Episode #401 - A Goldenrod Opporunity

This episode is about Ash and company finally getting to Goldenrod City. They enter, but they discover the gym is closed. They then get all excited about shopping and eating, and then they meet a girl named Whitney who knows her way around the city, but ends up getting them lost. They finally get to the store and eat and shop. But then, Team Rocket comes and steals Whitney's Clefairy. Ash and Whitney defeat them and Ash finds out that she is the Goldenrod Gym Leader. 

He challenges her to a battle. First, she uses Nidorina. Ash uses Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil quickly finishes off Nidorina. Then, Whitney uses Clefairy, who does Metronome, but it ends up doing Splash! Cyndaquil defeats it and Whitney sends out a Miltank. Ash thinks he can win, because Dexter says that Miltank doesn't like to battle. But Ash was wrong, because Cyndaquil is quickly defeated by Rollout. Totodile is defeated as soon as it comes out of the Lure Ball. Ash uses Pikachu, but loses and Ash loses the gym battle. 

Who's that Pokemon?       It's Squirtle!



"A Goldenrod Opportunity"
Ash,Misty and Brock finally reach Goldenrod City. Misty admires the shops while Brock admires the girls and the food.Ash has only one thing on his mind. A Plain Badge from the gym.
 The 3 visit the gym only to find out it is closed. While trying to reach the Goldenrod Galleria,they come to an alley.They make confused comments when Pikachu runs out of the alley and bumps into a Clefairy. The group soon finds out Clefairy is Whitney's pokemon.(the group doesn't know it's someone
  Brock does his normal Girl thing and Misty pulls him back by the ear.(As usual) They begin to converse and leave when the screen cuts to Team Rocket. Team Rocket is eating food at the store when an angry Employee yells at them. :)
   The heroes and Whitney follow her to the Underground and out again when Whitney realizes she got lost. Later,Clefairy goes to the market to get some food when TR spots it.They follow it to where the 3 heroes and her master,Whitney.
TR sees A,M and B and makes a run for the Magnet Train.Too bad the guard says this:"the train comes in 1 year today.Gotta build the train to ride it." TR gets on a Platform and then they ZOOM forward with the help of pikachu's thunder.they dissapear for until next episode.
    Ash finally learns what Whitney is and challenges her to a battle.Sorry,I
can't give you the battle highlights but a COW "rolls" itself to victory.

Who's that pokemon? Squirtle



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