Review of episode 429: "UnBEARable"

Summary for "UnBEARable" (note that the letters BEAR are capitalized and in 

by Steven Reich

Episode Title Origin: Unbearable means you can't stand it. I think the BEAR 
part is self-explanatory.

Ash, Misty, and Brock are walking through a forest on their way to Olivine 
City. Misty sees a Spinarak and bugs out (pun intended). Misty decides to 
stay right where she is...for about three seconds.

Born a winner... Born to be a champion...

Anyway, Team Rocket is coming back from a hard day of mining. Suddenly, 
Jessie notices a field of corn and gets an idea. Meanwhile, our heroes find 
an empty cabin to spend the night. A Teddiursa appears, and Misty, unable to 
resist such a cute Pokémon, adopts it. But this Little Bear Pokémon has 
ulterior motives. The next day, Team Rocket is selling the corn it stole. Our 
heroes soon fall victim to a series of thefts perpetrated by Teddiursa but 
blamed on other Pokémon.

Teddiursa can't escape justice forever, though. After getting caught in the 
act, it steals Brock's backpack and goes out on the Mareep (again, pun 
intended). Team Rocket gets chased by an angry farmer, and runs into the 
little thing. Surprisingly, Teddiursa is able to send Team Rocket packing. It 
isn't so lucky with Totodile and Chikorita, however. Teddiursa is defeated, 
and in a surprising turn of events, it then evolves! Our heroes wisely get 

Ash, Misty, and Brock continue on their way to Olivine City. Meanwhile, Team 
Rocket befriends an Ursaring, not realizing it is the evolved Teddiursa. Some 
people never learn.

Who's That Pokémon: Abra

Moral of the episode: Never trust a little bear unless its last name is Sosa.

Analysis: A very well-made episode. Normally I don't like the episodes where 
we know someone is innocent but they just can't seem to escape guilt. 
However, Ash saves this episode by not placing Teddiursa's word over the 
other Pokémon.

Steven Reich
Webmaster Pokéwatch


It all starts when Ash, Misty, and Brock following the
trail to Olivine City through a forest. Brock's guide
book mentions that a scary pokemon was in this forest.
They found a cabin that was empty, so they decided to
spend the night in it. Misty finds a Teddiursa and
obviously thinks its cute and wants to capture it.
Teddiursa cries meaning that he doesn't want to be
captured. So they are just friends. When Misty woke
up, she noticed that Psyduck ate the two remaining
apples in her backpack. But it was really Teddiursa
that ate them. The group finds two people (Team
Rocket) at a corn stand. They decided to buy corn and
Jessie gives Teddi a free corn ear. The group finds a
place to relax. Ash releases Chikorita, Cyndaquil,
Totodile, and Bulbasaur. Totodile jumps in the water.
Chikorita and Cyndaquil looked like they were dancing.
Brock said that they only had ham to eat sandwiches
with. Misty needed help carrying the firewood so Brock
leaves the ham to help Misty. Teddiursa eats the ham
and gives the wrapper to Totodile. Misty thinks
Totodile ate the ham. Totodile gets mad.

Who's that pokemon: Its Abra

Teddiursa sees bananas on the table and grabs them.
Togepi tries to stop Teddi from eating them but Teddi
eats them. Brock brings sasuges to the table and Teddi
grabs them. Chikorita stops Teddi from eating them but
Teddi puts the sasuges in Chikorita's mouth to make it
look like it was Chikorita that stole them. Ash thinks
that Chikorita ate them and Chikorita began to cry
about it. Ash knows that Chikorita would never do
anything like that. Then Teddi eats bread and puts it
in Bulbasaur's mouth. Ash caught Teddi eating the
bread. Teddiursa runs off with Brock's backpack. They
start running after it. For some reason Cyndaquil and
Togepi were left behind. They go to the Pokemon center
and Brock does his girl thing to Nurse Joy. She knows
about the Teddiursa thing. Meanwhile, Team Rocket was
still selling corn and finds Teddiursa taking the last
three cobs. Then the farmer caught TR stealing corn
from his farm. The group and Nurse Joy started looking
for Teddi and finds it. Chikorita wants to battle him.
Chikorita beats Teddi with her razor leaf and tackle.
Just then Teddiursa evolves into Ursaring. And the
group runs. They say their good-byes. Mean while, TR
had to pay all the corn money they made selling corn
and is left with popping popcorn without butter.
Ursaring pops out of the bush and becomes friends with
By Cassie.

Did Ursaring join TR?

Note that Teddi means Teddiursa.
TR means Team Rocket.


Unbearable Ash,misty,and brock are sleeping in a little cabin
in the woods when misty hears something . It was a teddiursa . Teddiursa
uses charm on misty when she hugged him . The next day,teddiursa started
stealing food and when the other pokemon tried to stop
him,(bulbasaur,chikorita,and totodile.)he quickly gave the food to them and
misty gave the other pokemon a lecture . Soon ash discovered that teddiursa
was stealing the food and when he ,misty and brock tried to stop him,
teddiursa took brock's backpack. Then,teddiursa sat down by a lake and
started eating the food (after getting rid of team rocket ). When ash showed
up, he chose chikorita to battle teddiursa . After teddiursa was
deafeated,he evolved into ursaring ,and ash and co. made a run for it !
Meanwhile, team rocket were sitting at a fireplace when ursaring showed up.
Team Rocket thought ursaring wanted to join them ,so they sang this dumb
song "we got a new friend ursaring!" , while ursaring smiled a evil smile .
who's that pokemon? It's abra!

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