Episode #39 - Showdown at Dark City


Here's the review of today's episode, "Showdown at Dark City."

The episode begins with Ash & crew arriving at Dark City, 
which appears to be a ghost town. The trio are greeted by three children who 
promptly throw rocks at them, because they are Pokemon Trainers, and 
therefore bad. A local restaurant owner informs the group as to what's going 
on in the town. There are two local Pokemon gyms that are both fighting for 
control (anyone see Last Man Standing?). The gym that wins will be an 
Official Pokemon Gym. The Kaz Gym and the Yaz Gym, apparently, train their 
Pokemon for fighting and violence. The Yaz Gym leader used Scyther, who is 
extremely cool, and the Kaz Gym leader used Electabuzz. The others used 
various Pokemon in the battle, which more or less ended as a tie. 
Ash & crew get "recruited" by the Yaz Gym when Brock falls 
for the beautiful "recruiter." The Yaz leader decided to see how tough they 
were by unleashing Scyther on them. Well, Scyther accidentally sliced 
Pikachu's ketchup bottle (which Pikachu took from the restaurant), and got 
ketchup splattered in his eyes. Scyther went berzerk, and the Yaz leader 
captured him back into the Pokeball. The leader, amazed at the group's 
"power," immediately welcomes them in, but Ash will have none of it. He 
tries to leave, and is beaten up by the rest of the Yaz Gym. 
Well, Team Rocket (YES) has teamed up with the Kaz Gym, and 
are ready for battle against the Yaz Gym once again. Ash & crew learns that 
both Scyther and Electabuzz become enraged once they see the color red, so 
they set up a trap for the next "Gang War."
I won't spoil it for you, but I will say that the ending is 
great. The battle scenes are really great. I was pleased with the amount of 
Pokemon that made an appearance in this episode, and what happens to Team 
Rocket at the end is absolutely fantastic. Scott's grade : A.

I hope you like it. Let me know if you want more, as I tape 
every episode (I'm NOT getting up at 7:30 am to watch it). Thanks!

Showdown At Dark City U.S. Episode #39
Who's That Pokemon:It's Scyther
Pokerap:Version 2
In this episode the Yaz Gym and the Kaz Gym fight to see who will become an official gym,Ash and co. visit Dark City and see a war between both gyms,the leader of the Kaz Gym sends out an Electabuzz & the leader of the Yaz Gym sends out a Scyther,during the war Brock's Vulpix uses a Fire Spin on 3 members of the Kaz Gym(Team Rocket),then the Yaz gym tries to recruit our heroes but the Scyther slashes Pikachu's ketchup bottle in half and Scyther gets ketchup in his eyes, then the Pokedex reveals that Scyther and Electabuzz are both enraged by the color red, then both gyms battle and Ash and the group throw barrels of ketchup on both of the Gym Leaders so that their red enraged Pokemon turn against them, but it only made both Gyms combine their efforts to attack Ash & co.,then Ash's Bulbasaur throws buckets of ketchup on the Scyther and Electabuzz then Ash hired a Pokemon Inspector to inspect both gym,and when the Pokemon Inspector pulled out a Chansey wearing a nurse hat they find out that the Pokemon inspector was really Nurse Joy in disguise,then Ash tells both Gyms that they have to clean up all the damage that they did with their Pokemon battles and they started working together.
I give this episode 5 stars because it was the best episode of the first season
Trainer Justin


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