Episode 33   

Subject: episode listing- # 33 The Kanghaskhan Kid

The episode starts with Ash, Misty, Brock, & Pikachu walking in an open field, and they see a bunch of different pokemon ash says "this must be the Safari zone" Brock Says "Are you sure were not still in the pokemon reserve?"

Ash says " look at all the different pokemon this has to be the safari zone"Suddenly Ash sees a Chansey stick his head up and he gets ready to throw a pokeball, when another Jenny pops up with a gun and arrests ash for Pokemon Poaching and takes them back to the station and explains about the pokemon Preservation area where it's illegal to catch pokemon. Ash says he didn't know, so Jenny lets them off with a warning and then shes sees a red dot on radar and says there are more poachers, and Ash offers to help. They drive up to find Team rocket trying to capture all the Kanghaskhan, Ash looks at his

pokedex and it says the kanghaskhan charge until they feel their young are out of danger. Team rocket fires a Rocket ( how appropriate) and scares all the kanghaskhan, making them charge towards the jeep jenny and ash and misty, brock and pikachu are so they hit reverse and manage to escape but then team rocket puts all the kanghaskhan in a net. jessie throws a pokeball and it is hit by a boomerang, suddenly a kid starts yelling "KANGA KANGASKHAN" then cuts the net open and all the kanghaskhan escape and then do a tail attack that send team rocket blasting off again. then the kid jumps into the pouch of the biggest kanghaskhan ( who had no infant khan in there) Then a
helicopter lands and two parents come out and say they heard a report of their missing kid in the area. They all go back to the station and they hear that Tommy AKA Tommo is living in the area. Ash, brock, misty and Pikachu leave the jeep and go to look around and find the infant kanghaskhan that was supposed to be where Tommo went. they give it a super potion and then the kid thinks they are hurting it so he jumps down. he says to misty

" You people or pokemon?" Misty punches him and says we are people. The parents run over and talk to tommy and, then his father smacks tommy with a piece of wood hoping

it knocks the memory of tommy's parents back into his head, he wakes up and remembers he mom. his father open his shirt and Misty smacks Papa with a piece of wood and says " one memory at a time" the jenny rushes back because of poachers,m so tommy runs to the kanghaskhan. They find a giant kanghaskhan ( biult by team rocket) they  pretend to be and injured kanghaskhan and they go to help but the lead kanghaskhan stops them, they go anyway and all get shot by tranquilizers, the leader goes to hurt the rocket's but he gets shot also. Then ash brings out his pokemon bulbasuar uses vine whip and squirtle
tries skull bash(it doesn't work) Then rocket uses Power-Up and the break
free, then Pikachu and charmander go out and tommy throws he boomerang and
knocks out the gasoline and charmander's fire blows up and kaghaskhan goes on
fire, but it still works, suddenly the helicopter comes in and crashes with
the kaghaskhan it explodes Team Rocket Blasts off again ( for the second
time)  then Tommy thinks his parents are dead but they get up and they are wearing
the same things as tommy and they say they will join tommy they do and it
ends with The two parents, Tommy ,and the infant kaghaskhan in the leaders
puoch as all the kanghaskhan repeat "Kanga Kanga Kangaskhan"
Ash s

ays Kanga Kanga Kangaskhan and then they leave.

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