9/11/99-Episode # 50:
The Purrfect Hero
(Notice: Purrfect is supposed to have two (or three?) R's. I'm not sure if Purrfect had a dash, three R's, or what).
Who's That Pokemon: Wartortle
    Ash, Misty, and Brock are walking down a path, when they see a flag pole with Magikarp, Goldeen, and Gyarados banners. Everyone is happy because those banners mean that it is Kid's Day. They remember it being a special day, where everyone gets the day off and has fun. Ash and Brock think it should be a boy's day, but Misty disagrees and knocks Ash and Brock over the head (Maybe even Pikachu too). Everyone goes over to the preschool and is speaking to the group  (Brock is sucking up to the pretty teacher, as usual) when she gets a phone call. It is the three Pokemon trainers who were supposed to show , and let the kids play with their Pokemon. They couldn't make it. The teacher is sad and turns off the phone. the group finds out what was wrong and Brock volunteers them to help. Ash and Misty are happy to help, so they go to see the kids. Right away the young children rush over and pinch, touch, and pet Pikachu. Pikachu is getting a little disturbed and Ash is uncomfortable too. Ash quickly picks up Pikachu and gets shocked. After that, everyone brings out their Pokemon and let the kids play with them. Brock says that it is good for the Pokemon to play with kids because it will help them relax. He also says it is good for a breeder to know that. The group then notices a boy standing off to the side. They meet him, his name is Timmy. He doesn't want to meet any other Pokemon except Meowth because a wild Meowth once saved him from a Beedrill. A van then comes down the road, and the people inside (who remarkably resemble Team Rocket, hint hint...) announce over a loudspeaker that their Pokemon magic show today is free. All the kids run over, as does Ash, Brock, Misty and the teacher. Then, it shows the one magician talking to a Meowth inside the van. The two female "magicians" begin by asking if there is a Pikachu in the audience because they must have a Pikachu for this trick. Ash looks at Pikachu, and makes sure its ok, then Pikachu runs up to the stage and gets in the box like he was supposed to. The magicians then close the box, some smoke appears as they were chanting, and out pops a Meowth. Timmy is very happy at seeing a Meowth.The magicians then quickly announce the shoe is over. Everyone gets mad, and the magicians remove their clothing to reveal Team Rocket uniforms. Now before anyone gets confused, let me explain something. James was dressed as a girl, and was talking like a girl too. Team Rocket tries to recite their introduction, but the kids run up to them and start getting excited. I'm not sure in the order this happened, but Team Rocket pushes them away. James then notices that the kids are playing with his Weezing as if he is a beachball. James gets sad, but the teacher yells at the kids to stop and they leave. James orders Weezing to Smokescreen. No one can see anything, but Timmy knocks Meowth off the box to help him out, but Pikachu falls out, and Timmy falls in. Team Rocket grabs the box, and leave with Meowth right behind. They jump into their van and speed off. Ash is sad at first because he thinks Team Rocket kidnapped Pikachu, but Pikachu would come running from the smoke. Ash is happy, but the teacher says that Timmy is missing. Team Rocket is now hiding, they get the box and open it. they were expecting a Pikachu, but they got a crying boy. Timmy keeps crying, Jesse tries to calm him, but then Timmy sees Meowth and gets happy. Team Rocket notices Timmy's admiration for Meowth, and take Meowth behind the van. They tell him to pretend that he is the Meowth that saved Timmy. Team Rocket pretends they will hurt Timmy, but Meowth pretends to save him. Timmy brings Meowth back to the school. Everyone in the class believes Timmy's story (They didn't before). Everyone is petting the Meowth and they say he is the best and Meowth accidentally talks. Misty notices and says something about it. Meowth gets nervous and runs away. He meets Jesse and James behind a rock. He explains that he slipped up, so Team Rocket gets up on a rock as everyone comes. It is a dead end in a rocky environment as Team Rocket traps everyone. They challenge Ash, Misty, and Brock to a battle. Ash and Brock fight. Pidgeotto and Onix Fight Arbok and Weezing. Weezing Smokescreens but Pigeotto blows it away. Arbok goes underground and breaks through a wall heading straight for Pidgeotto. But Onix rams Arbok just before he gets Pidgeotto. Arbok hits a wall, causing a huge rock to head towards everyone. Suddenly another Meowth jumps off Team Rocket's Meowth and kicks open the rock saving everyone. Team Rocket's rock starts rolling with them on it, the rock was rolling with Meowth right in front of it, So Team Rocket left. Timmy and the wild Meowth reunite, and before the group leaves, Timmy says he will keep Meowth and someday make it to the Pokemon League. So everyone waves farewell, but before the show ends, it shows Team Rocket walking away, with Meowth explaining that why he would have gotten tired of being a hero.
A quick note: I try to remember the episodes the best I can, so if I get anything wrong, then you know how.
I do write down the episode names and the Who's That Pokemon.
    This was a pretty good episode. It was funny seeing Weezing getting knocked around like a beachball. Overall, this was a nice episode, with a pretty good storyline.
Four stars out of five.
Until Next Time,
Master Trainer David