Episode # 409 - Two Hits and a Miss

This episode is about Ash and the others going to a fighting dojo. The episode
begins with Ash, Misty and Brock going to Ecruteak City. Then, they see a Tauros
running away from its trainer. Ash sees an old man in the Tauros' path. Ash sends
out Bulbasaur, who uses Vine Whip to contain the Tauros. Then, he has it use Sleep
Powder to make Tauros go to sleep. The old man says that Ash's Bulbasaur is
brilliant, and that Ash should come with him to his fighting dojo. There, they see
a bunch of fighting Pokemon, which include a Primeape, Machop and a Hitmonchan.
There is also another Pokemon that Ash doesn't know. He checks his PokeDex and
finds out that the Pokemon is called Hitmontop. Team Rocket says that they should
capture the Hitmontop. Then, a man comes into the dojo, challenging the leader. He
is the Dojo Destroyer. He goes to dojo's and defeats the master so he can have all
their trophies. Kenzo tries to battle him, but he and his Machoke are too weak to
battle the guy's Hitmonlee. Then, his granddaughter, Chigusa, steps forward. She
wants to battle with her Hitmontop. Her Hitmontop keeps using Rapid Spin, but then
Team Rocket captures Hitmontop & Hitmonlee. With the help of Bulbasaur, they go
blasting off again. The kid says that he'll be back the next day to re-battle
Chigusa. She decides to have Ash battle her. After battling all night long with
Bulbasaur, Chigusa battles the kid and defeats him. Now, Ash, Misty and Brock can
continue to Ecruteak City.

Who's that Pokemon?                It's Slowking!



Just outside of Ecruteak City, our heroes see a flying Pidgey being attacked by a huge Fearow and decide to intervene. With Brock carrying the wounded Pidgey, the gang enters Ecruteak City in hopes of finding its trainer. Not only do our heroes find this Pidgey's home, they discover it is a member of the "Carrier-Pidgey Express!" Join Ash, Misty and Brock as they learn about caring for carrier-Pidgey and witness the dedication of a young boy and his grandfather to these very special Pokémon.


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