Episode # 438 - The Poké - Spokesman


  Episode Title origin: A spokesman speaks for someone else. In this case, Pokémon.

Teaser: Our heroes, still on their way to Olivine City, find that Pikachu is severely exhausted. A man named Simon comes and tells them what their problem is, then tries to converse with Pikachu-in Pikachu!

I really like how the reuse words from Season 1's theme in the season 4 theme Song.

Anyway, back at Simon's rest stop, Team Rocket is dressed as old folks (for the senior's discount). They see the twerps approaching and decide to hide. Simon explains that he normally charges a nominal fee, but since he didn't tell them that, he won't charge this time. Team Rocket then attacks and tries to cause trouble, but Officer Jenny shows up, not for Team Rocket initially, but for Simon, as part of a Pokémon communicator scam. Suddenly, however, smoke bombs reign down, and Simon and Team Rocket escape. As it turns out, these people are the real scam artists, and Simon doesn't really mean harm to anyone. Team Rocket is incensed at this (especially Meowth). They may be low-down dirty scoundrels, but even they have to draw the line somewhere. So, Pikachu is taken to the Pokémon Center. Once there, Ash talks to Professor Oak if he's heard any cases of people communicating with Pokémon in Pokémon-talk. The Professor can't find any verifiable claims. Ash decides that Simon really is a fraud. Suddenly, Simon appears behind them to defend himself.

After the break, Simon tells his side. He tells a story about when he was stuck in a storm cellar. He had an encounter in which could swear he talked with a trio of Pokémon. Maybe it really happened, maybe it didn't. Now he can't decide. Suddenly, the con artists attack the Pokémon Center, draining it of its power. Nurse Joy runs out to protest this, stating that some Pokémon will invariably not survive without power (I assume that 1st degree Pokémon Homicide carries a heavy penalty). They don't care, so Simon makes a final attempt to stop the Magnemite and Magneton from draining the power. He finally succeeds, allowing Pikachu to commence a power transfer, which then allows the cons to receive a big shock. The police then arrive, but Jenny is interested in arresting Simon-just the real crooks. Meanwhile, Team Rocket, who has been relatively unscathed for most of the episode, gets hit by a lighting bolt. Poor guys.

Tag: Our heroes are on their way, as is Simon. As he starts off, he meets, a certain talking Meowth, who helps raise his confidence.

Who's that Pokémon: Wooper

Moral of The Episode: Never trust men in sunglasses.

Analysis: You can always tell how much I like an episode by how long my summary is. This is, flat-out, one of the top 5 episodes of Pokémon, with numerous plot twists. I simply cannot recommend this episode. As you probably remember, "UnBEARable" was an episode where we knew everything and the characters were in the dark. For part of the episode, the characters know what's going on and we don't.

This episode does not easily fit the mold of any other episode, really. It isn't really a "Team Rocket does good" episode since they don't really do anything until the end. There isn't really a battle, so it's not a battle episode. It isn't a chase episode like "The Wayward Wobbuffet." It can't be a "crime solving" episode, because unlike "Hypno's Naptime" or "The Breeding Center Secret" because the episode doesn't center on the crimes being committed, but the story of a single person. It surely is not an "Ash/Misty conflict" episode, a "Brock's Lost Love" episode, or a "main character background episode" such as "Ignorance is Blissey." The only categorization this could possibly fall under is the "people's dreams" episode, such as "The Problem with Paras." Even here, the term is not exact, since that aspect shares time with the "morality play" aspect, seen more in movies than in TV episodes. Of course, who cares what category it falls into-it's a classic.

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