Episode 36 - Pikachu's Goodbye

Ash, misty, and brock are in the forest.pikachu spots something in the bushes and starts to run away.they run after him.when they catch up to him they sees a huge herd of wild pikachu.a sh’s pikachu tries to join them.at first they run away, but then they accept him. Then ash runs toward them, asking if he can be part of their group,too. They run away because they arent used to humans. Later, ash,pikachu,misty,and brock are talking about them when one of the wild pikachu falls into the river.ash’s pikachu jumps in and tries to save it, but the current begins to carry them to a waterfall.all the other pikachu form a chain ,hanging from a tree branch and they pull the two pikachu out. Ash watches as his pikachu lies on the ground and all the wils pikachu gather. Then pikachu wakes up and the pikachu he had tried gave him an apple. Then all the wild pikachu cheer for him.

That night they are asleep when they hear all the pikachu cry out an once. They rush to where the cry came from and find that all the pikachu are in a big net. Then team rocket come out and recite their motto- they were the ones that captured the pikachu. Ash tells his pikachu to use thundershock but the net withstands electricity.the net is attached to team rockets balloon and they start to float away.team rocket release another net to trap ash and his friends but they easily get out.ash’s pikachu bites through the net and climbs up to the basket to get team rockets attention.as they try to grab him the other pikachu keep biting through net.ash and his friends hold up their net and all the pikachu jump down onto the net.once they’ve all escaped,pikachu stands in front of the wheel the controls the air in the balloon so that team rocket slams into it, breaking it off. Then he climbs up the balloon and bites a hole in it, sending team rocket "blasting off again".

Ash hugs pikachu and congratulates him for a wonderful job.then all the other pikachu appear and pikachu walks over to them and they start cheering for him. That night ash tells misty and brock that he's goin to leave pikachu with the others. Pikachu appears and ash tells him hed be better off with the other pikachu and starts to walk away.pikachu runs after him in protest, but ash runs faster. He starts to remember all the memories he's had with pikachu.but then Pikachu shows up, letting ash know he’s staying with him. I gave this episode 4 out of 5 stars. It is one of my favorite episodes.

- stephani

POJO NOTE:  Have a tissue handy for this one .. this one can make you cry ... it is sad and happy at the same time.