Review of episode 412: "Beauty and the Breeder"

At a Pokémon Center, Brock is looking up information and runs across something about Suzie, the breeder who gave him Vulpix. They go in search of her. There’s a beauty contest being held, and Brock is grooming Vulpix to be entered. Team Rocket is in the area as well. They want to enter Meowth in the competition. Ash, Misty, and Brock are looking around the area when Vulpix jumps from him. Vulpix has spotted Suzie and runs right to her. Brock approaches her and gives her flowers while wearing a white suit. They talk about things for a bit while Misty looks over a Ninetales being groomed nearby. Suzie walks over and starts to talk to them and they all go to have a snack. Brock is jealous, of course. 

The young man is entering his Ninetales in the contest as well. He leaves after a little while and Brock explodes about him afterward. Meanwhile, Team Rocket has dressed up Meowth for the contest. Meowth is upset by his looks, but Jessie and James just want him to be quiet. At the contest, Ash and Misty sit in the audience watching the screens while things get ready. Backstage, the contestants are making their final preparations. Brock and Suzie are going over Vulpix thoroughly. 

A boy walks out with his Marill, but gets mugged and Team Rocket takes his place. The crowd loves the opening they make and they get cheers. Brock tries to explain who they are, but the young man doesn’t seem to mind them. Then from the back, Officer Jenny comes out and tells them to get out. She throws them out the back door. Ash and Misty go to the back room to check on Brock. Team Rocket comes back in dressed as veterinarians and takes Vulpix, Ninetales, and others out, then locks the doors to trap everyone else in. They load the Pokémon in a truck and take off. Brock sends out Geodude to get them out and they catch Team Rocket trying to take off with boosters on their balloon. 

Ash sends Noctowl to punch a hole in the balloon and Pikachu to blast the lock. Everyone gets their Pokémon out and Ash approaches Team Rocket. Arbok is sent with Victreebel. Victreebel uses Razor Leaf, but Vulpix and Ninetales team up to burn the leaves. Arbok gets ready, but Vulpix and Ninetales use Fire Spin in the whole group and send them flying. Brock notices how happy Suzie and Vulpix look afterward. They all meet back stage and finish getting ready. Suzie and the young man wish each other luck, and Brock decides to leave Vulpix with Suzie.

Alex Obert


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