U.S. Episode # 49:


Princess vs. Princess


"Princess vs. Princess"

The episode starts out with the ‘Princess Festival,’ a day where women and girls are celebrated and they have a festival. Misty, naturally, goes on a huge shopping spree, with Brock and Ash to help her. Even Jesse gets in on the fun. Women get discounts at stores, so they can buy whatever they want, at a very low price, and they get to eat all kinds of food. The boys have to pay for them, also.

Misty is buying tons of cute, furry stuffed animals, and brock and Ash are all," uuuhhhhh!!!!" and "help!" they then go eat at this restaurant, and Misty is eating all this food, and the guys only have a small soda each. Since they have to pay, they can’t afford to eat. Then Misty sees this sign that says,"70-90% off Sale!!!" Of course, she hauls them off. All these girls are pawing through the racks and shelves, while the menfolk are all sitting down and groaning.

Team Rocket are there, and James is all,"I’m not strong enough to be a woman!"

Misty and Jesse get in a fight over a dress, and threaten to battle each other. As they’re argueing, another woman grabs the dress. The two object, but the other woman scares them off.

A loudspeaker blares, and it basically talks about the contest for the ‘Princess of the Festivel.’ The prize is a set of Princess Pokemon dolls, or a meeting with this handsome movie star. All the girls in the store runs over Ash and Brock. Both Jesse and Misty are determined to win the contest. The girls dress up and go on this stadium. Misty has her hair down, and is dressed in a pretty kimono. Jesse looks equally dressed-up, and both Team Rocket and Ash, Brock and Pikachu look ‘surprised,’ to say the least. The girls have to also battle each other using pokemon, of course, and Misty begs her friends for Pokemon. Ash lets her have his Bulbasaur and Pikachu, and Brock lets her use his Vulpix.

Earlier, Jesse managed to capture a Lickitung, but dosen’t remember it and uses Weezing, Arbok, and Meowth. She wins round after round, spurred on by her determination to win the dolls.

Misty is also doing well, with help from Ash and Brock, and wins her division.

Obviously, Misty and Jesse face off. Misty using Pikachu, and Jesse using all three of her pokemon. Pikachu beats all of them, until Jesse remembers Lickitung.

Pikachu starts to do thundershock, but Lickitung does his Lick, and Pikachu is stopped. Then, Misty tries Bulbasaur. He’s stopped, too. Vulpix, and then Misty dosen’t have any others, except Staryu. She throws, and Psyduck pops out instead of Staryu. But, he manages to defeat Lickitung, and Misty wins the match, and the festival. She sends her dolls home to the Cerulean City Gym, to make her sisters jealous.

The End



Ash, Misty and Brock are in town (i'm not sure which one)for the annual princess festival, which is where the girls get to order around guys for a full day. Taking advantage of the day, Misty drags the other two shopping for the day. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is in town, and Jesse is also taking full advantage of James and Meowth. She even finds gifts to give to the boss. They rest in a park with their shopping, where they are attacked by a wild likitung, which eats all their gifts. Jesse catches it in anger, and team rocket has a new pokemon (even though it doesn't appear in any future episodes). Now, There is a princess competition running in the town, and beleiving it is a beauty competition, Misty and Jesse both enter it. Luckily for Misty (she wouldn't exactly win a beaty competition), the competition ends up to being a pokemon battling competition, with each entrant allowed to use 4 pokemon. Misty borrows pikachu, bulbasaur and vulpix, and uses starme, while Jesse uses the usual team rocket pokemon. Of course, Jesse and Misty battle their way through the field easily (Meowth gets thrashed by a primeape, ha ha), to make it to the final, Misty doesn't even have to use starme.
If you dont't want to know how the episode ends stop reading, otherwise....keep on going!
Anyway, misty leads of with pikachu, which knocks out arbok, wheezing and meowth almost immediatley. Before he faints, Meowth reminds Jesse she still has likitung. Likitung gets sent out, and licks pikachu straight away, making him faint, bulbasaur and vulpix also put up little resistance. Misty goes to send out starme, but surprise, psyduck comes out instead. Likitung's lick doesnt affect psyduck, and psyduck, doesn't attack, so likitung just keeps on licking, ignoring Jesse's orders to tackle. Eventually all the licking gives psyduck a headache, and we all know what that means, psycic power! One hit of confusion sends likitung, and team rocket flying, and misty the victor.

there you go, pojo, hope its goes down well



 PRINCESS VS. PRINCESS It's Princess Day in the land of Pokémon. That's
the day when all the girls and women get to do whatever they want and all the
males have to do whatever the females tell them to do. (James of Team Rocket
wonders how this is different from the rest of the year, but nobody gives him
an answer.) Misty loves the holiday. She gets to buy all of the toys and
clothing she wants because of the Princess Day sales. Ash and Brock hate the
holiday because they have to pay for everything, including all of the ice
cream and cake that Misty orders for lunch. In keeping with the festive
occasion, Brock offers to be the Prince for the restaurant's pretty waitress.
Sadly, she declines and he consoles himself by devouring all of Misty's
desserts. Jesse is also enjoying the holiday. Using the Team Rocket credit
card, she buys a completely new wardrobe as well as gifts for her boss. A
tasty selection of smoked sausages should placate the mysterious leader of
Team Rocket. That is, until a wild Lickitung snares them with his prehensile
tongue. After slobbering all over Jessie's new clothes, the weird Pokémon
fends off an attack from Jessie's Arbok. Enraged, Jessie tosses a Pokéball at
the Lickitung and captures it. Later, our three heroes and Team Rocket head
to the same department store to take advantage of a big holiday sale. In the
middle of the clothing section, Misty and Jessie grab for the same item.
After a short argument, they agree to battle for the garment. They are
interrupted by an announcement blaring from the store's loudspeaker. There is
going to be a Queen of the Princess Festival Contest with the winner
receiving a set of Pokémon Princess Dolls. Both Misty and Jessie secretly
wish to win the dolls. As the youngest of four sisters, Misty never got a
Pokémon doll of her own to play with. Similarly, when Jessie was a little
girl, she was the only child she knew of who didn't own a Pokémon doll.
Eagerly, the two females agree to settle their argument by entering the
contest and winning the dolls.

~Pokemaster Alex~