Episode #434  The Dunsparce Deception  

 Summary for "The Dunsparce Deception"

By Steven Reich

Episode Title Origin: It's alliteration-repetitive use of starting sounds.

Our Heroes meet up with Bucky, a kid who is decidedly out of place in his 
town. (Special thanks to SD PokéMom for that)

Lah dah dah dah-dah-dah...

Okay, so we go back to town where our friend Bucky is the only kid in town 
without a Dunsparce. All he has is a Caterpie, which races against the 
Dunsparce and loses. Meanwhile, Team Rocket hatches a plan to get Pika & co.. 
Basically, they have a steel net, but Cyndaquil melts it, and Team Rocket 
gets sent on its way, but they do find a Dunsparce.

So, Team Rocket hatches a plan to catch all the other Dunsparce. They put on 
a play (featuring the now-infamous Moltres costume) that doesn't exactly 
impress the kiddies, but their post-show trade opportunity (read: scam) does, 
and nearly everyone makes the trade. Our heroes walk by, and decide to chase 
down the wrongdoers and rectify the situation. Meanwhile, Team Rocket has 
basically lost track of all the Dunsparce. Meanwhile, a battle ensues, and 
the group of Dunsparce saves the day by defeating Arbok. After that, Bucky 
catches his own Dunsparce.

Tag: Our heroes go on the road again. Yay.

Who's that Pokémon: Mew

Moral of the Episode: Greed kills.

Analysis: Boy, that went by fast. Seriously, though, you can't blink with 
this one. Not bad, though I feel it was a little heavy on the movie music. 
Oh, and Meowth is cute in a Dunsparce costume.

Steven Reich
Webmaster Pokéwatch


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