Episode 51, Case of the K-9 Capers

This starts with Ash, Misty and Brock walking and a robber walks through.  Ash sends out pikachu but stops because the robber has a gun.  A Growlithe goes by and knocks the gun out.  Then Pikachu zaps him.  Jenny comes bye and the Growlithe surround Ash & company.  There is confusion.... the robber is a police officer training the Growlithe.  

Ash & friends go and eat.  Togepi gets into trouble... Pikachu falls on his face.  Meanwhile Ash is talking about how he wants Pikachu to be the best Pokemon and Jenny lets him train Pikachu with the Growlithe.  Pikachu and ash go through an obstacle course and Pikachu Thunderschocks Ash.  

Later Team Rocket come in a Growlithe car.  They Squirt 2 gases and the Growlithe can't smell and Everyone voice except j&j high.  Then they order the Growlithe around with a voice changer.  Then

they try to do it to Pikachu but he recognizes Ash.  The Growlithe attack Jenny but remember her.  Then they chase Team Rocket off.  Then Ash Decides he likes Pikachu like he is and don't want to train him with Growlithe.
                        The End
4 out of 5 stars




The Case of the K-9 Caper
Okay. This is a really funny episode; it probably gave me more laughs than any other. For one thing: the people that made the story for this episode totally screwed up. After seeing this many episodes, Ash is really getting on my nerves. I HATE HIM!!! I'd kill him if I had the Chansey. Chance. Whatever. Anyway, if this had actually happened in real life, Team Rocket (my idols) would definitely have gotten away with stealing the Growlithe. It was a perfect (and hilarious) plan! If that doesn't work, what will? The story makers *obviously* favor (I grimace just saying his name)
Ash <- -> just because he's the "Good guy". So they made the "Good guys" have a drastic comeback against poor blasted off Team Rocket. It was funny to hear everyone sounding weird because of the gas, and it was brilliant of Team Rocket to have the intricate plan of the two gases and the gas masks, then the neat thing with the costumes and the awesome voice changer. Where can I get one of those? :P It was also very funny at the end when Brock was using Team Rocket's voice changer (now who's the thief?) to imitate Jenny. It was stupid, yet very funny. I give this episode ***, three out of five stars. The funniness of it was definitely a five, but the "Good Guys'" Too-big-of-a-comeback-to-be-true was a BIG drawback. They should've had TR get away with it, and then, if they HAD to make the "good guys" win again *sigh*, then they could continue it to another episode. It would be way better that way. Oh well. We can only ask for so much.

-Future Team Rocket Member, $Jamm!!!