Review of episode 408: "Hassle in the Castle"

This episode begins with Ash, Misty and Brock heading to Ecruteak City when a
storm starts. They find a castle to take shelter in. While they're walking around,
they hear a scream. Ash runs down stairs and finds a Machoke massaging a man, a
Spinarak spinning a cast around someone's arm and a Mareep powering up a machine.
A woman named Dr. Anna comes in and shows the kids around. Brock really likes her,
especially when he finds out that she has a Zubat, too. She uses the Zubat like an
ultrasound, looking inside someone. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is inside the castle
looking for food. They steal a lot of food while Ash and the others are helping
Anna. They run down a hallway, but Anna tells them not to go down that hallway.
She, Brock and both the Zubat follow Team Rocket and end up in the dungeon. Brock
and Anna use the Zubat to find a way through the maze. Above ground, Ash, Misty,
Pikachu, Togepi, Pineco, Geodude and Anna's assistant are looking for an exit in
the middle of the forest. Brock and the others get through all the traps thanks to
Jessie. But then, they steal the Zubat and try running away, but they end up
running into a wall. Pineco uses Self-Destruct to destroy the wall. Team Rocket
then steals Pikachu. James sends out Weezing to use a Smokescreen. The Zubat
manage to whirlwind it away. Jessie sends out Arbok to use Poison Sting. Brock's
Zubat uses Supersonic and gets Arbok confused. Then, Zubat evolves into Golbat!
Golbat finishes off Team Rocket. Brock tells Anna that he will stay at the castle
and help her, but she says that Golbat is too strong. Better luck next time,
Brock! Now, Ash and the others continue to Ecruteak City.

Who's that Pokemon?                         It's Persian!



Here ya go, Pojosama!

Hassle In The Castle
Review by Ash

Ash and friends are walking along in another forest. Suddenly, an unexpected
storm hits, which has our heroes searching for somewhere to stay dry. Pikachu
looks around to find a mansion on a hill. Since there is no other place for
shelter, Brock says that it would be best to go inside the building. Our
heroes walk up the hill to find the mansion door open by itself.
The trio automatically begins to hear moans and cries of pain. Brock suggests
that the mansion must really be a torture chamber of some kind. When they
decide to investigate by opening another door, instead of finding havoc, they
find many different Pokemon executing medical errands. They are greeted by a
lady, who introduces herself as Dr. Anna. She thinks that our heroes are
patients, but Ash corrects her mistake. Brock rapidly goes "ga-ga" over the
He tells Dr. Anna that he prefers to be called by more of his so-called
"affectionate nicknames." He suggests "Rocko Brocko," "Lover," or "Brockie."
Misty, on the other hand, suggests "Insane" rather than Brock's given
choices. One of Dr. Anna's assistant barges in, informing the doc that the
Zubat Scan is ready. Dr. Anna shows Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu how a
Zubat Scan is performed. Mimi, the doc's Zubat, flies overhead the patient
and uses its Supersonic attack to deliver X-Rays to Dr. Anna's laptop. She
tells the patient that he is perfectly fine, and offers him a Machoke
massage. This is all thoroughly explained when Dr. Anna informs the group
that she uses Machoke for massages, Spinarak for bandages, Mareep for
low-voltage bone stimulators, and Zubat for X-Ray vision. Misty asks the doc
why she hadn't just began business in a hospital. Dr. Anna replies by saying
that an old friend moved away from the place and allowed her to set up here
clinic here. Dr. Anna must return to work, when Brock suddenly hops in
releasing his Zubat. He tells the doc that his Zubat can help around. Misty
and Ash are left behind, so they decide to get lunch.
Meanwhile, the sinister Team Rocket is at it again! The three have entered a
room full of sumptuous food. They decide to make this evil plan into more of
a snack. Suddenly, Dr. Anna and our heroes have discovered Team Rocket. This
time, Team Rocket has a "revised" motto. They say it as, "eradicating the
evils of Athlete's Feet" and "scratching at the speed of light!" The evil
threesome tries to make a run for it, only to be followed by the good guys.
Ash sends Pikachu to shock Team Rocket, but they manage to make a sharp turn
down a different hall. Dr. Anna gives them a warning about not going down
that hall, but since TR is still running madly, our heroes are forced to
follow. All of a sudden, a trap door opens, causing TR, Dr. Anna, and Brock
to collapse inside. Ash and Misty were an instant too late! It seems that
they've just fallen into a maze!
Dr. Anna summons Mimi, her Zubat, to use Supersonic so a map of the maze will
be transported to her laptop. Mimi's Supersonic isn't strong enough to cover
the entire maze, so Brock uses Zubat's Supersonic to cover the whole maze and
aid them in their dilemma. On the other hand, Ash, Misty, and one of Dr.
Anna's assistants are looking for an exit to the trap door. Ash finds it
buried in dirt so they begin to clean out the dirt with the help of Pikachu,
Togepi, Geodude, and Pineco. The exit was stumbled upon because there was a
map of the maze in the mansion.
Dr. Anna closely looks at the map. It seems that the two passageways in front
of them are both traps. Jessie is getting angry so she and Wobbuffet take the
left passage. A gigantic brick wall blocks their way, causing Jessie to fall
down. The doc then realizes that in order for the right passage to be taken,
the left passage's trap would have to be used. Meanwhile, Ash and everyone
are still digging.
Dr. Anna orders for the group to halt, as there is another trap ahead. Once
again Jessie daringly walks on, but this time, she pushes Wobbuffet in front
of her. Seeing that no harm had been done to Wobbuffet, Jessie walks through.
Unfortunately for her, the walls on the sides collapse on her. The doc then
notices that a floor panel must activate the traps.
Ash finally deciphers the exit, and continues to dig. Brock and Dr. Anna have
discovered that their Zubat have found the exit. Brock drifts off into
another wonderland, this time about working with Dr. Anna forever and having
her as a wife. Meanwhile, James sees that the Zubat are quite talented, and
Jessie exclaims that that's why they're going to steal them!
The doc sees the exit and they finally come out of the maze after a lot of
trouble! But, unknown to our heroes, Team Rocket will make the day even more
troublesome! They capture Pikachu and squish it into a glass jar. Then they
bag the Zubat. Weezing does a horrible job of "helping" Team Rocket and
freeing the Zubat. When Brock's Zubat is freed, it begins to glow. Brock
suddenly realizes that it's evolving… into a Golbat!
The all-new Golbat looks at Team Rocket. Brock then orders it to unleash a
Supersonic attack. According to Dr. Anna's laptop, Golbat's Supersonic is
like an attack that could really cause mayhem! The attack is so powerful
that, astonishingly, the doc's laptop overloads and busts. Team Rocket is
socked by the Supersonic. TR went blasting off again!
Inside the mansion, Dr. Anna uses a Spinarak to bandage a wound Brock had
received. Once again, Brock loses his mind. Now telling Golbat that it, along
with him, will help Dr. Anna from now on with its Supersonic. Unfortunately
for Brock, Dr. Anna says that its Supersonic move is too strong since it
destroyed her laptop.
Devastated by this news, Brock manages to agree. With Brock's dreams
traumatized, he and Golbat say bye to the doc while being dragged away by
Misty and Ash.



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