Episode 41, The Problem with Paras

Ash and pals are walking trough the woods when they run into a little cottage
they run inside and get freaked out by some old lady, which happens to be
some nice young girl's grandma.The girl scolds her grandma for scarying
them.Brock has a crush on her at first sight (of course).Team rocket is
hiding in the bush, meowth sees the girl and also has a crush on her.He over
hears Ash talking to her,she needed her paras to evolve so she could use his
mushrooms to make a super pokemon potion that could do almost anything (even
make them smarter!). 

Ash trys to help by battling Paras. He sends out

Charmeleon (bad call) charmeleon doesnt go easy on paras like and does
flamethrower atack and scares Paras. Paras runs into the woods.Meowth tells
the rest off Team Rocket that if they help the girl the could be rich so of
course they want to help, Meowth just wants the girl so they find Paras. They
send out Arbok and Weezing, Meowth beats them but Paras thinks that he does,
so he gets lots of confidence. Ash and friends find Paras up in a tree
looking very confident (the trainer had never seen him act like this) Team
Rocket comes out of the bushes cheering on Paras saying that they helped him.
Ash sends out his pokemon, he makes them forfeit, Paras gets lots of
confidence now. 

Ash sends out Charmeleon again, Charmeleon burns Team Rocket

as they go flying into the sky saying one of their sayings "team rocket's
blasting off again!", as Charmeleon is about to burn Paras, Paras sticks out
his claw and pokes Charmeleon, Charmeleon freezes and then falls over in
defeat. Everyone cheers and then Paras evolves into Parasect. They go back to
the house. The old lady found a Persian in the backyard. They say good bye
and leave. Everyone is happy like always!

from jake schaner

2nd Review:

The Problem with Paras!


Ash and friends are walking when they see a town. Ash says there's no point coming here if there isn't a gym. Brock says they should get more potions and antidotes and they argue about what to eat. Meanwhile Team rocket are ready to capture pikachu when Meowth is sick. 

Team Rocket is about to leave him when a girl who owns a house in which you can get supplies who heals meowth and yells at Team Rocket. When Ash gets to the house they meet a women who will offer them herbs that will grow hair on you. The girl who healed meowth is a trainer trying to make a miracle potion. Ash gets into a battle with her and she chooses Paras. Ash chooses pikachu and beat him with a static bolt. 

PATHETIC! Squirtle tries and also beats them. Charmeleon makes paras run away. Ash and friends look all over for paras but they have no luck. Team rocket helps paras gain experience and he grows a couple of levels. When ash finds Paras they try to lose to it again but this time Paras evolves into a Parasect! The girl thanks Ash and friends for helping Paras evolve.

-Jake Verdugt

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