Review of episode 431: "Spring Fever"

Summary for "Spring Fever" (AKA The Search for Articuno Part 2)

by Steven Reich

Episode Title Origin: Spring Fever is a "disease" in which people become 
very, uh, lively in the Spring. In the episode, it refers to a feverish hunt 
for hot water springs.

Our heroes (plus Todd) are sitting and eating "doughnuts." Misty is about to 
give Togepi some water, when suddenly three Swinub me and eats her 
"doughnut." A young girl named Peggy come out and chides her Pokémon (Sue, 
Ine, and Ub-pardon the spelling).

Like no one ever was (ever was, ever was...)

Peggy is with her father, who is contracted by the big hotel chains to find 
hot springs (I can see it now: The Middle-of-Nowhere Hilton). They haven't 
had much luck as of late, however. Team Rocket overhears this and decides to 
pose as representatives of the hotel company sent to help find a hot spring. 
That doesn't pan out, so they decide to swipe the Swinub (Jessie couldn't 
lift Graveler). In possibly the oddest form of transportation yet, our heroes 
give chase in cardboard boxes, but they spin out, letting Team Rocket get 
away and causing Todd to miss a chance to photograph Articuno.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket goes back off looking for hot springs. They don't find 
any (but do find something else, which I will not reveal so as to avoid 
spoiling a rather humorous moment). Our heroes catch up, and a battle for the 
Swinub ensues, although it is interrupted to a large extent. Of course, the 
good guys win, and the Swinub are returned to their rightful owners, who they 
thank by finally finding a hot spring.

Our friends continue on their way, going in search of the legendary Articuno. 
What's really odd is that instead of the normal ending, the words "To be 
Continued" appear in the upper-right corner.

Who's That Pokémon: Farfetch'd

Moral of the Episode: Swiping Swinub brings swift strife.

Analysis: A very well-written episode (it's obvious extra work went into 
these episodes). The humor is definitely a cut above the rest. I also like 
seeing the "doughnuts" (if you don't know what I'm talking about, see the 
episode summary for "Primeape Goes Bananas") return. Didn't I say everything 
would come back in Season 4?

Steven Reich
Webmaster Pokéwatch

image from pokemon.com


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