Episode 44 - A Chansey Operation

this episode starts out with our hereos in a park takin a break, then
pikachu is in a tree and falls over looking blue our hereos ruh pikachu
to the nearest pokemon center realizing that its to far they take
pikachu to a hospital. A sleepy doctor walks out saying that the
hospital is closed, yet when he sees misty he lets them in happily, he
thinks that misty is the patient but our gang tells him that pikachu is
their real patient, angry the doctor tells them to take it to joy at the
pokemon center ash convinces the doctor to help pikachu. As they are
leaving the telephone rings and its nurse joy saying that their was an
accident with a truck carrying pokemon, she reports that the center is
full and they need his hospitals help, reluctant the doctor hesitantly
agrees getting brock, ash, and misty to help. Jesse and james show up to
get Arbok and Weezing healed and actually help our hereos cure the hurt
pokemon. When the doctor gets injected by his own sleeping
medicine(while trying to inject it into a raging dodrio) and falls
asleep leaving the rest up to our hereos and team rocket. Seeing their
chance Jesse and james plan on taking all the weak pokemon and capture
our heroes, when it looks like TR is gonna win the doctor awakens and
shows TR that he is armed with operating tools, frightened Tr is
captured by their own trap and sent through a wall outside, james shows
that he got a voltorb and it self destructs sendin TR flyin, at the end
our heroes wave good-bye the doctor.

S. Nowicki