U.S. Episode # 37:


The Battling Eevee Brothers

Ash, Misty, and Brock are walking through a forest, when Pikachu finds and
Eevee tied to a tree. Misty unties him, and Brock says that he was abandoned.
Ash expresses his interest in having one, but Misty finds a collar on the
Eevee. The tag on it says Stone Town, 3-14, and Ash and his friends quickly
go there. On the way, Ash listens to the Pokédex entry for Eevee and sees the
three Pokémon Eevee can evolve into: Flareon, Vaporeon, and Jolteon. Misty
wishes out loud that she could have a Vaporeon and Ash asks her if she wants
to keep Eevee all to herself.
    They reach the house, and discover that it is one of the largest in the
town. In the backyard, they find some sort of party going on. As they watch,
they see someone touch some sort of stone to a Poliwhirl's head. The Pokémon
glows, and evolves into Poliwrath. Ash and his friends look around, and see
many evolved form Pokémon, from a Cloyster, to a Ninetails, to a Raichu.
Brock realizes that they were all evolved using stones. Up on a cliff, Team
Rocket gazes down upon the party. James raves about all the evolved Pokémon,
and Meowth reads from a book that says that Stone Town is at the base of
Evolution Mountain, a mountain filled with stones that make Pokémon evolve.
Team Rocket plans to steal the evolved Pokémon, as well as the tables of food
that are there.
    The three brothers who threw the party see Ash and his friends with Eevee
and are very glad to see him, as he is the star of the party. They call to
their fourth brother and Eevee's trainer, Mikey. He angrily asks Ash and his
friends why they brought Eevee back, but before they can answer, his brothers
start to talk to him. His brothers say that he must evolve his Eevee in some
way or another, as he won't be able to win with an unevolved Eevee. Mikey
says that he doesn't care about battling, but his brothers will have none of
it. Each brother tries to convince Mikey to evolve his Eevee into his
Pokémon, telling him the good points of each Pokémon. They start to argue
among themselves about which Pokémon is the best, and Mikey feels even worse,
feeling pressured.     Ash tries to get them off of Mikey's back, and they
ask him if he ever considered evolving Pikachu. They take him to a table
covered with stones in padded boxes. They invite Ash to join their club of
people who specialize in using stones to evolve, and toss him a Thunder
Stone. They ask Brock if he has any Pokémon that require stones, and toss him
a Fire Stone for Vulpix.
    Meanwhile, Misty lets Horsea out into the fountain for a swim, and she
notices Mikey sitting alone with Eevee. She gets a tray of food, and offers
some to Mikey. He grabs a sandwich, and Eevee takes a couple Pokémon food
pellets. Misty comments that Mikey doesn't seem too eager to evolve Eevee,
and he admits that he was trying to hide Eevee for the day. Misty tells him
that Eevee looked really lonely out alone, and Mikey says that he only wants
Eevee to be his best friend. Misty supports him, much to his surprise, and
tells him that he should just tell his brothers that he doesn't want Eevee to
evolve. Mikey decides to do so, and just as he is about to do so, Team Rocket
    Team Rocket floats down in their balloon, and do their motto, stuffing
their faces in the process. James tells Weezing to use Smoke Screen, and by
the time Ash sends out Pidgeotto to Gust away the smoke, Team Rocket is gone
with all the Pokémon, the food, and the evolution stones. Ash sends Pidgeotto
to bring the balloon that they see in the sky back down to earth, and he does
so. They all look inside, but nothing is inside, as they had driven away in a
jeep. They think they made a clean getaway, but, unbeknownst to them, Horsea
is leaving a trail of ink for Ash and his friends to follow.
    After polishing off the rest of the food, Team Rocket decides to evolve
Eevee. Unfortunately, they can't agree on what Pokémon to evolve it into, and
they start to argue. They finally decide to use all three stones at the exact
same time, and see what develops. They are about to do so, when Ash stops
them with Squirtle. Team Rocket asks Ash and his friends how they found them,
and Misty explains how Horsea left the trail. She then calls Jessie an old
hag, making her go absolutely mad. She and James send out their Pokémon, but
quickly start to lose to Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon. Team Rocket starts
to run away with Mikey's Eevee, but are blocked by a wall of flames thanks to
    Arbok and Weezing succeed in catching Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon off
guard, and put them out of commission. Horsea knocks Eevee out of Jessie's
hands, and Pikachu shocks Team Rocket. They, however, are to stubborn to give
up, and continue to fight back. Mikey notices that his brother's Pokémon
aren't in very good shape, and decides to attack with Eevee. He tells him to
use Rage Tackle attack, and he blasts Team Rocket into the air and into the
distance. His brothers congratulate him on his victory using an Eevee, and
ask him what he plans to do. Mikey decides to tell them that he wants to
become an Eevee trainer, and his brothers consent, telling him that he should
have told them sooner. They decide to make the party a celebration of Mikey's
first victory, and everyone agrees. Mikey gives Misty a flower as a thanks
for helping him.
    As Misty, Ash, and Brock watch Mikey's brothers toss him into the air,
Misty wishes that she had a big brother. Ash mistakenly says that she could
pass as his brother, and gets a hit on the head. Meanwhile, Team Rocket
dreams of when they'll be the champions again...

Trainer Dominic


The show starts off with the twerps (ash misty and brock....who else?) Walking down a path. Suddenly Pikachu jumps off Ash’s shoulders and runs into the bushes and the twerps fallow Pikachu, they see an Eevee tied up to a tree and ash being the stupid trainer that he is did not know what it was so he took out Dexter (the poke’ dex) And Dexter says: Eevee the evolution pokemon.  It’s evolutoin code is irregulur and it can evolve to three different pokemon. Then ash says I gotta have one of these and he pulls out a poke’ ball (out of nowhere) But misty stops him and says you better not. And ash asks why and misty points to Eevee’s collor. So the twerps bring Eevee back to his house on the way there ash takes out dexter and dexter explains Eevee’s three evolutions (Vaporeon with the water stone, Jolteon with the thunder stone, Flareon with the fire stone) And misty says I wish I had a Vaporeon. And Brock says so thats why you’ve been holding Eevee the whole time. They arrive at a mansion and are suprised to see that this is where Eevee lives. They take Eevee into the back yard where there having a party.  Ash looks around and sees people evolving there pokemon a a Poliwhirl,Cloyster,Raichu, Ninetails and a Victreebell.And the three Eevee brothers come up and say Eevee where have you been? We’ve been looking all over for you. Thanks for bringing us Eevee back. We have our star now we can go on with the show! Then we see the awsome Team Rocket on a cliff spying on the party.  there saying how they never got any evolution stones and they dug all day, and Meowth yells at them saying that they dug in the wrong place.Then Jessie says we’ll worry about the stone later, I want some of that food! Then James says lets get some food. And Meowth scratches there face and yells stop thinking about foooood!!!!!Then the brother with the spikey hair (Sparky) yells Mikey! Mikey! Eeve’s back. And Mikey slowly walks up to them and holds Eevee (who looks very happy to be away from misty) and Mikey says Why’d you have to bring him back.  Then Sparkey comes up to Mikey and says so who are you gonna evolve Eevee to? Mikey looks kinda nervous and doesn’t answer but then Sparkey says:Using the thunder stone you transform Eevee into the awsome Jolteon!! When Jolteon get’s mad the hair on its back turns to needles and it fires them at his opponets! Then Rainer (the guy with the blue hair) Says:

Using the water stone will transform Eevee into Vaporeon, Vaporeon cells are similur to water allowing it to evaporate to water!!! Then Pyro (the one with the orange hair) says: Using the fire stone will transform Eevee to Flareon!!!! Flareon has a thermal sac in it’s throat and can shoot out flames hotter than 13,000 Degrees!!!! Then Sparkey says which Eevee do you think is the strongest? Come on Mikey we want to know what you think of our pokemon.  Then you see Mikey sitting on a bench and Misty comes up to him with a plate of food and gives it to him. Mikey says thanks and puts the plate on the bench, and Eevee starts to eat some vegetbles. Then Misty and Mikey  have a long talk about Eevee and it turns out that Mikey doesn’t want to have Eevee evolve but is to scared to tell his brothers. Misty tells him to tell them the truth and when Mikey is about to tell them......Team rocket comes and recks the party. They take the food the pokemon and the evolution stones!!  (they’re so clever. Weezing uses smoke screen so they can get away)And then Ash sees team rocket’s meowth balloon and sends Pidgeotto out to pop it but Ash being really stupid did not know that team rocket wasn’t in the balloon!  Okay okay I would’ve problably done the same thing but i’m not a cartoon so Ash is still stupid! The balloon popped and fell to the ground they looked in it team rocket wasn’t there blah blah blah...............Then you team rocket driving in a jeep with all the pokemon (do they even have a licsense?...oh wait they’re the bad guys they can do whatever they want) Misty’s Horsea (which i believe Misty has been neglecting) is in the back and it squirts out a path of ink (pretty clever unfortunatley it has been trained by misty .....) Then Team rocket is eating the food and they decide it’s time to evolve Eevee! Jessie wants to evolve ot to Flareon (my second choice) James wants a Vaporeon. (my third choice) And meowth wants a Jolteon!!(Jolteon is my number 1 choice!!!) But they get in a fight........but then Jessie gets an idea. They are about to put all three stones on Eevee at the same time when......yeah you guessed it,Ash and everyone else shows up! =(         And Ash says to give the eevee back or else! And  Jessie grabs the eevee in the cage and says something like no you wont. Then Mikey’s brothers send out Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon out to stop them from stealing Eevee (duh) And team rocket starts to run, but Pyro orders Flareon to do fire spin so that team rocket cant exscape. So team rocket sends out Arbok and Weezing (who else?) So the three eevee evolutions start to attack and there winning.  (while this is happening Mikey grabs eevee, Cause Jessie dropped the cage when she sent out Arbok.) At this point Arbok and Weezing are pretty much dead, but team rocket say that they refuse to loose!! (there sooo great) And arbok and weezing start kicking some eevee evolution butt! And mikey looks over and sees that his brothers pokemon fainted and he decides to send eevee to fight and blah blah blah... Eevee uses takedown and makes team rocket blast off again. And they have another party celebrating Eevee’s win, and mikey tells his brothers that he wants to be an eevee trainer. and they say now we’re really the four eevee brothers!!!!!!!!!---------------wait its not over!!!! you see team rocket looking sad cause they almost won.(maybe next time)