Episode # 420 Wings ‘n’ Things

    Ash, Brock and Misty are walking along a dirt track when they see a Pokémon flying in the air. The Pokémon lands on a rock, and Brock points out that is a Yanma. Ash gets out his Pokédex and finds out that Yanma have large eyes that let them see in all directions at once.

    The Yanma then flies over to Ash and steals his hat. Ash, Brock and Misty chase the Yanma to try and get Ash’s hat back.

Intro Johto Theme

    As they chase the Yanma, a young trainer tells it to come down. The Yanma then glides down from the sky and lands on a rock next to his trainer. The trainer introduces himself as Zackery Evans. He apologises about his Yanma and gives Ash his hat back. He says that lately, Yanma has been getting them into a lot of trouble. Yanma then flies out of his arms and he tries to get it return. Yanma avoids trying to return to Zack and flies away.

    We then see Yanma flying through the town. Everyone panics, boarders up their windows and run inside. Ash and Co. walk into the town to see that there is no one there. The windows are all covered up, and Brock points out that it looks like a ghost town. Zack sees his Yanma, and tells it to stay there. Yanma gets excited, and starts flapping its wings really hard. Zack yells at him to stop, but its too late. Yanma shatters the Baker’s display window. The Yanma keeps flapping its wings faster and faster. In the Baker’s house the picture frames shatter, and the light bulbs explode. Ash, Brock and Misty wonder what it’s doing. Ash then gets out his Pokédex and out and says that Yanma can beat their wings so hard that they can cause shock waves powerful enough to break glass! Yanma then stops beating its wings, and Zack then gets it to return.

    The Baker comes out of his shop and tells of Zack. The Baker says that the Yanma has smashed his windows far too often, and that this time they’ll have to see his Father. As the Baker and Zack go to his Father, Misty says that the Yannma is dangerous. Brock agrees and says they better follow them.

    At Zacks house, his Dad tells the Baker that they are both very sorry, and that he will replace his windows again (he’s a glassmaker, what a coincidence -_- ). The Baker says that the problem isn’t the windows, it’s the Yanma. After the Baker leaves, Zacks Dad says that the Baker has a good idea, and that he doesn’t care what he does with the Yanma, he just wants to get rid of it.

    Ash, Brock, Misty and Zack go to a park and decide they’ll have to let Yanma go. Ash asks why he chose Yanma to be his Pokémon anyway. Zack says that it was about three months ago in a really violent rainstorm. Zack and his Dad was on the way back from delivering glass from a nearby town a few miles away. On the side of the road he sawa something. He walked up to it and found it was a Yanma. It was badly injured from the from the rain storm and that its wings were all wet. Zack and his Dad wrapped it up the best they could and took it home. After it got dry it was back to normal. Zack trained it but it kept causing trouble all the time. Even though it was tame, it soon smashed all the windows in Zack’s Dad’s glass factory. Eventually, Zack convinced his Dad that he could train it to stop using shock waves, so they kept it.

    Zack says that his best efforts have failed and that he has to let him go.

    They all go out into the forest and Zack lets Yanma out his Pokéball. Zack also tells Yanma that he has brought him a snack. Yanma eats the food and seems to be very happy. Zack tells Yanma that the looks a lot stronger than when he first foun him, and that he has to leave him now.

    Zack says goodbye and runs away crying. Ash, Brock and Misty run after Zack to try and cheer him up. Zack trips up and they all ask him if he thinks that it’s a good idea to let Yanma go. He says that he didn’t want to do it, but it would only cause more trouble.

    Zack then has a flashback of all the good times he had with Yanma, and decides that Yanma and he are friends and that he can’t just leave him. Zack then runs back the opposite direction to get Yanma back, only to find that Yanma has gone. He calls out but finds out that Yanma has gone for good.

    James is looking through a pair of binoculars and Jesse asks if he sees the twerps. James replies no while Jesse is sat on a rock eating a doughnut. Straight after, Yanma flies past and drinks water from the river across from them. Jesse and James ask what it is and Meowth says that it’s a Yanma.

    Jesse and James sneak up behind the Yanma, and catch it with a net. Jesse says “We caught a Yo-yo!” Jesse then picks up the Yanma and says she has a poem.

“If you added wings to a Caterpie,

it would look just like a Yanma… see!”

James says that she has a natural talent, and Meowth says yeah, but not for poetry. James then ties a piece of string to Yanma. Yanma tries to escape but can’t. Yanma tries harder and starts to beat its wings harder, causing windows in an abandoned hut to shatter. Jesse and James wonder what just happened, so James gets out his Pokédex booklet. They find out that Yanma can shatter windows by using powerful shock waves. Jesse then syas she has an idea!

Who’s that Pokémon? = Jigglypuff

    Meowth sits in Victrebell’s mouth, and Meowth holds the string that is attached to Yanma.Victrebell then runs through the town, and Yanma shatters all the windows trying to escape. The locals complain that all the town’s windows are broken…again!

    Jesse and James arrive straight after pulling a wagon and that they’re window salespersons. They say that they’re having a big sale and that they do all kinds of windows. The Baker asks why do they keep the glass in an icecream wagon? Jesse then replies that it’s because their windows are so cool. All the people in the town square ask them to put in all new windows for them, Jesse and James are happy to do so.

    Jesse and James are then seen having a picnic and Meowth says that it was the best scheme that they have ever pulled being glass fitters. Jesse then adds that it’s not glass, but ice that they keep in the freezer. They say that as soon as the ice melts they are long gone with the money. Yanma is about to eat a doughnut when Jesse pulls it away from him. Yanma then has a flashback and remembers how Zack used to feed him.

    Ash, Brock and Misty are walkin between some trees calling out for Yanma to see if it will return. Misty then says that they’re even separated from Zack now too. They all start calling for Zack and then Brock points out a Pokémon Centre. They then run to the Pokémon Centre to see if they can get any help from Nurse Joy. At the Pokémon Centre they see Nurse Joy and Zack’s Dad standing outside. Misty points out that it’s Zack’s Dad and then he remembers that they are all Zack’s friends.

    Zack is then seen walking through the town looking for Yanma. He then sees the Baker talking to two other people. Zack asks them if they have seen his Yanma. The three of them say nothing but stare at him. The Baker says that he knows that Zack was working with the two con artists who smashed the windows and sold them the ice. Zack says that he didn’t do it, but all the Baker tells him to do is to save his excuses for his Father.

    At the Pokémon Centre Zack’s Dad shows Ash and Co the stain glass window he’s been working on. He says that one of the reasons the wanted Zack to get rid of his Yanma was that he didn’t want it to shatter the stain glass window. He says that he didn’t want Yanma to put all the locals in danger. Nurse Joy agrees and says that Yanma once shattered all the medicine bottles in the Pokémon Centre. She says that a Yanma is a tough Pokémon to start with, especially for a young trainer.

   The Baker, Zack and the two other people arrive at the Centre and say that Zack has been smashing more windows with two con artists. Zack’s Dad asks if this is true, and Zack says that his Yanma is missing and he doesn’t know who he is talking about.

    Team Rocket then walk past with their wagon and the Baker points them out and says they where the people who stole their money. The Baker asks who they are and they recite their motto. Zack then says “Gimme back my Yanma!” Ash then sends out Chikorita, and Misty sends out her Poliwhirl. Zack’s Dad says that they can’t battle here because of the stain glass window. Jesse says that if they don’t want the window smashing they better let them win. Jesse sends out Arbok, and it attackes both Chikorita and Poliwhirl. It then uses wrap and squeezes both the Pokémon. Ash is about to command Chikorita to attack, but Meowth says if he doesn’t want the window smashing he better stop. Misty tells Zack to try and get Yanma to return. He throws the Pokéball at Yanma and it gladly enters it. The Pokéball then drops on the ground. Zack and Victrebell both run for the ball. Zack gets it but gets knocked quite far by Victrebell. Zack says that he is glad that he is back and that he won’t let him go again.

   Now that Yanma isn’t a threat, Ash tells Chikorita to use vinewhip. Chikorita and Poliwhirl both get realeased from the wrap attack and Misty tells Poliwhirl to use water gun. Victrebell then uses razor leaf and knocks both of them over.

Zack’s Dad asks him if he has ever been in a Pokémon battle before. Zack says no, and his Dad says that he will have to participate in one now. Zack then says what if they break the windows, but his Dad replies that he’ll just make another. They all look in the Pokédex and find out that sonic boom is one of the powerful attacks Yanma can learn.

    After a couple of tries, Yanma manages to hit Arbok with sonic boom. Victrebell then tries to razor leaf, but Yanma evades it by using double team. Altogether Zack, Misty and Ash tell Yanma, Chikorita and Poliwhirl to use “Triple Attack”. Team rocket then fall back into their wagon. The money flies out and they blast off again. Everyone congratulates (and apologises to) Yanma and Zack. The Baker says that the next time Him and his Yanma walk past his shop he will give them a treat (if they’re lucky they might get bread!!!).

    We then see Zack’s Dad put the finishing touches to the stain glass window, and Ash and co. admire it before moving onto their next destination.

Review by Richard and Mark.


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