Episode #435  The Wayward Wobbuffet  

  Summary for "Wayward Wobbuffet" (Episode Title voiced by Team Rocket, thanks 
to Mr. Grass for helping me with this)

By Steven Reich

Episode Title Origin: Wayward means off the path or misbehaving. Again, note 
the alliteration.

Our heroes are on the road to Olivine City again, when Team Rocket locks 
Pikachu in an odd device, and only Wobbuffet has the key. Unfortunately, 
Wobbuffet drops into a stream and down a waterfall.

Theme song time! Whee!

Anyway, the episode begins with our heroes tracking Wobbuffet to the bottom 
of a hill, but the a truck (which the blue Pokémon latches onto) drives by, 
followed by some cop cars. Turns out the truck driver is a master thief that 
Officer Jenny is trying to catch. The plan almost succeeds, until Wobbuffet 
hijacks the thief's balloon and Team Rocket's balloon springs a leak.

The next time we see Wobbuffet, it is at the head of a speeding speedboat 
with no steering or brakes (thanks to its occupant). Ash uses Totodile to put 
the brakes on the boat, but not before Wobbuffet finds itself with the thief 
again. The thief then takes Wobbuffet hostage and demands a helicopter to 
escape. Team Rocket tries to broker a deal, but there's no honor among 
thieves, and Ash has to step in to right wrongs. Team Rocket runs of with 
Wobbuffet and the key, but our heroes trace them down, get the key back, and 
give them a Pika-beatdown. Officer Jenny then gives them a salute for a job 
well done (what, no cash reward? Not even a quick $50?).

Our heroes are on the road again.

Who's That Pokémon: Teddiursa

Moral of the Episode: Finding something is only half the journey.

Analysis: Boy, this is a really good episode. What I put in here doesn't 
cover half of it. The way the two plot lines intertwined was fantastic, and I 
really liked the thief's Russian accent. It was also nice to finally see 
Officer Jenny get a decent part in an episode. Other than that, you just have 
to see it for yourself.

Steven Reich
Webmaster Pokéwatch


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