U.S. Episode # 35:

Ditto's Mysterious Mansion  

It’s raining really hard, and Ash and his friends are trying to find sheltar. Then they see this broken down, but huge, house called the House of Imatae. They go inside and it’s sort of dark. Then Pikachu see’s another Pikachu. Misty picks it up, but then she drops it because it’s face is all wrong. Then in the shadows, out comes another person that looks like Ash, except her hair is blue. The team finds out that the "Pikachu" was a Ditto, and the person that looks like Ash was a girl named Duplica in disguise. Duplica tells them that she and Ditto used to have a show. She would imatate Pokémon, and then Ditto would imatate Pokémon in the audience. But it would come out wrong. Ditto couldn’t change it’s face, so no one would come anymore. (sniffle sniffle) Then, of course, Team Rocket stole Ditto and tried to make it look like Dratini so they could give it to the boss. In the end, Duplica got Ditto back and with the help of Ash, sent Team Rocket blasting off again!



In this episode, Ash and co. are lost and wet. They find a mansion that is ruined and enter. It is very dark. They meet the owner of the house, and they also meet the Ditto. Ditto is a star. Bulbasaur battles with Ditto to prove that the clone is weaker but loses. The face of the Ditto was screwed up. Then, the girl told Ash and co. the sad story of her fame. Ash is sad and will do anything to help her. Team Rocket sees this and snatches the Ditto. At their hideout, Jesse asked Ditto if he could tranform into a Dratini so they could present it to their boss. He didn't. So Jesse showed Ditto a picture of his boyfriend and he screwed up the face. Then, he was asked to turn into Meowth. He did but the face was messed up so Meowth got angry. He threatened Ditto and finally Ditto got it correct. Then, Ash and co. barged in and said the lines of Team Rocket. Team Rocket got mad. The girl saw the 2 Meowths and were happy that they perfected the poor Ditto. Team Rocket said their goodbyes and left with Ditto. The girl found out. Pikachu shocks amd the drop Ditto. Then, Ditto transforms into a cannon and shoots Pikachu. Pikachu shocks and Team Rocket blasted off again. Ash and co. say their farewells and leave. Ash is happy.

-The Pokemaniac-