U.S. Episode # 43:

Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon  

Ash and his friends arrive in Grandpa Canyon where they find Gary. He tells Ash that everyone is digging for prehistoric Pokemon fossils. Ash decides that he wants to find a fossil. Brock says he doesn’t like the sound of digging Pokemon fossils. Misty says they might like some fresh air. "I think it’s your brain that needs fresh air." Ash says back. Later, Ash, Misty, and Brock see alot of people digging. But they also see Meowth.

Team Rocket pops up, starts their motto, and Meowth hits them on the head with a hammer in the middle of the motto. Jessie hits hits and tells Meowth that they planted the dynamite to blow up Grandpa Canyon, so they can get all the fossils. Ash tries to stop Team Rocket, but the fuse was already lit. Ash uses Squirtle to try to put out the fuse, but his water guns miss. Team Rocket uses their pathetic Pokemon to stop Ash. All of them get tangled up and can’t stop the fuse. Pikachu uses his thunder shock on the dynamite at the same time the fuse hit it.

Because of the explosion, Ash, Team Rocket, Meowth, Pikachu, Arbok and Weezing all got trapped under the ground under a pile of rocks. Meanwhile, Misty, Brock, Geodude, and Squirtle try to remove the rocks. Ash and the others find Kabuto, Kabutops, Omanyte, and Omastar. They start attacking Arbok and Weezing. Pikachu’s Thunder shock was no match for Kabutops. Then, Ash uses Charmeleon (which still wouldn’t obey Ash). But then, the Prehistoric Pokemon were scared off by an Aerodactyl. It grabs Ash into its mouth and Pikachu and Charmeleon grabbed its tail. Aerodactyl broke through the pile of rocks. It was about to eat Ash until Charmeleon was (I think) trying to tell it to let Ash go. Charmeleon got so angry when Aerodactyl made faces at him, that he evolved into Charizard! Charizard was Chasing Aerodactyl when Jigglypuff appeared.

Misty promised that they’d listen to Jigglypuff all she wants if she sings for Aerodactyl to save Ash. Jigglypuff agrees. She puts Aerodactyl to sleep, Ash falls, and Charizard catches him. Everyone falls asleep and Jigglypuff draws the little marks on their faces again.

Then, Ash finds an egg (containing Togepi) when he wakes up. Brock grabs the egg saying he’ll raise it and runs away. Ash chases him. Meanwhile Team Rocket is still trapped in the cave.

By Pokemon master and genius Kiran Kumar


Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon starts out with Ash & friends walking on a mountian. On the mountain, miners are picking for evolution stones. Team Rocket comes and is planning on blowing up the mountain so they can claim all the stones. Ash runs to the mountain of dynamite, and tells Squirtle to put out the flame that’s on the wick attached to the dynamite. Squirtle tries, but is cannot do it. The dynamite blows up, and Ash falls into an underground cave. An avalanche of rocks fall and block the way out. Prehistoric Pokemon live there like: Kabutops, Kabuto, Omanyte, Omastar, and Aerodactyl. All of them attack except for Aerodactyl. Ash sends Charmeleon (the only pokeball he had on him)to help him. Charmeleon refuses, and takes a nap. After chasing him, the Pokemon run and hide. Arodactyl comes and carries Ash away. As Ash is up in the air, Charmeleon evolves into Charizard! Charizard flies up and defeats Arodactyl. He falls back into the cave. Ash is so happy (he thinks Charmeleon evolved to help him) he’s crying. Charizard fries him. It ends by showing them walk to the next town.

Jillian Adams


From: EIgraine

One day, Ash and friends go through the mountains, and they get involved in a
fossil dig. Gary (nooooooooooo)! shows up with his cheerleaders to dig.
Anyway, Team Rocket sets up some dynamite, either to catch Pikachu or dig for
fossils. Ash sees this and tries to stop them from lighting the bomb. He
sends Squirtle to put out the fuse, but Jessie and James send out Weezing and
Arbok to stop them. Then after some help, Squirtle keeps shooting Water Gun
at the fuse-and misses them all. Then Pikachu Thunderbolts the dynamite just
as it's about to blow up. 5 seconds later, it blows up. They fall
underground. When they regain consciousness, several pairs of eyes are
looking at them. They are Kabuto, Kabutops, Omanyte, and Omastar. Then after
Jessie and James fail to get Arbok and Weezing to attack them, Ash sends out
Charmeleon (which never obeyed him in its three episodes). It lies down on a
rock. Then Kabuto & Co. take off. Team Rocket thinks they're safe, until
Meowth sees something. It's not a Team Rocket trick, it's not a joke, it's an
Charmeleon decides to attack it, but before it can do anything, Aerodactyl
uses Fly on it, picks up Ash, and drags him out the hole that Misty, Brock,
Officer Jenny, Squirtle and Geodude had been digging in the rocks for the
last 10 minutes. Charmeleon then growls, and explodes. Then after it clears,
in its place is a CHARIZARD! It flies after Aerodactyl, using Flamethrower.
It burns Ash a few times before..oh no... JIGGLYPUFF! They make a stage for
it, and it sings...yawn...I'm getting tired already ... tired of this mess
that everybody's in now. Aerodactyl begins to fall asleep, and so does
Charizard. Aerodactyl drops Ash, and Charizard falls asleep too and falls.
Ash bounces off Charizard, and lands in front of an unhatched Togepi.
Aerodactyl falls down the hole. Then...oh no!... NOT THE MARKER! The Magic
Marker comes out. At the end, TR is trying to keep the Pokemon asleep, but
James sneezes, and Aerodactyl wakes up! To be continued...