Episode # 419 - Ariados, Amigos

    On their way to the Johto League, Ash, Brock and Misty stop in an opening of a beautiful forest for a rest. Ash, Brock and Pikachu stop for a rest and a bite to eat, while Misty and Togepi walk off and look at all the flowers. Mist picks a flower and puts it in her hair. She then goes to a bush that has flowers sticking out of it and suddenly screams!

Ash, Brock and Pikachu run towards her to find out what’s wrong. Misty says that she thinks there’s something underneath the bushes. Pikachu walks up to the bushes and begins to pull pieces away, only to uncover a huge red, yellow and purple spider.

Johto Music Intro

    Ash gets out his Pokédex and finds out that its and Ariados, and evolved form of spinarak. Brock wonders why the Pokémon hasn’t moved since found it.

Suddenly they hear a female voice, “Ariados, I have found you!”

Brock says that he knows that voice. The woman then jumps from the trees and they realize that its Aya, Koga’s apprentice from the Fuchsia City gym in Kanto.


    Brock asks if she remembers him. When she says yes, Brock says that cupid must have shot his arrows into both of their hearts. Suddenly a deep mysterious voice from within the forest tells Ariados to escape. Aya sends out her Venonat and they all chase the Ariados. The Ariados uses string shot to swing along the branches (like Tarzan). Aya tells Ariados to use poison sting. Ariados’ string then snaps and he falls to the ground. The hidden man tells Ariados to fire a net at Venonat. The web hits it and it forces it to the ground. Aya runs to see if her Venonat is all right, and then the man speaks. He says that letting your guard down for a moment can lead to defeat. Ash then shouts at the man and tells him to quite hiding. The man then jumps in the air from behind the trees and lands next to his Ariados.

    Ash, Brock and Misty soon learn that the old man is Aya’s tutor. The old tutor tells Aya that she has much to learn about Pokémon Jujitsu. Concerned, As asks what Pokémon Jujitsu is.

    Aya’s tutor takes them all back to the Pokémon Jujitsu Academy. He says that trainers from all around the world come to his academy to learn the special jujitsu attacks of Pokémon. Brock says that he could join, and Aya could be his tutor. Brock then tries to impress her by sending out Pineco, but it uses self-destruct. Aya then gets an idea. She asks the old man if they all have a day of free trainer. The old tutor then agrees, and they all go and get changed.

    Ash, Brock and Misty get changed and find out which classes they will be attending. Ash wears a red uniform, Brock wears a yellow uniform, and Misty wears a blue uniform. The old man that owns the academy says that the colors indicate the classes they will be attending. Students that wear the red uniforms will study battle techniques. The students in yellow will study how to make attacks more effective, and the students in the blue uniform will learn the secrets of health and nutrition. Misty complains that she wants to learn battle techniques, but soon agrees when they tell her that at the end of the class she will end up looking like a movie star.

    In Misty’s class the trainers all sat down at a table with a Spinarak in front of each of them. As soon as Misty sees the Spinarak she starts to panic. The Spinarak then spins a web around each trainer’s faces that is supposed to leave their skin felling soft and silky.

    In Brocks class, the trainers have to pop balloons that are grouped together in different parts of an obstacle course. Brock sends out Pineco, and tells it to throw spikes left, right etc. The teacher comments on how well Brock and Pineco work together. But, Pineco then uses self-destruct (lol).

    In Ash’s class, Ash and Aya (she is in red too) are watching a Pokémon match between a Hypno and a Houndour. After the match is over, Aya and Ash then have a battle. Aya sends out her Venonat, while Ash sends out Bulbasaur. Ash wins the battle by smashing Venonat on the ground with vine whip.

    Team Rocket spy and Ash and Aya, and decide they should make the Pokémon disappear.

Who’s that Pokémon? = Ditto

    That night, Brock and Misty complain about how bad their day went, while Ash looks out the window only to see Aya and Venonat training. Ash goes outside and says to them, “No wonder you guys are so good.” Aya replies that they still have a lot to learn. Without warning, Venonat runs away to a hut behind the academy. All the lights go on, and all the trainers are shocked that all their Pokéballs have been stolen. Venonat runs away again. When Ash and Aya follow, Brock, Misty and Aya’s tutor appear too. The old man says that there are thieves in the academy and that they must be caught.

At that, Team Rocket appear dressed up as magicians, say their motto, and then float off in their balloon with the Pokéballs. Suddenly, a mechanical arm snatches Pikachu from Ash’s shoulder. The tutor and his Ariados run off. Then, the old man jumps into the air and a backpack opens and a kite unfolds. Ariados then spins a web to grab the kite so that the tutor doesn’t float away. Ash and co. chase Team Rocket, and Jesse notices the man flying high up in the air. The man then gets 3 throwing stars out of his pocket, and throws them at the hot air balloon. Jesse sends out Arbok and tells it to use poison sting. The attack cuts the spider web that is stopping the old from flying away. The old man then throws 3 more stars at the rope that is holding the Pokéballs. The balls drop and the old tutor glides down and catches them. He then sees Brock on the ground and he drops them for him to catch. Brock then falls on the floor and hurts his back. Misty stays with Brock while Ash and Aya spot the old man and team rocket fall into a field. Pikachu falls into a tree so Ash climbs up to get him down. Aya runs over to her tutor to see if he’s okay. Jesse gets angry and sends out Arbok. The man says that Ariados is too tired to battle, so Aya would have to battle them. Aya chooses to use Venonat against Arbok. After much fighting, Aya and Venonat win the battle by using great strategy. Ash then runs to the battle field and tells Pikachu to use thunderbolt. As usual, Team Rocket blast off into the distance. Aya’s tutor tells her that she has battled remarkably and that her moment of weakness became her moment of strength.

    The next morning the gang say their good-byes and carry on the road to Johto.

    However, Team Rocket are hanging onto an Ariados’ web, which is over a lrge canyon. Then Wobuffet comes out of its Pokéball, and snaps the web and they go falling into darkness.

 Review by Richard and Mark.


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