U.S. Episode # 33.5:

Legend of Dratini 

This episode takes place in the Safari Zone.  We believe it has not been shown in the U.S. because the Warden (the same dude who can't find his teeth in Red, Blue, & Yellow) is a "pistol-wielding old coot", with a hot temper.  Not a good combination for a kids show.

We watched the Japanese Episode ... Here's a quick rundown of what takes place:

Ash, Brock & Misty head to the Safari Zone to catch some Pokemon.  The Warden of the Safari Zone is this Pistol-Wielding Old Coot.  Ash does some explaining, and gets into the Safari Zone

Misty notices a bunch of Photos on the wall of the office.  Many are of warden when he was younger with a Dratini.  Ash talks to Professor Oak on the Picture Phone, and the old Prof tells the gang that Dratini are about the rarest Pokemon there are, and that the Warden might be protecting them in the park.

Team Rocket is listening from the roof, and of course want a rare Dratini now for their boss.  The Warden fire off several rounds from his pistol at Team Rocket up on the roof when he discovers they are there.  They crash to the ground.

Ash & Brock run out into the Safari Zone and each some Tauros.  You've never seen it, but he caught them right here. 

Meanwhile, Team Rocket has snuck is in the Warden's Hut trying to figure out where the Dratini are?  They capture the Warden and tie him up.

"You like to play with guns Warden?  Tell me where the Dratini are or else!"

Okay ... that didn't work ... so Jessie gets a tickling machine, and it tickles the Warden so much that he tells them the pond the Dratini are in.

Jessie is the first to find the Legendary Dratini.  They can't catch them as they have no Pokeballs ... Hmmm...

Team Rocket dreams up an idea to toss a Dynamite type bomb into the water and have it blow up, and knock all the water Pokemon out, and they'll float to the surface.  This image to the right is their dream sequence.  

Yeah, that's a good plan.  James tosses the bomb into the water.  It's gonna blow!  Where's our savior?  Who will it be?  DUH!

Ash jumps into the water, swims all the way to the bottom to get the bomb.  But he can't make all the way out ... he's out of breath  ... he's just about to pass out, when a shadow swims below him.

Whoosh!  It's the Legendary Dragonair (Dragonite's Mom).  It flies out of the water with Ash on it's back.

Ash tosses the bomb at Team Rocket and they blast off for time #33.5.

The Warden and Dratini (now Dragonair) are reunited, and give each other a tear-jerking hug.

As everyone leaves, we see Dragonair with her baby Dragonite on it's back.

A Happy Ending.

The moral of the story ... "Guns don't solve problems - Pokemon & Tickling machines work much better."

Hmmm ... Now I wonder why they don't redo this episode for American Audience.  They seem to do that kind of stuff easily in Dragon Ball?  Goku gets underwear to cover up his privates.  Bulma panties that are tossed around are mysteriously now money.  Seems like they could think of something clever. - Pojo


New Summary

Here’s episode 33.5, The Legend of Dratini!  After emerging into the pokemon safari zone, Ash and co. encounter the Warden, a strange man who runs the park. He is a little trigger-happy, pointing his gun at everyone, but he has a Dratini! once this news gets to the notorious (as if) Team Rocket, they capture the poor man and torture him, hoping to steal the Dratini.(as near as i can figure, that’s why it wasn’t shown in the U.S.) But, Ash and co. arrive just in time to foil team Rocket’s plans!

And, now... 



The Legendary Dratini”

THE PLOT Our heroes decide to take a trip through the Safari Zone, where they figure they’ll be able to easily snag as many Pokémon as they want. What they don’t count on is the heavily armed and trigger-happy game warden, who draws his six-shooters at the slightest provocation. After staring down the business end of the warden’s magnum several times, Ash sets his sights on the mythical, legendary Dratini, a Pokémon that according to Professor Oak, is one of the most difficult to find creatures in existence. Team Rocket’s in the Zone too, though. Just as Ash and crew leave the warden’s station, Jesse challenges them to a winner-takes-all duel. Whichever side manages to grab the most booty in the Jungle Zone will get all of the loser’s Pokémon and Poké Balls. The game is on, and Pikachu hangs in the balance.

As soon as Ash and company head out Pokémon hunting, Team Pocket manages to get the drop on the warden. While James holds a gun to the warden’s head, Jesse begins interrogating him about the location of Dratini. The warden won’t break easily though, and Jesse is forced to use a handmade “tickle-bot” to pry the information out of the poor guy. Dratini, it turns out, can be found in a lake in the local Dinosaur Valley.

Ash and Company arrive just as Team Rocket chucks a time-bomb into the water to stun Dratini, who has proven harder to catch using conventional means. Ash dives in and manages to grab the bomb, but only reaches the surface after he’s saved by the titanic Dragonair, who tosses the dynamite back to Team Rocket just as it blows. Tough luck.

WHY IT’S BANNED There’s a lot of gratuitous use of handguns in this episode - not only on the part of the warden, but by James as well. This episode isn’t exactly brimming with positive role models.  

- Matthew Alt