U.S. Episode # 46:

So Near, Yet so Farfetch'd  

Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu decide to take a rest in a small forest. Brock mentions that their have been sightings of Farfetch'd around here. Ash looks it up in his Pokedex. Misty sees it and thinks it is cute. Ash and Brock go to get some water, and while they are gone a Farfetch’d wanders by their resting area. Misty sees it and wants to capture it so she chases it. While she is running she doesn't even look in front of her. She chases it around a tree and runs into a guy. She drops her bag of pokeballs and the guy switches a bag like Misty's with rocks in it for hers with the pokeballs in it! He steals her pokemon! He goes to the river and guess who, Team Rocket is there. He says he forgot something at his campsite and has to go back to get it. He asks them to watch his back for him and they see a boat in the river and jump in while he is gone. He rigged the boat with a hole in the bottom and Team Rocket starts to sink! The pokeballs they stole and their own float away and Farfetch’d swims down river and scoops them up! Finally Misty notices that her pokeballs are gone, and Officer Jenny comes and takes the guy away and they all get their Pokemon back!

Clint McRay

Episode 46: So Near, Yet So Farfetch'd

Ash and his friends are resting in an area where Farfetch'd, a rare Pokémon has been sighted. When Ash and Brock leave to get some water, Misty spots a Farfetch'd. It runs away, and she follows. After a while, she crashes into a boy, dropping her bag. The boy hands her back her bag and quickly departs.

When Misty returns to Ash and Brock, she discovers that she has the wrong bag: It's filled with rocks instead of Pokéballs. The boy, who owns the Farfetch'd, used his Pokémon to steal her bag. And when he spots Team Rocket, he decides to try his tricks on them as well. He convinces them that he wants to get rid of his Farfetch'd. When he leaves to "get something from his tent" he leaves his bag (which he says contains Pokéballs) with Team Rocket. Of course, they take the bag and Farfetch'd and leave with a boat which was conveniently left behind nearby. However, the bag is full of rocks and the boat has a hole in it. Farfetch'd collects Team Rocket's Pokéballs from the water and takes them back to his trainer. (NOTE: Jessie apparently already has Lickitung in this episode, although she didn't get it until Princess vs. Princess, a later episode. Looks like they got the episode order mixed up.)

Misty explains what happened to officer Jenny, and it appears that she isn't the only one who has been robbed: She's the fifth victim of the thief this week. Misty shows Jenny where it happened, and when they arrive there Psyduck shows up, who managed to get away from the thief. Meanwhile the thief is confronted by Team Rocket, but he manages to dupe them once again: He gives them a bag full of Pokéballs. But when they leave, Team Rocket finds that they aren't Pokéballs, but Voltorbs!

The thief is about the make a break for it when he is surrounded by Ash, Misty, Brock and Jenny. They challenge him to a Pokémon fight, but the boy is convinced that Farfetch'd is too weak to fight. But Farfetch'd does want to fight. Ash sends out Bulbasaur, and his Vine Whip causes quite some damage. But Farfetch'd strikes back with Agility and multiple Leek Slaps, defeating Bulbasaur. The boy says that if he had known Farfetch'd was that strong, he'd never have used him to steal in the first place. Misty wants to fight as well, but the only Pokémon she still has at that moment is Psyduck. He takes a beating from Farfetch'd's Leek Slaps, but when his headache has gotten bad enough, Psyduck uses Disable to defeat Farfetch'd. (That attack sure is much better in the cartoon than in the videogame, huh?)

After that, (and after Team Rocket bombs him with Voltorbs) the boy agrees to give back everything he stole, and train his Farfetch'd to fight instead of steal.

by: Macc Maverick