out and seeks revenge. Anyway, Pikachu, Misty, Brock, and Ash are walking down a path and talking about Todd. Ash dislikes Todd because he thinks Todd is inconsiderate about Pikachu's feelings. Meanwhile, Todd is hiding and following the group. He thinks to himself about not being able to tell Ash about the old man and woman. (Team Rocket) Suddenly, Ash and Pikachu fall into a hole, and they fall into close to the edge of a waterfall, which is underground. Todd jumps out of the hiding and goes into the hole, but doesn't land on the water, instead the tiled floor beside it. Ash and Pikachu are quickly getting toward the actual fall and they yell to Todd for help. Todd doesn't know what to do. Just before Ash and Pikachu fall, Todd puts out his camera and Ash and Pikachu hold on. Ash is surprised that Todd would risk his camera to save him, and suddenly, Ash and Todd are friends. (One of those thing that happen too fast in pokemon) Unfortunately, Team Rocket, looking like old people, come to make problems worse. They strip down to their regular suits and say the motto. First, they steal Pikachu with a net. Then, they start throwing bombs at Ash and Todd. Todd is still holding onto Ash and the bombs are worsening the situation. Suddenly, Ash gets an idea. Just before James throws another bomb, Ash takes Todd's camera and pretends like he's going to take a picture. Team Rocket poses and the bomb explodes. Ash is now next to Todd in the tunnel and he sends out Bulbasaur to cut open the net. Ash gets Pikachu back and everyone is happy, except Team Rocket. The End. This is a good episode because it has lots of suspense from the waterfall scene. Somehow, Ash, who is usually stupid, finds a way out of the situation. The way out isn't something unimaginative, like the crying scene from Mewtwo Strikes Back. Also, I think Todd is one of the best characters on the show, because he isn't annoying, or an oddball, or an idiot. The episode isn't the same exact thing all along, like "Primeape goes Bananas", which is basically one big chase, even though it's pretty good. Todd's photos are really nice, especially the one with Snorlax, and the beginning is sort of funny and brings out the real Ash. (Clumsy and inane). I rate it 8 out of 10, even though it could be scored as a 9 out of 10. - Chris L.