Episode # 405 - Type Casting

This episode is about Ash, Misty and Brock going to Ecruteak City,  but they
encounter a Sudowoodo. It starts out when Ash, Misty and Brock go to a river, but
can't find a bridge to cross because of a storm that hit recently. They see an old
man in a boat and he says they can come in if they find him a Sudowoodo. Ash
checks Dexter, who says that Sudowoodo likes to rest in trees. Meanwhile, Team
Rocket gets word of this and decides to find Sudowoodo. It runs away, but then,
Ash and co. meet Pierre and Marie, two scientist trying to study Sudowoodo. Marie
doesn't believe that Sudowoodo is a rock type. Then, they see Sudowoodo again. Ash
sends Chikorita to battle it, but Sudowoodo starts doing Vine Whip and Razor Leaf.
Ash recalls Chikorita and sends out Totodile. Sudowoodo starts dancing around like
Totodile is, but then, it falls into a hole and Team Rocket steals it. Meowth
tries talking to it, but all Sudowoodo says is that it is hungry. They show
Sudowoodo to the old man, but it runs away. Ash and co. meet up with Team Rocket
and the old man, who is Marie's grandpa. Jessie has Arbok battle Sudowoodo, but it
loses. She then sends out Wobbuffet to battle Cyndaquil, but Cyndaquil wins.
Pierre and Marie find out that Sudowoodo is a rock type that was using Mimic to
learn the new attacks. The old man lets Ash and co. ride in his boat and now they
can continue their journey to Ecruteak City.

Who's that Pokemon?                It's Gengar!




Trying to reach Ecruteak City our heroes are stopped in their tracks, unable to cross a bridge-less river. As they walk the bank, they see an old fisherman and strike a bargain, a ferry-ride across the river in exchange for an elusive Sudowoodo! As they comb the nearby mountains in search of one of these unique Pokťmon they run into two research scientists arguing over Sudowoodo's type. Join Ash and the gang as they encounter this truly versatile Pokťmon and attempt to determine what type Sudowoodo really is! - The Official Pokemon Site


Episode #160?? - Where is Sudowoodo

Ash and friends are walking along and come to a river where they see a group of men building a bridge. Ash, Misty and Brock are trying to find a way across the river when they spot a fisherman. He tells them about a Sudowoodo near the mountain behind them, sp Ash decides to find one. While heading into the woods, Psyduck gets loose and runs off. It quickly finds a Sudowoodo, and it imitates Psyduckís every move. Psyduck then runs back to Misty, who spots it. Ash then sees it and gives chase, but the Sudowoodo runs away. While looking, Ash finds two scientists arguing while standing on tree stumps. Ash asks them if theyíve seen Sudowoodo, and they explain they are researching them, even if they have a disagreement. One thinks itís a fighting type and the other a grass type. 

Ash then decides to have Noctowl look around for it. Noctowl finds one pretending to be a normal tree. Ash sends Chikorita after it, but Sudowoodo grabs a vine and tries to hold it off. Chikorita Vine Whips the attacks off, but then Sudowoodo uses its own Vine Whip to win, doing a victory dance afterward. Ash then uses Tododile, which misses a Take Down and multiple Water Guns. Sudowoodo then tries to run off, but falls into a pit trap of Team Rocket, who are disguised as trees. Weezing uses Smokescreen and they get away. Ash and others then try to find Sudowoodo again. Near a cliff, Jessie has Sudowoodo tied around the waist while it dances around. They get into a James, Wobbuffet, Sudowoodo repeating sequence which drives Jessie nuts and makes her stop it. They take Sudowoodo to the man with the boat, but itís afraid of water and runs off, breaking the rope in the process. Ash and the others are still looking around when Pikachu finds another one. It tries to run, but Brock runs it down. Brocks then feeds it some food and it becomes friendly. Back at the scientistís lab, Brock feeds it some more to keep it happy while itís being studied. Pikachu shocks it, which it then returns the shock back at Pikachu. 

The scientists conclude that Sudowoodo can copy any attack used on it and use it. They also quickly learn itís afraid of water as it runs out the window. Right outside is Team Rocket and the fisherman. They decide to fight over Sudowoodo, Jessie sending out Arbok. Sudowoodo grabs Arbok by the tail and slams Arbok down. Ash tries Cyndaquil, but Sudowoodo copies the flamethower attack and uses it right back. Jesse then sends Wobbuffet to stop Cyndaquil. Misty sends out Poliwhirl to blast Team Rocket out of the way, getting Sudowoodo wet with the spray. Sudowoodo runs off to get out of the rain. Back at the river, the fisherman finally agrees to take them across the river. Team Rocket is trying to climb their way up a cliff, James grabbing a branch, but itís another Sudowoodo and they end up falling once again. 

-Alex Obert



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