Review of episode 430: "Moving Pictures"

OK, here's the summary for the episode all new episode on 1/25/02. I hope it's good enough...

Ash, Brock, and Misty are walking on their way to the gym in Olivine. Suddenly they hear a "clicking sound" (like that of a camera) and see someone familiar. It's Todd! He's taking some pictures of 2 Bellosom. Ash and Pikachu want to go say hello, so they jump over this bush, but totally klutz out when they land, Todd, taking pictures of everything, from the fall, to the expressions on their faces on the ground. So, after the usual pleasantries are observed, Todd shows him his grass pokemon picture collection, and tells him of his dream. Which is, to "capture" an Articuno on film. Ash looks it up in his pokedex, and muses, "If only it were real..." (and I wonder to myself were he thought he was the whole of the 2nd movie). Todd insists that it is real, because there were some people in a nearby village who say that they saw it. Of course Ash doesn't need to be told twice. He and his friends decide that they are going with Todd when he goes to look for Articuno. 

Then, a little bit of snow falls on Pikachu and that they are trapped and are going to have to listen to her story. (smart plan, Sophia ^^) Anyway, this is her story more or less. About 50 years ago, Sophia was in love with a man named Marchello. He had to go somewhere, but he promised that when he got back he would marry her. (scene:Beautiful meadow; they are saying good-bye) So, she waited for the longest time for some news from her. (scene:Sophia looking in her mail) What she didn't know was that Marchello had gotten injured in a terrible accident. (scene:Marchello in a hospital bed) But then, one day, she finally got a letter saying that he was coming back, and that if she loved someone else, or was already married, that he wished her the best of luck, but that if she still loved him, to wait for him outside of her house. (scene:A short trip back to reality as Ash and his friends are getting very teary eyed. Meanwhile, Team Rocket, who followed them to get Sunkern, is getting really sad, as Meowth says "if she spoke Spanish, it could be one of those tenflora, so they go to the South Slope. It is kinda snowing when they get there, but mainly because of Team Rocket. Todd says to Team Rocket "I didn't think you 3 losers would still be around." 

They have this huge machine that is making the snow. Team Rocket shows up in yellow ski suits while they say their motto, and then change back near the end. Team Rocket then starts blowing Ash and co. with the snow, and Sophia starts talking again. She says that once on thier way to South Slope, she and Marchello were crossing a bridge, and that she got blown off the side, but that Marchello caught her and she told him to let go, or else he'll get blown over too. Back to reality as Brock then says that they didn't cross any bridge on thier way to South Slope.. She accually says that she saw it on a reality show. (This little old lady's funny. ^^) Then Misty brings it back to their attention that they are being attacked. Soon, the whole gang is buried in the snow. Team Rocket tells Meowth to shut off the machine and it coiversary pictures, they decide to do it with Sunkern. Then Brock remembers the Sun Stone that Ash won in the Bug catching contest in "The Bug Stops Here." So, they use it to evolve Sunkern into Sunflora, then Sunflora uses a sort of call for family and calls tons of Sunflora back. Todd takes the picture, and afterward, sees something that looked an awful lot like Articuno...
To Be Continued...
K Hope you liked the summary. Just in case you were wondering this is the first of the "Search for Articuno" episodes.

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