- The Bug Stops Here - #404

In this episode, Ash meets Casey again (from The Double Trouble Header) and both
of them compete in the Bug Catching Contest at the National Park. But Team Rocket
sneaks in. Ash and Pikachu spot a Weedle, and Ash is about to have Pikachu attack
it, but then, Casey's Chikorita uses Razor Leaf and defeats Weedle. Ash is mad at
her, but she says that when the Electabuzz see a spot open, they go for it.
Meanwhile, Jessie is dressed in a Venomoth costume so she can steal a Venomoth.
But the Venomoth doesn't find her attractive and uses Stun Spore on them. Casey
then has her Chikorita head butt a tree, making a bunch of Pineco fall out.
Chikorita defeats all of them. Then, Casey sees a Scyther in the grass. She has
Chikorita attack it, but Scyther's stronger. Chikorita runs away, and Ash
distracts Scyther. Meanwhile, Misty and Brock have entered the park to find
Togepi. They find it, but then a Paras starts following Misty. Meanwhile, Ash
chases Scyther away, but now a bunch of Beedrill are after him. Pikachu shocks
them and Ash captures one with a Park Ball. Then, he falls into Team Rocket's
trap. Casey, Misty and Brock come to the rescue and Casey tells Chikorita not to
give up, but then it evolves into Bayleef! Bayleef defeats Team Rocket and Ash
wins a Sun Stone because he won the contest. He gives Beedrill to Casey and she
thanks him by singing the Electabuzz theme song.

Who's That Pokemon?                It's Cubone!



Ash, Misty, and Brock make their way to Ecruteak City.  There is a Bug
Catching Contest.  Ash meets up with his old rival Casey and her Chikorita. 
Casey is in it too.
The prize of the contest is a special Sun Stone.  You have to only use a Park
Ball to catch the Bug Pokemon.  While Ash and Pikachu are hunting the Bugs. 
They spot a Weedle.  Ash is about to catch it when Casey's Chikorita uses
Razor Leaf.  Casey
catches Weedle.  Ash complains that he saw it first but Casey caught it
first.  Casey
starts to still battle some of the Bug Pokemon.  Chikorita uses Tackle on a
tree.  Pineco fall out but don't explode.  Chikorita battles the Pineco. 
Brock and Misty spot Togepi on the screen.  Ash says everyone knows Pineco
have the advantage.  Casey and Chikorita spot Scyther.  Chikorita Razor Leafs
over and over.  Chikorita is getting worn out but Casey goes too hard on it. 
Ash distracts Scyther.  Ash sees a bunch of glaring eyes in a bush and
Beedrill try to attack Ash.  Pikachu Thunder Shocks one of the Beedrill.  Ash
catches Beedrill with the Park Ball.  Team Rocket catches Ash and Pikachu. 
Brock, Misty, and Casey show up.  Chikorita uses Razor Leaf but does not
work.  Chikorita evolves into Bayleef!  Ash's Poke'Dex
says Bayleef's Razor Leaf is powerful.  Team Rocket is defeated and Ash wins
the Sun Stone.  Ash gives Beedrill to Casey.  That was a dumb thing to
                                                       - Michael




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