Episode #403 - Air Time


** It should be noted that this episode "takes place" before "The Bug Stops
Here" and "Type Casting". Stuff in <> is quotes, [] is supplemental info,
and () is my comments. **
Our heroes are still in Goldenrod City, following Ash's win in "A Dairy Tale
Ending". They're in the local Pokemon center when the freaky producer of
PokeTalk Radio corners Ash, saying all trainers who beat Whitney come on the
radio show, thus, Ash is invited. (like he has a choice? :D)
Team Rocket, barred from entering the Radio Tower, come back disguised and
make it inside. While looking among the tape stacks for something worth
swiping <Meowth: Haven't these guys ever heard of digital?>, an employee
comes upon them and mistakes them for the vantriloquist team The Dugtrio
Trio, (with Meowth as the dummy :) ). The Rockets manage to fake their way
through a performance with Mary, the station DJ. [In the games, her show
tells locations of Pokemon. Her TCG card lets you draw two and return to the
deck. Basically, a Bill that doesn't deplete the deck and lets you get rid
of unwanted cards and shuffle. And it is Modified legal.]
Meanwhile, Ash learns from Oak that all of Pallet knows exactly when he'll
be on. This gives him a raging case of stage (?) fright. <Ash: I'm
c-completely relaxed, Professor (Obviously he's not)>  When he actully gets
in with Mary, he's still completely freaked <Ash: Yes, my name is Pallet
Town and I'm from Ketchum! This is Ash and I'm Pikachu.>. Once Mary puts it
into the context of a Pokemon Battle, his normal confidence returns and he
does okay.
After the interview, a employee rushes up in a panic because the tapes of
that day's radio drama were destroyed (by the Rockets).  The Producer ropes
both the Rockets and Ash's group into a live performance.
WHO'S THAT POKEMON? It's Pikachu [Marking at least the second appearance of
Pikachu here (The first was in "Pokemon, I Choose You")]
The story they perform (Since Johto still does radio dramas, I wonder if
they have "The Shadow" (-: ) concerns Prince Goldenrod (played by Ash)
returning home after his Pokemon journey. [Charizard makes a guest
appearance as the Prince's ride]  They arrive to find the town completely
covered in sand. Investigating, they find the King and Queen (the Rockets).
However, they immediately arouse suspicion. <Brock: Though enrobed in
familiar finery, thy countenances art seeming strange. Misty: There is
something rotten in Goldenrod. (I love the getup she has in the story
sequences (-: )>
The Rockets, of course, return to their show-stealing ways and Meowth uses
Scratch against Ash. Pretty much everything after this is ad-libbing on
everyone's part. The group go to a chamber containing "The Master Stone",
which buried Goldenrod upon being disturbed. The "Queen" then uses a classic
Rocket pit trap on the group. They are not from the Gyarados Guild (The
original villains of the piece), but Team Socket (Nope, not a typo). In a
bout of competitive ad-libbing, Ash/Prince calls Charizard to his aid
<Prince: Charizard, use thy Flamethrower!>. He rescues the real royals and
goes after Team Socket but finds a big hole instead.
The hole is a time warp (Jesse's idea) that sends our guys 3000 years into
the future in pursuit of Team Socket.  The Sockets attempt escape in the
Meowth rocket [a transforming cyber-Meowth] but are crashed into yet another
warp by Chikorita.
(We now return you to your normally scheduled context.) Team Rocket bails on
the story and snatches Pikachu in a glass case (designed to block Thunder).
They do the motto and bail with Ash & co. in pursuit. Mary keeps trying to
put the story, which has by now spun completely away from the script, in
context <Mary: Now Ash, I mean, Prince Goldenrod, chases Team
Socket-I-mean-Rocket up to the roof of the Radio Building!>.
The Rockets are making their getaway from the roof and Jesse calls Arbok to
fight off Ash's Chikorita, which beats it with Razor Leaf [Chikorita must be
very high-level, since Grass is weak vs. Poison and she beats back Arbok in
one hit]. The leaves also cut a rope on the balloon's basket and send
Pikachu falling back to Ash. Pikachu does his thing <Jesse: I think I know
how this story ends!>, and Team Rocket is blasting off again!
Mary ends the story and Ash and co. leave Goldenrod on their way to
Note: Misty's quote, of course, is from the famous "Scottish Play" (as it is
referred to in the parlance).  Substitute Denmark for Goldenrod.
When the scene shows Prof. Oak listening to Ash, you can see Muk, a Tauros,
Snorlax, Heracross, and _Krabby_. Krabby already evolved to Kingler during
the Indigo League tournament. Some wise guy use Devolution Spray?
The producer calls Mary "Sunny" in the scene following Ash's interview.
Does anyone know Mary's Japanese name? Maybe it's Suni or something and
someone missed the goof in translation.

- Synopsis by Scott P.

Before leaving Goldenrod City, the flamboyant producer of Poké Talk Radio insists Ash appear on Sunny Morningstar's show to talk about winning the Plane badge. After the interview, the gang saves the day by participating in a live radio drama with the Dugtrio Trio (Team Rocket in disguise!) Be sure to watch the twists and turns of the live performance as our heroes battle Team Rocket on the airwaves! - The Official Pokemon Site


The episode begins with Ash, Misty and Brock in a restaurant in Goldenrod City.
Just then, a man comes up and asks Ash if he could go on Pokemon Radio. Brock says
that Pokemon Radio interviews trainers who have won a badge. Since Ash won a Plain
Badge, he gets to go on the Radio Show. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is out of money,
like always. Just then, they see the radio tower and think it's a department
store. The guard outside tells them that it's a radio tower and you can't get in
unless you have an appointment with Mary. They dress up as business people and go
inside the tower, destroying all of the equipment. Then, a radio tower employee
comes in and tells them that they're on the air. Team Rocket comes up with a plan,
pretending they are performers and have a Meowth as a dummy. They go on the air
and do a routine. Meanwhile, Ash is talking to Professor Oak, who says that all of
Pallet Town knows that Ash is going to be on the radio. Ash is very nervous,
knowing that he might embarrass himself in front of all the people in Pallet Town.
He goes on the air and says that his name is Pallet Town and he's from Ketchum.
Mary corrects him, but he says that his Pokemon is Ash and his name is Pikachu.
Mary says that they're in a Pokemon battle and Ash tells her about Pikachu,
Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile and Noctowl. Then, another employee
comes in saying the tapes have been destroyed. Ash, Misty, Brock and Team Rocket
decide to help out. The story is about Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu going to a
castle to find out that Ash's parents have been taken away by Team Rocket. They
then get blasted into the future and go away on a Meowth space ship. Ash finds out
that they are Team Rocket and they run away and get into the Meowth Balloon, but
Chikorita and Pikachu get the balloon down. Now that everything is back to normal,
Ash and co. can head to Ecruteak City. But at the end, Team Rocket is in a tree
and the real Dugtrio Trio (performers) come up asking where the radio tower is!

Who's that Pokemon?                It's Pikachu!




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