Review of episode 407: "Carrying On"

This episode begins with Ash, Misty and Brock continuing to Ecruteak City. They
look up and see a little Pidgey being attacked by a Fearow. Ash has Noctowl attack
the Fearow. Noctowl uses Hypnosis to make Fearow think that Noctowl is a
Charizard. The Fearow flies away and Noctowl rescues the Pidgey. Ash realizes that
it has something on its back, so Ash, Misty and Brock head to the next town. They
see that all the Pidgey look the same there. Suddenly, a boy runs up and asks what
happened to his Pidgey named Ken. He thinks that Ash and the others stole it, but
they tell him that a Fearow attacked it. He introduces himself. His name is
Malachy. He says the Pidgey belongs to his grandpa's carrier Pidgey service.
Meanwhile, Team Rocket is spying on them, and they decide to steal the Pidgey.
Malachy takes Ash and co. to his grandpa's Pidgey coop, where they sit down and
eat. When Malachy leaves, his grandpa says that when he retires, he'll close the
carrier Pidgey business, because airplanes and e-mail are more popular than mail.
Then, the phone rings. It's the Nurse Joy from Wayaway Island. She says that the
Pidgey hasn't arrived yet. Malachy says that he and Ken will look for the missing
Pidgey. Ash and the others go with him. Ash sends Noctowl to help look for the
Pidgey. Team Rocket is realy stealing the Pidgey, and when the see the kids, they
put smoke around them. Noctowl and Ken fly to the balloon and use whirlwind to
blow away the smoke. Jessie sends Arbok to battle the kids, but Noctowl uses
Hypnosis and makes them think that the kids are behind them. Noctowl and Ken set
the rest of the Pidgey free and pop TR's balloon. Then, they get to Wayaway Island
and deliver the medicine. Now, Ash, Misty and Brock can continue their quest to
Ecruteak City.

Who's that Pokemon?                It's Mewtwo!



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