Episode 51 - The Breeder Center Secret


Todd is taking pictures of Pokemon as our groups sees a commercial for a new Pokemon Breeding Center, a place where other people
raise your Pokemon. Misty decides to try the center out by leaving her Psyduck to rest and perhaps get a little common sense. The
groups comes up to a restaurant and find out they can get a free buffet if they have a Psyduck, and luckily for them, the Breeding
Center is closed, so they can't get her Psyduck. They try the back door which is mysteriously left open. When its discovered that all
the Pokemon are caged and actually being shipped of to Giovanni, Todd starts to take pictures for evidence. Jessie and James break
into the Center to steal the Pokemon and they find out that its run by Cassidy and Butch. Cassidy is an old rival of Jessie and also a
member of Team Rocket. Butch and Cassidy trap them all except Misty and Pikachu in a big cage and ship them off to jail with
The next day Misty disguises herself and comes into get her Psyduck as Pikachu fins Todd's camera with the pictures. She bursts
into the Police station and shows Jenny the revealing photos. Officer Jenny raids the Breeding Center to capture Butch and
Cassidy. Cassidy uses her Raticate, but Ash quickly stops them with his Pikachu and Bulbasaur. So the bad guys are rounded up and Ash and Co. go off to eat their buffet at the restaurant. They say good by to Todd who does on his own way to take pictures of mountain Pokemon. As their walking, Jessie and James are digging underneath them. And James is still amazed that his Weepenbell evolved into a Victreebell at the center.

- EstelaTinio

Who's That Pokemon Psyduck

I missed the first nine minutes of the episode, so here's what happened after I turned my T.V. on...

Two other members of Team Rocket were talking to the Boss. He was telling them that he was counting on Butch and Cassidy (The two members that were talking to him). He also told them to keep Jesse and James out of this because they would mess up the plan. In the meantime, Ash, Misty, Brock, and Todd are walking throughout the back of the breeding center, where all the Pokemon are being held in cages. Todd is taking pictures of the Pokemon, and of a conveyer belt, which Butch and Cassidy are going to use to ship the Pokemon away. From behind the wall Butch sees a bright light flash. It was Todd taking the picture of the belt. Butch went into the room, but Pikachu hid in a cage and had sparks fly off him. So Butch left. Misty looked for her Psyduck, and found it in a cage. She didn't want to leave it. Suddenly, the group heard something and hid. It was Jesse, James, and Meowth! They thought this was a real breeding center, and were going to steal the Pokemon. Ash and everyone confront Team Rocket. But not much later, Butch and Cassidy come in and steal Team Rocket's motto, as they are talking to Team Rocket, everyone tries to escape, including Team Rocket. But cages fall on everyone except Misty, Pikachu, and Togepi. Butch and Cassidy have Officer Jenny send Ash, Brock, Todd, Jesse, James, and Meowth to jail. Earlier, Butch had taken Todd's camera with proof that everyone is innocent and that Butch and Cassidy are guilty. So Misty went back to the breeding center in a disguise to get the camera. She asked for her Psyduck at the front desk (because they are supposed to take care of your Pokemon there, not steal them). When Cassidy went to get Psyduck, Misty let Pikachu go to find the camera. Cassidy brought out Psyduck just as Pikachu brought out the camera. Misty left in a hurry. She showed the pictures to Officer Jenny, and Jenny released Ash, Brock, and Todd (but not Team Rocket). They then went to arrest Butch and Cassidy. A Pokemon fight followed. Ash beat Butch and Cassidy's Raticate, and caught them by using Bulbasaur's Vine Whip. Butch and Cassidy are arrested. Team Rocket has started to dig out of jail, and are escaping to harass Ash and company another day. Todd has decided to head towards the mountains to get more pictures of Pokemon. So he decides to leave Ash, Misty, and Brock, who are heading toward Cinnabar Island. As Ash, Misty, and Brock are walking down the trail, you can see Team Rocket digging a hole under the trail, following everyone to Cinnabar Island.

*****I gave this episode 5 stars because it was GREAT! This episode introduced Butch and Cassidy (who were pure evil), and kept me glued to the T.V. the whole time (I wish I didn't miss those first nine minutes!)

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#54: The Breeding Center Secret
    The twerps and Todd are taking some really bad pictures of Togepi when a
commercial comes on. The big screen thing behind them is suddenly graced by
Cassidy, a Team Rocket girl with beauty, brains, and golden blonde hair in
two shooting star ponytails. She's advertising a new breeding center, and
she's good at it. Ash decides he wants to check the place out, but it turns
out everyone wants to leave their Pokemon there, and there's a huge line.
Cassidy's cute turquoise-haired partner with the sexy frog voice, Butch, is
behind the counter, helping her put Pokemon on a conveyor belt. Misty leaves
her stupid Psyduck there, telling Cassidy to knock some common sense into its
big empty head; "there's an awful lot of unused space in here." Trying to be
nice, Cassidy lies and says Psyduck looks intelligent. (She also says its
eyes look like ping-pong balls, which is very true.) Misty adds that she
wants the duck's clueless face changed. Upon Ash's statement of the fact that
that would take a miracle, Cassidy recites one of the mottos of the 5 Star
Breeding Center, which is that a little pampering works miracles. The other,
more famous motto is "We believe in Pokemon love power." Course, those two
probably believe more strongly in another kind of love power…
Anyway, the twerps leave and meet a fat, stupid chef at a restaurant. The fat
part is easily seen. The stupid part can be deducted from the fact that his
favorite Pokemon is Psyduck. (OK, I don't HATE Psyduck, but there are SO many
Pokemon infinitely better…Ninetales, Suicune, Umbreon, Jolteon, Sudowoodo,
the list goes on…) Anyhow, so this guys thinks Psyduck is the greatest thing
since the invention of the microwave oven, and any customer who brings one in
gets to eat for free. (I can see it now: One person takes the Psyduck in,
eats for free. Goes out, hands it to next person, they eat for free. And so
it spirals on to infinity.) Ironically, Misty just left Psyduck at the
center, which is now closed. A hungry Misty is an angry Misty, and an angry
Misty is not a Misty you want to be around. She blows her top about getting
into the desert bar, and declares to her frightened comrades that they're
going to see if there's a back way. Indeed, a door is open, and they sneak
in, only to find all the Pokemon in cages. They hear Butch and Cassidy
talking about shipping them out to the boss, and then they actually speak to
Giovanni on the screen. He obviously favors them to Jessie and James. Todd
takes pictures of the Pokemon, but honestly, it's not so terrible. I don't
think Cassidy and Butch would ever really hurt a Pokemon. Au contraire, I
believe they have a respect for fellow creatures. If Pokemon correspond to
animals, then lots of animals spend time in cages without being unhappy.
Besides, it's only for a short time; the boss will have them soon. And about
taping Psyduck's eyes back to make it look ferocious, well, I dunno about
that idiotic duck, but I like the feel of scotch tape! Anyway…
Todd's camera flash attracts Butch's attention, but when he investigates, he
assumes the light was from Pikachu. Jessie, James, and Meowth move a window
and sneak in too, hoping to swipe the Pokemon, unaware that the establishment
belongs to their teammates. Cassidy hears them and takes Butch to the back
room. Here, we find out that Jessie and Cassidy once hung out together, but
that some fight turned them into enemies. In 3 B&C episodes, we have yet to
know what they fought over, and it makes you wonder…
Cassidy and Butch recite their motto, which is essentially the same except
with some words changed to be more evil: "To infect the world with
devastation, to blight all peoples in every nation, to denounce the goodness
of truth and love, to extend our wrath to the stars above, Cassidy! Butch!
We're Team Rocket circling Earth all day and night! Surrender to us now or
you'll surely lose the fight, that's right! RATICATE!" I personally think
their motto is better. One, like I said, it's more evil. Two, it's less
deceiving. I mean, Team Rocket doesn't want to protect the world from
devastation! And what are the "evils of truth and love"? Last time I checked
truth and love were good things…
Meowth calls Butch and Cassidy copycats, but let's think about this
rationally. James says himself that they stole their slogan from someone. By
some ungodly coincidence, couldn't Cass and Butch have stolen it from the
same person? And besides, shouldn't all TR mottos be similar, to unite them?
Cassidy threatens to tell Giovanni on J&J while the twerps try to escape, but
she catches them, except Misty, in a trap. Brock makes the humorous point: We
were just trying to get a free all-you-can-eat buffet! Truly, that stupid
buffet was what got them into all this. James gets his newly evolved
Victreebel out of its cage before getting caught in a trap too, and we have
the pleasure of seeing it try to eat him for the first time.  Cassidy calls
Officer Jenny to take J&J and the twerps to jail, practicing her fine acting
skills, while Butch takes possession of Todd's camera. (Besides preventing
him from showing Jenny evidence, what d'ya suppose he wanted to do with that
camera? Being a neoshipper, I picture rude things and laugh hysterically, but
I shall not mention anything inappropriate.) Misty goes back the next day to
get Psyduck and the photos. While Cassidy is getting the Pokemon, Pikachu
slips out of her jacket and fetches the camera. She shows the pictures (how'd
they get developed so fast? Must've been able to afford one-hour development
at ShopWrong…I mean Rite..) to evil Officer Jenny, and then,….*SOB* ~I hate
this part, it's sad!~they go to take poor Cassidy and Butch to jail. The
resourceful girl sends out Raticate, which appears to be her Pokemon, to
protect them, and then something impossibly retarded happens. Pikachu knocks
it out with one Thundershock. I mean, come ON! Pikachu are NOT that powerful!
But I guess they only had so much time. Also, some think that Cassidy and
Butch abandoned Raticate when it failed. Not so. They are not so cold-hearted
as to do that, as is found out in "The Fortune Hunters." So, the little
glutton Misty is able to get her free buffet, at my poor TR friends' expense.
At the end, Jessie and James are digging out of jail, and James goes, "We
shouldn't have tried to steal from that friend of yours, Jessie," and then
she goes, "I'll show HER who's the queen of mean!" Huh. Some friends.

The first time I saw this, I thought they had replaced Jessie and James, and
surprisingly, that didn't spur much of a disappointment in me. Like, it was
getting kinda boring watching them dig holes and use nets over and over and
over. My very first impression of C&B was, "Gee, they're a cute couple." Now,
I'm a neoshipper! Hey, what can I say?